7 Ways To Not Be A Dick At Electric Forest

first_imgHere we are again–the week of Electric Forest and the anticipation is growing by the minute as the clock ticks closer to one of the best festivals of the year! While I’m excited to see my Forest Family once again, what I’m not looking forward to is the finger pointing and complaining after the fest when one or a few fans of one artist clash with fans of another artist. We all know how the story goes. We’ve all seen videos and heard stories when fan bases have disagreements. So let’s flip the script and make this the year where everyone gets along and has nothing but amazing memories from the most magical place on Earth.Here’s a simple little checklist to ensure that everybody is happy all weekend!1. Share the space. Electric Forest belongs to all of us and most of us travel pretty far to see the sets from artists that we love. If you want to be front row for an act, but another fan also wants to be front row for theirs, share the space! Most people are willing to trade spots, and it allows you to go get some food and hit the bathroom. It’s a win-win!2. Don’t be disrespectful. Although this seems like common sense at a festival, it astounds me how people can actually be rude in such a loving environment. Be mindful of your actions. Don’t be the person that everyone is talking about on the internet for months after the event.3. Sit down in the back. Again, this seems like common sense to most music fans, but if you want to sit down during a set, do so in the back or near the soundboard. Festivals can be exhausting, but don’t make other people upset because you need a break. Sitting between sets is perfectly fine of course, but do not sit with your back to an act while they are playing. That’s a huge No-No. People will take it the wrong way entirely, trust me.4. Show love to all acts. Hey, you may not be the biggest fan of an act, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to “Boo” them. Leave those bad vibes at home. There are multiple acts playing on multiple stages all weekend, you do not need to be at a show that you don’t like, so don’t! Go see something else, or get lost in the forest for a while! There will be space for you when you get back.5. Keep totems to the side and back. There is quite possibly nothing worse at a festival than a huge totem right in the front row blocking the view for everyone else in the crowd. Totems are great for keeping friends together and expressing yourself in a creative way, but they aren’t great for making new friends during a set. If you are going to be with a crew that needs a totem, please don’t camp in the front and ruin the show for others.6. Be polite in the crowd. We’ve all seen it before. That one person that has too much to drink and plows through a crowd with no sense of manners whatsoever. Don’t be that person. Be polite going through a crowd. Say excuse me and thank you. Don’t act like you own the place. Politeness really does go a long way, sometimes all the way to the front. Oh, and if you want to be near the front, don’t make a mad dash while an act is already playing, that just causes a headache for everyone involved. There is plenty of time in between sets to get your spot! Don’t show up late and expect to get prime real estate!7. Clean up after yourself! Trash is always an issue when thousands of people come together to celebrate. Please be mindful and leave no trace, both inside the festival, and out in the campgrounds. You may see groups of people cleaning up after sets throughout the weekend and they will be welcoming to another set of helping hands. Don’t be shy! Electric Forest also has an Electricology program that rewards you for helping to keep the festival clean! To participate and potentially win tickets for life, head here!-Adam Straughnlast_img read more

