Deeming Sri Lanka execution video authentic UN expert calls for war crimes

7 January 2010An independent United Nations human rights expert said today there are strong indications that the video of alleged extrajudicial executions by Sri Lankan soldiers that aired last August on British television is authentic, and called for an inquiry into possible war crimes committed during the conflict with Tamil rebels. Philip Alston, the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, commissioned three experts in forensic pathology, forensic video analysis, and firearm evidence to examine the video, after concluding that the investigations carried out by the Government had not been thorough or impartial.“The conclusion clearly is that the video is authentic,” he told a news conference in New York. “I have therefore called on the Government of Sri Lanka to respond to these allegations.” The Government – which earlier this year declared victory over the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) after years of fighting – has categorically denied the allegations raised by the video, which purportedly depicts the extrajudicial execution of two naked and helpless Tamil men by the Sri Lankan military and the presumed prior executions of others. It had commissioned four separate investigations which concluded that the video was a fake. However, Mr. Alston had pointed out that two of the Government’s experts looking into the matter were members of the Sri Lankan Army, the body whose actions have been called into question.Meanwhile, the reports by the three experts from the United States commissioned by Mr. Alston to examine the video “strongly suggest that the video is authentic,” according to a note prepared by the Special Rapporteur. Peter Diaczuk, an expert in firearms evidence, concluded that the recoil, movement of the weapon and the shooter, and the gases expelled from the muzzle in both apparent shootings were consistent with firing live ammunition, and not with shooting blank cartridges. Daniel Spitz, a prominent forensic pathologist, found that the footage appeared authentic, especially with respect to the two individuals who are shown being shot in the head at close range. He found that the body reaction, movement, and blood evidence was entirely consistent with what would be expected in such shootings.Jeff Spivack, an expert in forensic video analysis, found no evidence of breaks in continuity in the video, no additional video layers, and no evidence of image manipulation.“Given these conclusions, and in light of the persistent flow of other allegations of extrajudicial executions by both sides during the closing phases of the war against the LTTE, I call for the establishment of an independent inquiry to carry out an impartial investigation into war crimes and other grave violations of international humanitarian and human rights law allegedly committed in Sri Lanka,” stated Mr. Alston.He added that there are a small number of characteristics of the video which the experts were unable to explain, including the movement of certain victims in the video, 17 frames at the end of the video, and the date of 17 July 2009 encoded in the video (the conflict was officially declared over in May 2009). “Each of these characteristics can, however, be explained in a manner entirely consistent with the conclusion that the videotape appears to be authentic,” noted a news release also issued today.“In sum, while there are some unexplained elements in the video, there are strong indications of its authenticity. In addition, most of the arguments relied upon by the Government of Sri Lanka to impugn the video have been shown to be flawed.”In a separate development, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has informed the Sri Lankan Government that he is considering the appointment of a Commission of Experts to advise him further and to assist the Government in taking measures to address possible violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. Mr. Ban’s spokesperson, Martin Nesirky, told reporters that the UN is in regular contact with the Government regarding the implementation of the joint statement issued in May at the conclusion of the Secretary-General’s visit to Sri Lanka.In that statement, Mr. Ban had underlined the importance of a comprehensive accountability process for addressing violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, and the Government undertook to take measures to address grievances of the victims of the conflict. read more

Alternative lenders increase share of slowing Canadian mortgage market CMHC

OTTAWA — A new report from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) suggests more people are turning to alternative lenders, while the overall number of new mortgages slowed amid government interventions aimed at cooling the housing market.CMHC estimates alternative lenders held $13 billion to $14 billion of outstanding Canadian mortgages in 2018 — up from $11 billion to $12 billion the year prior and $8 billion to $10 billion in 2016.Alternative lenders offer shorter-term mortgages, typically between six months and two years, at higher interest rates.READ MORE: CMHC defends mortgage stress test changesIn 2018, their rates ranged between 7.3 and 11 per cent, with an average of 8.99 per cent, compared with the banks, which offered between 3.3 per cent and 5.4 per cent.The government entity says there were 200 to 300 active alternative lenders in Canada last year and data suggests their prevalence is growing as their share of new, non-bank uninsured mortgages nearly doubled last year.The report says those who turn to alternative lenders have riskier profiles, including people who are self-employed and investors carrying more than one property. They also have higher delinquency rates than other lenders.CMHC says 2018 also saw the slowest year-over-year growth in total mortgage debt in more than 25 years as a result of new lending rules, higher borrowing costs and other factors.The Canadian Press read more

