Green River Community Comes Together For Housing Open House

The Epicenter in Green River hosted a housing open house for the community on Wednesday. During the open house, staff from Epicenter was able to gather information about housing in the community as well as how to improve it.Epicenter, through grants and other funding, is able to assist in helping people in the community find housing, whether through renting or buying. Some grants that are offered through the Epicenter are the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund, USDA Loans, funds from American Express and assistance from Enterprise Community Partners.The Enterprise Community Partners has selected the Epicenter in Green River for the Rose Fellowship. The Enterprise Rose Fellowship partners with emerging architectural designers and socially-engaged arts and cultural practitioners with local community development organizations to facilitate an inclusive approach to development that results in green, sustainable and affordable communities.Lindsey Briceno was selected as the Rosefellow for the community. She is a licensed architect and will be in Green River for the next two years.The Epicenter works hard for the community and it was shown when it recently was awarded the Emery County Non-Profit of the Year for 2019 from the Emery County Business Chamber. read more