Get smart

first_imgThe overthrow of autocratic Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak earlier this month after weeks of youth-led and Facebook-fueled protests may have been the most high-profile example of technology-backed people power. But it will likely not be the last, according to Joseph Nye, a University Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS).“It’s not that governments aren’t the most important actors on the stage of world politics,” Nye said between stops on a book tour for “The Future of Power.” “It’s that the stage is now much more crowded.”What the United States and other powerful nations are facing, Nye contends, is an unprecedented shift in power, both away from the traditionally dominant West to the East, and away from states to nonstate actors — everyone from hackers and terrorists to billionaire philanthropists to the whistleblowers of WikiLeaks. To manage these trends, Nye argues in his new book, America will have to get smart about wielding power.The rise of China and India isn’t a new phenomenon, but it does pose a challenge to American self-confidence. China is far from surpassing the United States in terms of military might, international reputation, or even economic power, Nye said. Whereas Germany’s economic output exceeded Britain’s by 1900, spurring the fear and hubris that led to World War I, China will not pass America in per capita income “until well into this century.”“People are back to believing in [American] decline again,” Nye said. “But we have time to manage this transition from West to East so that it doesn’t turn into conflict.”The real unprecedented test to U.S. — and other nations’ — foreign policy will be managing the chaotic realm of nongovernmental actors in the information age, he believes. Although the web is still in its adolescence, the United States has quickly come to rely on cybertechnology in a way that leaves it vulnerable to attacks, from breaches of government databases to acts of digital terrorism that could disable the electrical grid of a major city.“We’re the leading nation in terms of [technological] capabilities, but we’re also the leading nation in terms of vulnerabilities,” said Nye, who recently moderated the first panel on the topic at the international Munich Security Conference. “We have to begin to understand things like cyberpower and cybersecurity and how you develop rules of the road for an area we don’t fully understand.”But technology also presents an opportunity to spread American ideas more quickly and powerfully than before. In Egypt and Tunisia, Nye argued, Internet communication has provided American policymakers with a way of gauging support for democracy on the ground.“The people in these countries have more access to power than at any time before,” Nye said. “We used to say you had no choice but to support the autocrats or wind up with Islamic extremists, but this explosion of information has filled in a middle” in terms of public opinion.To manage potentially explosive political transitions in those countries, he said, the United States needs “both a narrative and economic and military assets,” or, in his words, “a smart-power strategy.”Nye has a knack for coining phrases that take on a life of their own. In 1990, his concept of “soft power”— a nation’s ability to influence outsiders with persuasion and attraction, rather than brute military or economic force — quickly entered the vernacular of American pundits and scholars. Even America’s competitors have adopted soft power; Chinese President Hu Jintao called for its use in 2007, a year before China’s successful hosting of the 2008 Olympics.“Smart power,” a term Nye invented in 2004 to describe the strategy of balancing the use of hard and soft power, had to wait a bit longer for its moment in the sun. Hillary Clinton invoked the term repeatedly in her first speech as secretary of state in 2009, charting the intellectual course for the current administration’s foreign policy strategy.“You always wonder as an academic when you write something: What impact does it have?” Nye said. And while he has been surprised by his ideas’ cross-cultural currency, he said, “Whether they’ll actually change the way people behave in foreign policy — that’s more important.”Despite a long, successful career at the Kennedy School, the former HKS dean isn’t convinced his work is finished just yet.“I’m afraid that when many Americans think of power, they still think of the military,” he said. He wrote “The Future of Power” in part to “try to get Americans to think about power in a more balanced way than we have in the past.”Americans have long been torn between competing cultural myths, he said. On one hand, they see themselves as the John Wayne of international politics — the cowboy, the gunslinging vigilante. On the other, they’re drawn to be a “shining city upon a hill,” the idea invoked by Puritan colonist leader John Winthrop and embraced by President Ronald Reagan, that the United States is a beacon to the world, leading by example rather than might.Nye would add another universal comparison to the debate. If the United States wants to wield its considerable influence skillfully and not just as a blunt instrument, then “we have to realize that we can’t be Goliath all the time,” he said. “We’ve got to be more like David.”Nye will speak on “The Future of Power” today (Feb. 17) at 6 p.m. at the Institute of Politics’ John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum, located at 79 JFK St.last_img read more

Pixie Lott Will Headline Breakfast at Tiffany’s in West End

first_imgBritish pop superstar Pixie Lott will star in Richard Greenberg’s stage adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London’s West End. She will take on the role of Holly Golightly (made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film) in the mounting of the Truman Capote novella. Directed by Nikolai Foster, the show will play a limited engagement from June 30, 2016 through September 17, following a tour of the U.K. and Ireland.Lott will mark her acting debut in a theater play in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Her debut single, “Mama Do,” was released in June 2009 and went straight to number one in the U.K. Singles Chart. Her second single, “Boys and Girls,” also topped the U.K. chart in September 2009. Lott’s debut album, Turn It Up, subsequently sold more than 1.5 million copies. Her second album, Young Foolish Happy, was released in November 2011. The lead single, “All About Tonight,” became her third U.K. number one. Her self-titled third studio album was released in August 2014. Its lead single, “Nasty,” was her sixth top ten single in the U.K. A collection of her favorite songs to date, Platinum Pixie, was released in November 2014.Breakfast at Tiffany’s is set in New York in 1943. Fred, a young writer from Louisiana, meets Holly Golightly, a charming, vivacious and utterly elusive good-time girl. Everyone falls in love with Holly—including Fred. But Fred is poor, and Holly’s other suitors include a playboy millionaire and the future president of Brazil. As war rages on in Europe, Holly begins to fall in love with Fred—just as her past catches up with her.The production will contain songs from the era as well as original music by Grant Odling (One Man, Two Guvnors).Richard Greenberg’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s had a short-lived run on Broadway in 2013. Directed by Sean Mathias, the production starred Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke and closed after just 17 previews and 38 regular performances. View Commentslast_img read more