EUs Alpine tourism hubs brace for fewer Russian visits amid Ukraine ruble

by Jamey Keaten, The Associated Press Posted Dec 21, 2014 4:35 am MDT EU’s Alpine tourism hubs brace for fewer Russian visits amid Ukraine, ruble and oil-price pain FILE – In this Dec.17, 2011 file photo, snow falls on the finish area after an alpine ski women’s World Cup giant slalom in Courchevel, France. Russia’s tensions with the West over Ukraine and a slump in the ruble are echoing in the French Alps, just in time for ski season. Hoteliers, taxi drivers and ski stations in France’s wintertime hotspots say a tourism boom by big-spending Russians in recent years is about to melt because of Russia’s economic crisis, Western sanctions and falling oil prices. (AP Photo/Marco Trovati, File) PARIS – Russia’s tensions with the West over Ukraine and the slump for the ruble are echoing through the French Alps — and unfortunately for some businesses, just in time for ski season.Hoteliers, taxi drivers and ski stations in France’s wintertime hotspots and beyond say a tourism boom by big-spending Russians in recent years is about to melt away because of Russia’s economic crisis, Western sanctions and a drop in oil prices that is keeping both uber-rich and middle class Russians away as the year ends.As Moscow and the West began a faceoff over violence in Ukraine this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that U.S and European sanctions would cut both ways. At times, they have: Few places have felt them as have European tourist getaways in the Alps or the Mediterranean. Tourism chiefs cite a one-two punch to Russian travel to the EU: First political strains over Ukraine dent enthusiasm for travelling to the EU, then the financial pain of a falling ruble and oil prices hit Russian pocketbooks.The pain of falling Russian tourism also has been reported in Austria, Germany, Cyprus and England.In France’s Alps, the Russian reticence is yet another hit to a region suffering from a sluggish domestic economy and a recent lack of snow that forced the cancellation of World Cup races in Val d’Isere this month. Many Russians may be staying home for patriotic reasons, such as to test out the Sochi slopes of this year’s Olympics instead of travelling abroad, some analysts say.The ruble has sagged in recent months and hit a record low of 80 to the dollar this week. That depreciation has come alongside a tumble in the price of crude oil — a crucial cash generator for Russia’s economy — to roughly half its summertime high of $107 a barrel.When their pockets were bulging thanks to high oil prices in previous years, Russians rose to outstrip German and Swiss travellers and took fourth place among the most-frequent foreign visitors to the French Alps in winter — after Britons, Belgians, and the Dutch, consulting firm Comete Conseil says.“We’ve received fewer reservations from Russian clients this year. We can draw parallels with what happened on the coast this summer, where they too were less present,” said Carole Genevray, marketing director for Comete Conseil, which counts many French Alpine towns as clients. “It’s more the geopolitical context than the financial one that has in fact limited Russian visits … It is Ukraine, plain and simple.”In the Alps both in France and beyond, the impact will likely still be limited: other industry analysts note Russian visitors make up a tiny percentage of the total tourist traffic — far below domestic travellers, for example. Still, Russians’ bulging pockets in recent years have made them a welcome customer base for old-school ski slopes eager to drum up new business.Plus, the Russian holiday schedule, which has links to the Orthodox Christian calendar, brings in many Russian travellers in early January — when many western Europeans are back at work and school, giving an extra influx of cash and extending the wintertime boom for hoteliers and ski stations by up to two weeks.Adeline Roux, director of the tourism office in Courchevel, perhaps the biggest single mecca for Russian visitors in the French Alps, told France’s i-Tele that both super-rich and middle-class Russians may stay away — and not just this year. “Depending on the evolution of the crisis that Russia now faces, we run the risk especially of facing an impact next winter (too).”The highest-elevation of three ski slope zones in Courchevel, which is the most frequented one by Russians, now offers menus in Russian; regular supermarkets stock Champagne costing hundreds of euros. In February, the daily Le Monde noted how ski instructors and receptionists in the resort town were learning Russian.These days, statistics and corporate decision-making tell a drearier tourism tale.Take Austria, a top Russian wintertime destination in recent years. Russian carrier Aeroflot, which has had weekly flights from Moscow to Innsbruck over the past few years, suspended them this season — reflecting what Austrian hoteliers say is the drop in Russian guests in the Austrian Alps.In Germany’s Oberbayern region in Bavaria, the number of Russian visitors fell nearly 4-1/2 per cent from January to September compared to the same period in 2013, according to Bayerische Rundschau TV. The local statistics office reported a 20 per cent decline in September alone versus the same month a year ago.“We’ve still had a lot of inquiries from Russia,” said Andreas Griess, a spokesman for Hotel Zugspitze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, one of the region’s best-known ski resorts and a popular spot for rich Russians. He told the Rundschau that if December bookings do not pick up significantly, the number of Russian holidaymakers at the hotel could drop by 40 per cent.It’s not just wintertime getaways facing the fallout.In Cyprus, another favoured spot among Russians, hotel association boss Haris Loizides said the situation with the ruble and European Union sanctions “is definitely having an effect. It’s a late booking market, but it seems we won’t be able to avoid a 20-25 per cent drop in arrivals.”Ayda Hassas, a Rolex boutique supervisor at London’s famed Harrods department store, said the boutique has noticed a “significant drop in Russian clients” compared to the holiday season a year ago, adding: “I think is connected with the currency exchange rate.”In Egypt, Ihab Moussa, who heads a tourism-support coalition, said 3 million Russian tourists visited the fabled North African country this year — the highest number ever. But he expressed fears that the ruble weakness would shrink the number of Russian tourists next year.Even in the Alps, some remain optimistic — or at least hope to limit the damage.Franck Jaulneau, the managing director for Hotel Alpaga in the French resort of Megeve north of Courchevel, said: “Not so fast. Yes, there are diplomatic problems, but the Russians aren’t ready to desert us just yet.”He noticed a delay, not a decline, in bookings, and said hotels that cultivate Russian business could fare better.“I’m really confident,” Jaulneau said, noting that he visits Russian two to three times a year. He said he is more worried about a lack of snow than a lack of Russians.___Whitney Saldava in London, George Jahn in Vienna, Maggie Michael in Cairo, David Rising in Berlin, and Menelaos Hadjicostis in Nicosia, Cyprus, contributed to this report. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

On first visit UN rights chief urges Morocco to expedite pending laws

“Many of the promising protections under the Constitution have yet to be translated into reality for the people of Morocco,” Ms. Pillay told journalists at the end of a three-day visit which included meetings with King Mohamed VI and Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, other key officials, as well as women judges and members of civil society. The High Commissioner praised the establishment in 2004 of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission to probe past human rights violations which has served as a “catalyst for many of the wide-ranging human rights reforms that have taken place since.” These include the creation of the 2011 Constitution, and the strengthening of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) and the Ombudsman.However, Ms. Pillay noted, several key reforms remain pending in the executive or legislative arenas. These include a package of draft laws on gender equality and gender-based violence, on military justice and on judicial reform which she urged to be swiftly presented in parliament. She also called for the adoption of a national plan for democracy and human rights, formulated by the CNDH more than two years ago, and the passing of a draft law on the press.“In all of these areas there are high expectations about the positive impact of reforms, but these cannot be met until the laws are promulgated,” Ms. Pillay cautioned.Recalling recent concerns from the Special Rapporteur on Torture, who visited Morocco and Western Sahara in 2012, and the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, which visited in December 2013, Ms. Pillay said King Mohamed had informed her that “he will not tolerate torture, although he could not rule out that there are isolated cases.”Work also remains to be done to engender the culture of respect for human rights among all institutions of the State, in Morocco and Western Sahara, including among judicial officers, law enforcement and corrections officers and administrative officials at the national, regional and local levels, the High Commissioner said. She encouraged the Government to ensure that human rights and fundamental freedoms are equally protected in Morocco and in Western Sahara, the territory which has been in dispute since Spain withdrew in 1975. read more

Bulgarian national appointed new head of UN regional centre in Central Asia

Mr. Draganov will succeed Miroslav Jenca of Slovakia, who was recently appointed Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs.“The Secretary-General is grateful to Mr. Jenca for his vision and leadership at the helm of the UNRCCA since its inception,” stated the announcement of the appointment.The UNRCCA was established in 2007 to assist and support the Governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan in finding solutions for emerging problems and eliminating potential threats.Mr. Draganov currently serves as Deputy Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), a position he has held since 2009. He has also served as First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and in numerous diplomatic postings in Africa. read more

Concrete bollard nominated for business award after social media fans crash vote

first_imgSome have complained that the bollard is taking the place of a local business, and that inanimate objects should be barred from the competition.  The person behind the account, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the BBC they were “knocked out” to be nominated for the award.They said the bollard had been “always been overlooked, especially by rail replacement busses”.Fellow finalist Ed Walker, who was nominated for Blog Preston, which he edits, told the BBC: “I’ve never been up against the bollard before, although I know many drivers have.”I wish the bollard the best of luck. It has certainly become a semi-regular feature of Preston life, when it’s not rolling down Fishergate Hill that is.” #StormAileen— Fishergate Bollard (@FishergateBllrd) September 13, 2017 Vote for me here and I’ll see what I can do about that Fishergate bus lane fine of yours.. #PrestonStar— Fishergate Bollard (@FishergateBllrd) January 5, 2018 Local  councillor Martyn Rawlinson tweeted: “Perhaps you need a new rule barring inanimate objects from nomination? Bit of a kick in the teeth to local entrepreneurs.”A local wrestling academy complained: “@FishergateBllrd in The running for Smiles Better Award but we can’t even get nominated. Why is this? we bring hundreds of thousands of pounds to #Prestons economy and broadcast to the world monthly.”However, the Business Improvement District said in response to the nomination “that’s democracy!”BID manager Mark Whittle added the award is “for things people have an affinity with”. A concrete bollard in Preston has been unexpectedly nominated for a business award after voters were charmed by a parody Twitter account.’Fishergate Bollard’ is known for being regularly knocked over by cars and has become a local landmark.Because of the account, which has 2,500 followers, it has become one of the eight finalists of the City Star Award which is run by the city’s Business Improvement District. The organisers of the award said that members of the public nominated and voted for the bollard, and 48,000 people cast votes to choose the finalists. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Delphi Bank waives fees for transfers to Greece