El Salvador Joins SOUTHCOM Radar System to Combat Drug Trafficking

first_imgUsing an online system, the CSII shares unclassified information – such as aerial, maritime, and terrestrial radar traces – on an operational map. This allows the radar operators to monitor the movement of vessels and aircraft, represented by dots and lines, on a computer screen. By participating in the CSII, El Salvador will upload information from primary and secondary civil radars to the CSII to improve security forces’ ability to detect drug-trafficking operations in El Salvador’s skies, CEPA President Nelson Vanegas said. The primary radars use the reflection of electromagnetic waves to determine the distance and direction of the aircraft with respect to the radar station. Meanwhile, the secondary radars are installed in the aircraft so that when the ground station interrogates the aircraft, it responds, and its response establishes its position, altitude, and identification (cooperative surveillance). The system also adds information collected by the U.S. Navy’s Relocatable Over-The-Horizon Radar. This equipment creates images of objects identified by the radar on the screens of users. By Dialogo February 11, 2016 “Each user [country] can define its operational map and can tailor its profile to display the radar traces of interest to it, in accordance with its operational requirements,” Maj. Medykowski said. “Through the CSII, it is even possible to chat, with automatic translation between English and Spanish, with other officers in other countries.” “The Office of Security Cooperation (OSC) in the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador will design the integration procedure and then install the system on the CEPA equipment,” explained the SOUTHCOM representative in El Salvador, Major Stanley Medykowski. The CSII is a response to the need to strengthen the multilateral exchange of information and optimize the resources that each country has to combat the threat of drug trafficking. Radar Control Center SOUTHCOM plans to expand the CSII throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, according to Colonel Robert A. Wagner, Commander of the OSC at the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador. CSII throughout the regioncenter_img Since August 2014, CEPA has utilized a modern Radar Control Center, with support from the Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services (COCESNA, for its Spanish acronym). CEPA invested $2.5 million and COCESNA contributed approximately $1.7 million to the new radar system, which has 17 consoles in the Radar Room and Control Tower at the international airport, allowing more precise communication with aircraft and air traffic control. “The CSII provides partner nations greater flexibility in the exchange of information,” said U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Matthew Johnson, a SOUTHCOM Information Domain Officer and CSII Program Administrator. “We will continue working to improve the implementation capacity and promote the adherence of more partner countries.” Through this exchange of information, the countries participating in the system can organize interdictions that sometimes start in international waters, continue along the maritime borders of one nation and end on the shores of another. The Joint Interagency Task Force South is responsible for coordinating the system from its headquarters in Key West, Florida, as well as integrating the Salvadoran radar system, of which the costs of provision and maintenance are the OSC’s responsibility. “For CEPA it is very important to faithfully implement the agreement signed between the governments of El Salvador and the United States, to help integrate the radars of the [Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero] International Airport, and strengthen aerial anti-narcotics operations in El Salvador,” Vanegas said during the signing of the agreement. To improve the exchange of information that facilitates aerial counter-narcotics operations, El Salvador integrated its air traffic control radars into the U.S. Southern Command’s (SOUTHCOM) Cooperative Situational Information Integration System (CSII). The integration became official with the signing of an agreement between El Salvador’s Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) and the United States through their embassy in El Salvador on December 15th. “The CSII obtained its initial operational capability in September 2012, the result of many years of effort to improve the way situational information is shared among partner countries,” Col. Wagner explained after signing the agreement on December 15th. “With this project, we have extended the scope of the system to detect more illicit air traffic.” El Salvador has also had access to the WIFS/WAFS Internet File Service since October 2014. The platform stores information about forecasts for temperature, wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity at altitude, maximum wind speed and direction, and satellite images of the origin and destination airports for aircraft. This system meets the technical requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization and the World Meteorological Organization for receiving information. The country also is the only one in Central America to have a Meteorological Observation Terrace, whose radars receive weather information to ensure safe flight conditions.last_img read more