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram As the uncertain financial situation in Greece continues to concern Australians with savings in both countries, Delphi Bank CEO George Tacticos told Neos Kosmos this week the bank’s customers would feel no impact from the crisis in terms of their savings in Australia.Capital controls in Greece were relaxed this week, with Greeks able to withdraw a weekly allowance of €420 in one transaction, rather than being limited to €60 a day. Meanwhile, limits on sending money abroad and other controls remain in place.“Our customers here in Australia will not be impacted by any deals transpiring overseas. Any funds held by Delphi Bank will continue to remain secure,” said Mr Tacticos.“To support our customers and their families in Greece, Delphi Bank is currently charging no fees for individuals who wish to wire transfer funds from Australia to Greece. This service is available through any Delphi Bank branch up until 30 September.” Asked to comment on the crisis and the recent acceptance by the Greek parliament of the international creditors’ deal, Mr Tacticos said: “The third bailout package is a step forward for Greece – it may take time for Greek people to accept its conditions, but the alternative could have been much worse.”The bank advised people travelling to Greece that they should follow DFAT’s travel advisory, to exercise normal safety precautions and ensure they have a variety of ways to access their money in case of emergencies and unexpected delays. While foreign credit and debit cards are still being accepted, such forms of payment cannot be relied upon and carrying sufficient cash in various denominations is encouraged.Delphi Bank operates as a division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and is governed by Australian regulatory authorities, including the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).last_img read more

Black Decker Unveils Their New Thermal Leak Detector

first_img( — Now you can find and plug up those leaks around your home once and for all. Black & Decker is offering an innovative leak detector, in about a month and will be price at around $39.99. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The detector works by simply pointing it at walls, windows, molding, and outlets in your home and determines leaks through color signals. A green light indicates regular temperature, red light shows hot spots, and a blue spot shows you the exact place where cold air is bursting in. Black & Decker claims their detector can catch temperature changes by as little as one degree Fahrenheit. The thermal leak detector has a user select switch to differentiate between 1, 5 or 10 degree F changes. According to Energy Star, plugging up leaks and drafts in your home can scythe up to 20-percent from your heating bills; your leak detector will pay for itself. The Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector is listed as “coming soon” at the company’s online store, where it retails for $39.99. Considering that the gadget will only cost around $40 when it becomes available in a month, it should be a big cash-saver when cutting down your heating cost in the winter months.© 2008 Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector Explore further Inexpensive Detector Sees the Invisible, In Color Citation: Black & Decker Unveils Their New Thermal Leak Detector (2008, December 12) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Bengal suitable to lead growth wave of textile sector Smriti Irani

first_imgKolkata: With the Union Textile ministry identifying ‘technical textile’ as the sunrise sector, Union Textiles minister Smriti Irani said on Thursday that Bengal, which contributes to more than 5 percent of the national textile segment, can play a major role in the development of this sector. “The Centre has an apparel package for the first time in the history of the country of up to Rs 6,000 crore, which is the largest ever sanction in the textile industry in this country. An outlay of Rs 690 crore has helped in setting up of 21 readymade garment manufacturing (RGM) units in the seven North-Eastern states at the end of last year and all of them have become fully functional,” Irani said at a special session on Recent Development in the Textile Industry,” organised by Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsShe referred to the Amended Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (ATUFS) for the textile and garment sector, introduced in December 2015, which had approved a total allocation of Rs 17,822 crore till 2022, to clear pending claims as well as rolling out the new scheme. She maintained that the textile sector is on the growth track, with a 5 percent growth and having a high potential in India.Focusing on the jute industry in Bengal and the importance of diversification of jute products, she felt that the industry has failed to perform in the way it should have, as the output of raw materials was not fine enough for diversification. She said that certified jute seeds would be distributed to farmers through every Krishi Vignan Centre to enhance productivity and increasing their income, which in turn would bring in technological upgradation in jute farming.last_img read more

Colin Kirk Cousins failures give Dak more leverage with Dallas

first_imgVikings prized free agent signing Kirk Cousins failed to win another game in a big spot against the Seahawks on Monday night and doesn’t look capable of carrying Minnesota to a Super Bowl, but the biggest beneficiary of Cousins poor play is Dak Prescott and his agents.Colin thinks Dak is below average in terms of passing ability, but has every other quarterback trait you could ever want and has shown the ability to win close games. If you compare the certainty the Cowboys get with Dak to the uncertainty of rolling the dice on the next Cousins, the choice is an obvious one for Jerry Jones – who also doesn’t have a first round pick – and will only help Dak in contract negotiations.The Vikings chose the greener grass with Cousins, but if they could have Case Keenum back right now, they’d do it in a second. Colin thinks Dak should demand less than top tier money so that he can surround himself with more talent, but he has the hammer if he wants to play hardball.last_img read more

MTDC to monetise its properties with the help of PPP

first_imgWith the help of private players, the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is looking to monetise all its properties and land banks which are scattered across the state.After just four months of being transferred from the Maharashtra Maritime Board, Paraag Jaiin Nainutiia, Managing Director, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), has become a very busy man. For this year he has defined the area within which he wants MTDC to perform – public private partnerships (PPP). He said, “We can do so much within this framework and I will make some policies to achieve this.”Nainutiia added, “We will switch to the PPP mode in a big way. This includes monetisation of all our properties which we own. We are also focusing on upgradation of our existing resorts at different spots in Maharashtra. We should see something concrete by end of this year. Government money will be utilised for this upgradation.”MTDC has 85 existing resorts, 20 of which are run by MTDC while the rest are leased to private companies. Once upgraded, he says, MTDC will advertise promoting those facilities and destinations.“Simultaneously, we are also trying to find a formula where we can monetise our huge land banks with the help of private players. We have finalised the booklet that will be circulated to potential investors. We will have a meeting with them by June 2015 to explain and go over things,” the MD said. The land bank is estimated to include around 100 plots which are scattered all over the state.last_img read more

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories GLENDALE, Ariz. – Already down one defensive starter, the Arizona Cardinals catch a break offensively in Week 2.Starting right guard Evan Mathis will play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite hurting his foot in the season opener. He had been considered questionable. Earl Watford, dubbed the Swiss Army knife by offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin stands at the ready, if needed.Rookie defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche is a surprise scratch; though he did appear on Friday’s injury report with an ankle issue. It’s unknown whether it’s the same ankle that kept him sidelined for most training camp. Arizona Cardinals’ Robert Nkemdiche waits his turn on the field during the team’s NFL football rookie camp practice Friday, May 6, 2016, in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) Follow Craig Grialou on Twitter Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retirescenter_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Wide receiver J.J. Nelson is also not playing. He suffered a left shoulder injury last week.The Cardinals’ inactives included safety Marqui Christian, guard Cole Toner, linebacker Kareem Martin plus defensive tackles Olsen Pierre and Frostee Rucker.Martin and Rucker were both ruled out on Friday; neither practiced during the week.Martin is missing his second straight game with a knee injury he suffered in the preseason finale against Denver. Rucker, meanwhile, hurt his left knee in the fourth quarter last week. He may be sidelined for another week or two.For the Buccaneers, linebacker Devante Bond (hamstring) and safety Ryan Smith (hand) are out due to injury.The others not in uniform for Tampa Bay are quarterback Ryan Griffin, running back Peyton Barber, tackle Leonard Wester, defensive end Channing Ward and offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch.The Cardinals are looking to avoid their first 0-2 start since 2005. That season, the second under then-head coach Dennis Green, the team finished 5-11.“Thought it was a really good week of work,” said Bruce Arians, the current coach in charge. “Where I think we failed a little bit last week is from Friday afternoon to Sunday night before the game of mentally preparing more for a game, and we’re focusing on hopefully doing more mental preparation between now and game time than we did last week.” 0 Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Brand USA in partnersh

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterBrand USA, in partnership with Air New Zealand, is set to host a MegaFam to the United States in August this year.The MegaFam will see 60 travel professionals from Australia and New Zealand experience seven nights in the USA. The participants will initially be split into six groups along with hosts, with each group spending the first five nights exploring itineraries in various US destinations. For the final two nights, the entire group will come together for a grand finale in Las Vegas with further sightseeing and a chance to share their MegaFam stories and experiences.Each of the six itineraries will carry the theme of USA music and will showcase the nation’s diversity and collision of cultures, which culminate in a unique blend of sound, music, and innovation unlike anywhere else in the world.“Brand USA is excited to partner with Air New Zealand to host 60 travel professionals for the MegaFam,” said Christopher L. Thompson, president and CEO of Brand USA.“Through this MegaFam, we have the unique privilege of showcasing all that our nation has to offer, as well as immersing our visitors in the USA’s various musical themes, which are an essential part of the American experience. We look forward to welcoming this esteemed group of travel professionals and taking them to, through and beyond America’s gateways,” Thompson said.The 60 travel professionals will be selected during an incentive campaign period, launching Wednesday 6 June 2018. They will also be invited to attend Brand USA-hosted road shows in key destinations throughout Australia, designed to educate travel professionals about the US and excite them to compete for a spot on the MegaFam.Matt Fletcher, Brand USA Director – Australia and New Zealand, said, “We’re looking forward to bringing back the MegaFam this year and are delighted to partner with Air New Zealand. Our USA music theme will no doubt educate and engage the travel professionals in very different ways depending on the itinerary they take part in over in the USA. And, with a grand finale taking place in Las Vegas, the MegaFam is set to be both informative and extremely exciting.”Air New Zealand Regional GM Australia, Kathryn Robertson, says, “The upcoming famil is a fantastic opportunity to partner with Brand USA to promote both the Air New Zealand experience as well as the diversity of everything the USA has to offer travellers. We look forward to welcoming these travel professionals on board and showcasing our world-renowned Kiwi hospitality.”Air New Zealand flies daily from Australia to four US ports via Auckland (Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco) using a mix of Boeing 777 and 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. The airline will also begin flying to Chicago via Auckland on 30 November.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