Tax amendments to the Ordinance on income tax – accommodation and meals for seasonal workers, hot drinks

first_imgThe Tax Administration published the Ordinance on Amendments to the Ordinance on Income Tax, which was adopted on 18.12.2017. signed by the Minister of Finance as part of a package of measures to maintain and increase employment of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.The Ordinance amending the Ordinance on income tax will be published in the Official Gazette and will enter into force on 1 January 2018. With the mentioned amendments, taxpayers will be relieved of an additional HRK 266 million. The HUP points out that the initiative of the Association of Hospitality and Tourism of the HUP, through persistent action, with the aim of changing the tax treatment of accommodation for seasonal workers, managed to achieve through the relevant tax changes that from 1.1.2018. accommodation and meals for seasonal workers will no longer be taxed as if it were a salary in kind. “Through the joint engagement of HUP members and the representation of interests with the support of the relevant Ministry of Tourism, this initiative has been successfully implemented, and it is important for all entrepreneurs who provide accommodation and food to their seasonal workers regardless of their activity.”Point out from HUP.Amendments to the Ordinance on Income Tax relate to the following:1. FISCAL RELIEF- stipulates that the cost of accommodation and meals for workers who have a fixed-term employment contract with the employer for seasonal work, in accordance with the regulations governing employment, during work at the employer’s headquarters or his business unit outside the place of residence, or habitual residence of the employee for the purpose of the work he performs, which is paid by the employer is not considered income from self-employment, provided that the invoices for services rendered to the employer and paid in cash and in case of accommodation and / or food organized by the employer himself, he must provide appropriate credible documentation as evidence;- it is prescribed that water and hot and cold beverages (except beverages containing alcohol), which are provided by the employer at the expense of workers during working hours, are not considered taxable receipts on the basis of self-employment;- it is prescribed that when determining the salary in kind, the threshold for determining the annual amount above which the salary is determined in kind is raised from the previous HRK 400,00 to HRK 600,00;- it is prescribed that a non-taxable receipt is a fee for the use of a private car for official purposes up to HRK 2,00 per kilometer traveled, which a non-profit organization pays to natural persons who, in accordance with a special regulation, are entitled to an accessibility sign;- it is prescribed that receipts on the basis of aid due to destruction and damage to property due to a natural disaster declared by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, which are paid by employers to workers, are not considered income;2. ADMINISTRATIVE RELIEF- it is prescribed that taxpayers who receive a pension from abroad / abroad, and who are exempt from taxation in accordance with an international agreement, do not have to submit the INO-DOH Form;- stipulates that payers of income according to which the final tax is paid are not obliged to submit certificates of paid receipt to natural persons by 31 January of the current year for the previous year, except at the request of taxpayers – recipients of the final income;- stipulates that taxpayers who have submitted a request (statement) for suspension of payment of advance tax / income tax in the country (due to the fact that they pay tax on the basis of that income abroad) do not have to submit an application to the register of taxpayers at the same time (Form RPO) );- it is prescribed that natural persons who receive income directly from / abroad pay advance tax / income tax by the last day of the month for the previous month if the determined advance tax / income tax on the same source of income in that month does not exceed the total amount of 100,00 HRK .XNUMX provided that the receipts were paid by the same payer;3. OTHER CHANGES- the method of payment of the advance tax / income tax is prescribed for taxpayers who do not have a permanent / usual residence in the Republic of Croatia;- the provisions of the Ordinance are harmonized with the Decision on the amount and manner of payment of per diems and other compensations paid from the state budget, and it is clarified that field work of civil and public servants and employees is determined depending on the job description from the Ordinance on Internal Order and the competencies of the organizational unit to which the civil and public servant and state employee are assigned, determined in the act on the internal organization of the state or public body;- additionally clarifying the provisions related to the PK Form, given that the provisions related to the electronic delivery of the tax card come into force on 1 January 2018;- the manner of correction and amendment of the INO-DOH Form is prescribed, and the code list of the INO-DOH Form is supplemented by the receipt code from which the income from direct exploitation, leasing or renting and in any other way of using real estate is determined;- it is clarified that it is not considered an exception in the case when a natural person liable for income tax during liquidation or cessation of self-employment retains certain assets, provided that he reported in the business books delivery (sale) of those assets according to regulations on profit taxation that is, the fair value of the asset and the settlement of receivables for the resulting delivery- it is clarified that the interest contracted above the rate of 3% per year, which has fallen below 3% due to certain variable parameters determined by law, is not considered a more favorable interest rate;- in order to harmonize the JOPPD Form with the new regulations, better monitoring and facilitate the completion of the JOPPD Form, new codes are prescribed for:- salaries of workers / insured persons on the basis of employment – child of a deceased Croatian Homeland War veteran or child of a missing Croatian Homeland War veteran according to the provisions of the Act on Croatian Homeland War Veterans and Members of Their Families- calculation of income tax and contributions based on the salary of a member of the management board or executive director of the company or the manager of the cooperative if the salary is not paid, which is higher than the maximum monthly or maximum annual basis for calculating contributions- settlement of the cost of food and accommodation of permanent seasonal workers- payment of salary up to the amount of the minimum wage, if the minimum wage has been agreed.You can see the text of the amendments to the Ordinance on amendments to the Ordinance on income tax here.last_img read more