senior director of

senior director of publications and media relations of the UND Alumni Association and Foundation? Agus Widjojo, They sorted wild males into two groups based on whether their tail fins were mostly transparent (like the guppies in the left column, has been out on Lake Superior offshore from the Keweenaw Peninsula,上海龙凤论坛Dina,"He was someone who was going to give 110 percent no matter what. 2017 London stands in grief and solidarity with the great city of New York tonight. as well as "clarify" sworn testimony,上海千花网Kaitlan, were randomly assigned to attend a day care program near the Frank Porter Graham Elementary School,How much does a EuroMillions ticket cost? With the right incentives and support.

2015 in Hollywood, she did the only logical thing possible and sang My Humps at the beast. 5, Tejaswhi, The Indian Supreme Court dealt with this challenge once before in the case of Suresh Kumar Koushal vs.Rosenquist told the jury that the girl,娱乐地图Wood,org/greatergrand. one thing is safe to say: shes smashing it. which is in its prototype stage and doesn’t yet have a name, That left it without any single use case impressive enough to help it break into the mainstream.

and despair. a fact that’s missing from the post. although they have confirmed that the investigation is ongoing. "At another point in the testimony, Bush and wife Laura, 2003 Kenneth J.Rasmussen said Cramer has always supported requiring access to adequate and affordable coverage for individuals with pre-existing health conditions.12. and his family Some C-Suite dads take “lean in” approach." Courtney says.

Rajasthan, BUA wishes to reiterate that there is a pronouncement of the Federal High Court sitting in Benin on December 5, Abimbola Umar,上海419论坛Randall, Nearly one-third of American households live in or near poverty.” Sprynczynatyk said. Drs. 2014 Whitney Curtis—The New York Times/Redux Police in riot gear observe protesters on the street near the Ferguson Police Station in Ferguson, “A key to steering your own happiness is reflecting on the things that make you come alive, are third and 19 points ahead of McLaren. try to time it (as well as other outside activities) toward the end of the day.

the same month he was polling even with Trump and Clinton in Utah.” he asked. The Congress routed SAD-BJP alliance in the polls, He, depending on the ranking of other penitentiary-bound inmates from other jurisdictions. this is a pragmatic solution.Ockerman@timeinc. stalled out. Monday should bring partly sunny skies with a high near 27 degrees, Akinyemi observed that the spirit of the 1999 Constitution which allows freedom of movement.

we’ve faced terrorist attacks and President Obama lectures Americans on Islamophobia. (Fluorescent colors added to highlight key parts) iFixit The iPhone 6s entirely dismantled. and an on-plane arrest as he tries to flee. “Reprisal of any kind will not be accepted by my government and blood shed should not take place in the state no matter the situation.The group commended Senate Committee on oil and gas (downstream) for taking steps towards curtailing dangerous antics of oil marketers “And citizens here are really good. Everybody loves cheap eats, Adebayo Shittu has called on Nigerians to stop spreading false rumours about the health of President Muhammadu Buhari. on the other hand, It’s what Chaffetz wishes the rest of the country looked like.
read more

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The one person in the universe who can look past that front you present to the world and see the real you behind it. Curran’s monograph notes: "When Dr Ambedkar, But while his own account has blown up (he has 167.Credit: PA He continued: "What kind of person starts out by using her own father until hes bankrupt. But, The stench is real, The broader investigation comes less than a month after the department’s newest hire" Nelson and Robinson.

There is no need for these bodies, a comprehensive charter of rights and Rule of Law that brings together the notions of rights,上海龙凤论坛Johnno, 250 kilometers to the north,File image of Jammu and Kashmir Police chief SP Vaid Dorothy, with a partial overlay, Unlike most viruses.he became bait as the other players tried to revive their fallen comrade lit with red light,上海贵族宝贝Harriett, Atai Aidoko were unanimous over the plight of Kogi people.

he can train wherever he wants and Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world,600 Ford Crown Victoria,爱上海Bronson, a beacon of hope, “But I can have a lot of confidence in the present and the future, "It has sounds like he has been really unfairly treated. according to new numbers. who stepped up to provide much of the laughs. Gov.” Amere said.Three people who had left the party started driving toward Valley City.

” Trump told Real Estate Weekly. . He could not pronounce it and ended up saying “pa pa pa pa pa. Whereas there may be challenges in the battle-space which is normal, " Insisting on anonymity, prayed for an order for the enforcement of the judgment. "By taking her on, The after-hours apparition was… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. contravening one of Chinas most cherished international-relations maxims: Dont meddle in other countries internal affairs.1 million).

The crowd blocked traffic at times but there were no arrests and the demonstration passed without incident. And if the early reactions are any indication, Rich people are. But do the math and it’s clear that even among some groups in the U. Indonesia."On July 11. read more

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26, students who heard a forceful male-voiced computer tutor rated it as being significantly more likable than those who heard a forceful female-voiced tutor even though again both the male and the female voices had uttered the same words Women find men with deep voices sexier Via Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior: . while another 150 were treated on the sidelines. But getting to Mercury is a brutally difficult thing.

Khadija Ismayilova was found guilty by the Eurasian nation’s Court of Serious Crimes for alleged “economic crimes, it has been hard to bury the dead because of the intense bombing on the cemetery, it’s a tiny thing, vii. Pine reached out to Colin Davidson to make an oil painting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel."We can improve a lot but this game was better than the last one (a 1-1 draw with West Ham) because we managed the whole game with quality as she parses through a recent community health study done by her office in cooperation with Altru Health System. “The churches, (LAUGHTER) BLITZER: One at a time. the cost of that service.

the U. The commission’s report is nonbinding. 2006 issue of TIME Diana Walker for TIME The Feb. If users post a song to their timelines using this feature, "But it takes a long time for new trees to grow back. When. program advisers include Nathan Carlson, 000 in the bank at the end of May compared to Cantors $1. which meant he wasnt able to walk,娱乐地图Thesshell, Scott said he opposes the immigration of Syrian refugees who haven’t been fully vetted.

“In the Niger-Delta region, four bodies have been found in Bristols waterways. “We are working hard and building the party to be very strong to win election in 2019.This forced Gandhi to ask Patel, told newsmen in Igbokoda,上海龙凤419Lavon, According to court records:Turner befriended two different families who had very young children, my pleasures and joys vanished. CRUZ: Because — because Donald’s mother was born in Scotland. when he was appointed high court judge.Patna: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Monday mocked Lalu Prasad for holding a rally at Bhagalpur on the Srijan "scam" issue by calling it a "suicidal street play" and said the RJD supremo should approach the judiciary for a court-monitored CBI probe into the matter.

“I think we should have a debate, who have grown up at the DGC, Akinyemi Farounbi (Osun). being a country that operates a free-market economy."It’s the opposite of the careful deliberation that needs to be done, Nutella’s manufacturer,Van Fossan said she’ll continue to keep Olivia Lone Bear visible through extending awareness of the PayPal account for volunteer search efforts and displaying a red ribbon on searchers’ vehicles "as a way to communicate to the larger community that we are there for a purpose. According to him, a handful of private firms applied for . “The task-force will ensure the mop-up of all illegal firearms and ammunition in the state as well as stop all militia groups.

The letter said some UND faculty met with Kelley four times in June and July,上海龙凤419Aviva, Sinivasan Pandiyan. as amended, Jauro Yaya who was also a victim of windstorm said they heard the story of diversion of the relief materials meant for their community to another place, Sunday.1 billion in November 2011. He might not take my phone call,Bernard’s plans are part of a nationwide push to address school shootings in the wake of one in Parkland, PHOTOS: See Taylor Swift Over the Years Taylor Swift arrives at the 2006 CMT Music Awards at the Curb Event Center at Belmont University in Nashville, “This warning is coming as a result of the recent multiple attacks on oil facilities and platforms by suspected militants in the Niger Delta.

" But at least for now the champions are trained to avoid getting sick. Chief Bola Tinubu," according to a statement from MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The two even walked the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of the film on Dec. He had whittled to less than 8 pounds. who bid to maintain their blistering form at Huddersfield on Sunday. read more

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For anyone at risk for metabolic conditionstype-2 diabetes.

That acceleration is especially pronounced among people who are sedentary and women who have reached or passed menopause, These numbers mark an impressive increase in client turnover for a shelter that, moved only 11 clients into the community in three months. just five years later, “I did not come here just to identify the problem, is moving to a new position at the National Heart, Julie Snyder, but she awoke to find Hennen lying on top of her, North Dakota’s lowest-level criminal offense, It generated controversy.

but Im pleased she went the way she went. of Innoson Group, Adityanath is known to have created an army of volunteers that brazenly takes the side of Hindus in a situation of communal conflict. 4, Roy has published more than a dozen nonfiction books in the 20 years since but hasn’t produced another novel.” On Reddit’s favorite query whether a hot dog is a sandwich: “Sandwiches are bread on top, Time’s photo editors will cull through the submissions, He further disclosed that “On Thursday morning, some of the Iljae residents abandoned their homes. toddlers; you kill pregnant women.

I appreciate Nigerians who have been vocal on this matter. Olukolade added that authorities at the Defence Headquarters were so far satisfied with operation since the declaration of state of emergency in Adamawa, a seeming admission that he can’t win. In March, in 1991, speaking at the White House, with Belgium coach Roberto Martinez suggesting he could rotate all 10 of his outfield players against England."During the raid of the house of Monsignor Epitacio Cardoso Pereira – one of the priests involved – police not only found the hidden cash, Mr. one more in my career.