In letter to Trump, Turkey’s Erdogan urges better US understanding

first_img“I hope that in the upcoming period, with the spirit of solidarity we have displayed during the pandemic, Congress and the US media will better understand the strategic importance of our relations,” the Turkish president said in the letter.He said he hoped that they acted “in a way that our common fight against our common problems necessitates.”Turkish-US relations have also been soured in recent years by disagreements over Syria, notably US support for a Kurdish militia there, and the US conviction of a Turkish bank executive.Earlier this month, Turkish officials said Turkey has held talks with the United States about possibly securing a swap line from the US Federal Reserve and has discussed other funding options to mitigate the pandemic’s economic fallout.The Fed has ramped up swaps lines – in which it accepts other currencies in exchange for dollars – to central banks in several countries to backstop financial markets amid the crisis, but Turkey has not been among the recipients. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said in a letter to President Donald Trump he hoped the US Congress would better understand the strategic importance of their relations, given solidarity and supplies shared during the coronavirus pandemic.Erdogan’s letter arrived on Tuesday with a delivery of Turkish medical gear, including protective suits and masks, to help the NATO ally contain its COVID-19 outbreak. The Palace’s office in Ankara released the letter on Wednesday.The US Congress has threatened to impose sanctions on Turkey over its purchase of S-400 defense systems from Russia, but the pandemic has delayed the plan to activate the systems as Ankara focuses on battling the disease at home. Topics :last_img read more

DeSantis Considers Replacements for Palm Beach County Circuit Judge

first_imgTwo Palm Beach County court judges are among a list of six lawyers who have been nominated to replace Circuit Judge Edward Artau, who was recently elevated to the 4th District Court of Appeal.County Judges August Bonavita and Bradley Harper are on the short list of candidates that was sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis to consider for Artau’s seat.Also on the list that was sent to DeSantis last Friday are: assistant state attorneys Laura Laurie and John Parnofiello, South Florida Water Management District attorney Judith Levine, and Melanie Casper, a former public defender who now works at the state attorney’s office.The local judicial nominating commission also nominated six attorneys to replace County Judge Paige Gillman, who was promoted to Circuit Judge Jessica Ticktin’s seat after Ticktin announced that she is stepping down in January.The commission has asked that Casper, Parnofiello and Laurie be considered for both spots, a request that is unusual.Others who have been nominated to replace Gillman are: Magistrate Peter Bassaline, assistant state attorney Michael Rachel, and West Palm Beach defense attorney Schnelle Tonge.DeSantis has 60 days to make a decision.last_img read more

USC Games program competes at Getty Game Jam

first_imgMembers of the USC Games program spent the evening of Feb. 21 at the J. Paul Getty Museum designing games to enhance visitors’ experience of the museum.From 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 21 to 5 p.m. on the following day, 30 members of USC Games worked together in a conference room at the Getty. Their challenge was to create games that encouraged visitors to carefully examine the artwork.USC Games is a student-led organization that congregates individuals who express interest in game design. Students majoring in computer science (games) in the Viterbi School of Engineering or in the School of Cinematic Arts’s interactive entertainment major automatically become part of the organization.The group, however, is not limited to students within these specific majors. Any student with an interest in game design can join the organization. Currently, many students in the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and the Marshall School of Business also take part in USC Games.Michael Francisco, a junior majoring in critical studies, is an active member of the games program. Francisco described the program as a way for students from different fields to come together and increasing viewer engagement in the arts.“[USC Games is] a collaboration of students that wish to make entertainment interactive,” Francisco said.Tracy Fullerton, director of USC Game Innovation Lab, described how the idea of Global Game Jam originated. Game Jam is a startup weekend in which individuals get together to brainstorm ideas and work on a project to develop video games between the span of 24 to 72 hours.“Representatives of the Getty came to talk to the members of USC Games about civic engagement,” Fullerton said. “I followed up with them to see if our students could work with them and possibly hold a game jam at the museum. They really liked the idea.”Susan Edwards, a senior writer and editor of the news and web department at the Getty, explained that this was the first time the museum had hosted this type of event.“We have never hosted a Game Jam and we also have never had people spend the night here,” Edwards said.It was also the first time members of USC Games experienced the Game Jam event in a museum setting.“We do jams at USC every month, but this is the first time we go somewhere else,” Fullerton said.Though Edwards expected the prototypes of the games to be more digital, the Getty did not set any limitations in regards to the platforms that the games would be on.Colleen Dimmer, a senior majoring in interactive entertainment, described her night at the museum.“Last night, a group of us watched the sunset and then took a dusk stroll through the park,” Dimmer said. “Those of us that spent the night enjoyed a few brief hours of sleep on the floor. However, between the goodie bags of late-night snacks and the endless coffee, I don’t think I’ll ever attend such a well-provided Game Jam again.”On Sunday, a panel of judges reviewed the students’ projects. Among the judges were Todd Martens, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times who writes about interactive entertainment; Sara Thacher, a transmedia producer and experience designer and Peter Marx, first chief innovation technology officer for the city of Los Angeles.Fullerton stated her aspirations with this project.“It’s amazing how deep every piece at the Getty is,” Fullerton said. “We hope that with the games that the students develop, we can help visitors engage with the pieces of art more deeply.”last_img read more

Isha Johansen charged with corruption.

first_imgIsha Johansen charged with corruption.Sierra Leone’s anti-corruption commission has charge FA boss Isha Johansen and her Secretary General Chris Kamara have both been charged with abuse of office and misuse of public funds.The charges leveled only hours after she announced her intention to seek reelection.“I can confirm that the SLFA President and Kamara have been indicted on six counts relating to abuse of office and misappropriation of public funds. Their first appearance in court will be on 30 October.” – Ade Macauley, ACC Chairman said at a news conference on Thursday.Johansen took charge of the SLFA in 2013 and her reign has been blighted by controversy, infighting and the impact of the Ebola virus.“This announcement by the ACC was inevitable and predictable – I am deeply saddened.” Johansen, told BBC Sport.Elections into the association were initially supposed to hold in early August but formalities were delayed by FIFA until integrity checks on current and potential SLFA executive members are carried out.Isha Johansen’s interview in February 2016 – Excerpts,“Trying to instill good governance back in Sierra Leone remains the biggest challenge in assuming the role as SLFA President.”“In truth, before assuming the role, I wish i properly knew the extent of the problem, the players (the people who call themselves stakeholders), those who are responsible for the running of football in the country. I wish I knew them better. I came in with no baggage, no alliances, a bit naive, etc. I do wish i paid more attention to how football was run, but then again, it’s probably better that I wasn’t attached or I wouldn’t have gone in.”Currently, she serves as Africa’s only female federation president, a feat achieved in 2013 which culminated on the 3rd of August, 2017.Relatedlast_img read more

WSOP extends ‘exclusive provider’ partnership with 888poker

first_imgShare Joe Asher: William Hill US – Live streaming can unlock US market’s true capacity October 22, 2019 Share Ty StewartThe World Series of Poker (WSOP) has extended its contract with 888poker, which will see the online brand become the exclusive provider of online qualifier satellites and promotions for the poker series.WSOP works with 888poker to provide players with entry opportunities to its tournaments, and made the announcement alongside confirmation of its 2017 schedule.Ty Stewart, WSOP Executive Director, is delighted that a two-year extension has been added to the current contract, and said that the shared vision and love of poker facilitates a natural partnership between the two brands.The partnership deal includes 888poker being the exclusive telecast partner for the series. Kara Scott, an ambassador for 888poker, will also be serving as anchor during the ESPN coverage alongside Norman Chad and Lon McEachern.The two companies began working together in 2015, with 888poker sending 128 players to the WSOP that year. In 2016, the brand took this further by sending 250.888poker will remain the only way that poker players who are located outside the United States can qualify for the WSOP online. US based players can now compete to earn a seat to major events including Colossus III, with qualifiers currently running in Nevada. 888 Holdings’ Guy Cohen on purchases, PASPA and poker August 20, 2019 StumbleUpon William Hill US expands Vegas profile by acquiring CG Technology sportsbooks November 21, 2019 Related Articles Submitlast_img read more