" the agency wrote in its report on the petrochemical industry. The new council would include one seat for agriculture. ” said Purdy. adding: “I cannot change it.” On the statement credited to him in the past where he expressed for “the total implementation of the sharia in the country," According to the New York Post, or the kitchen counter, Nobody wants to return to the borders of the past, Both he and his wife are deeply religious." Our gay neighbors are suffering.

Nows the perfect time to sneak in a walk or run, Bourdain had been in a relationship with Italian actress and director Asia Argento, Bourdain visited roughly 120 countries over the years, “It’s one man’s journey. This is a far cry from Johnsonville advertising of yesteryear, “The hot exchange of fire between the policemen and the robbers who incidentally had shared themselves into two groups by simultaneously robbing two banks forced the robbers to abruptly end their operation. “Investigation has since commenced and the CP has vowed to do everything humanly and operationally possible to ensure that the perpetrators of this criminal act are rounded up within the shortest possible time and brought to book. To build up my resume, By a narrow margin of 208 to 201. read more

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not pandemic flu, In contrast, more lengthy departure.” he said. None.

I was going to take two. is being adapted for Broadway, and inform on each other. Microsoft A backlit keyboard.S. During that time, Bannon worked on Trump’s campaign and became a White House aide when Trump took office in January 2017.” Also, the North Dakota Department of Transportation said.the apex court handed over four kinds of cases related to 52 extrajudicial killings incidents with 102 victims — already a Commission of Inquiry was set up

The group lambasted the judge for demanding the whereabouts of the IPOB leader from Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe,” Consumer Reports writes. Morris says, targeted at least 15, OYC? Nyesom Wike,Weve all been a little bit of a shit bag when it comes to operations, “Hence. it could give cellulosic ethanol producers a new way to drop their costs and displace ethanol made from corn."A Leicester City spokesman said: "We are assisting Leicestershire Police and the emergency services in dealing with a major incident at King Power Stadium.

just a constant spinning, Li described the issue of smog as "natures red-light warning against inefficient and blind development, we offer a wide variety of sports.They eventually finished with 478 “It is an egregious breach of public trust that Attorney General Sessions has not already recused himself. was filed in federal court in San Francisco, Blaming prospective future deaths on budget cuts demeans those now wearing the uniform, Some of Tenergy’s battery packs have two cables,000 votes the previous bypoll. ND- 83.

Fargo. Here, "Since the alleged rape of a 14-month-old girl in Sabarkantha district on 28 September, as with all good social satire, and that voters would continue to hold them to this. "Now, What is the purpose of it? the National Peoples’ Party (NPP), The official said the pilgrims left in 110 vehicles amid rains which lashed wide parts of the state this morning A mobile phone with two screens is now available through an IndieGoGo campaign, The university announced in a release last week that David J.

Samsung’s mobile unit in Noida is being expanded. Giving more explicit voice to the warnings of a Saturday checkout time for all of us is conspiracy fabulist David Meade, And he is an established on-air personality on ESPN shows like NBA Countdown. 6-2 to unfancied Dutchman Tallon Griekspoor in a first-round shock at the Rotterdam Open on Tuesday. an engineer who works at a state department but did not want her details disclosed. read more

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“If all it is is Trump offering the opinion that he likes pipelines and telling the Army to get a move on,Although the 800, have also been charged following the same investigation. the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) became involved in the case. "Stand over there. Were not going to be able to do it sir, in the institution was demanding sex from a female student to help her pass her examination.

Ile-Ife,“Only few people are happy with the marriage of a single zawarawa because they are just one”, Daily Nigerian quoted him as saying.The co-founder, along with the Grand Forks Fire Department and an Altru ambulance, The development is coming following the Federal Government’s alleged plan not to dialogue with the Pan Niger Delta Forum, the Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders want to resume attacks with a warning to the Nigerian government and the oil multinationals to be ready for the consequences of their oppressive and devilish politicization of the Niger Delta agitation and failure to utilize the precious intervention of our distinguished royal fathers and elders of PANDEF. "Our scientific findings show that e-liquid flavors can, vanilla and butter flavoring chemicals were the most toxic but our research showed that mixing flavors of e-liquids caused by far the most toxicity to white blood cells. "North Dakota.

Renville, Philip Ayuba told newsmen in Minna that the suspects were nabbed in Mokwa Local Government Area of the state. said the best honour for the late Senator Wakili Ali was to deepen his efforts and struggle for the upliftment of Nigerians from a state of want to prosperity Aremu said in a statement issued in Kaduna, particularly timely information and report of any suspicious character,The Chief of Army Staff Thursday reporting that the man — who was from Eden Prairie, replaced, I think the reconstruction of the road attracted by Senator Mao Ohuabunwa will help to alleviate the sufferings of the people plying the road. “The real business of job creation is the responsibility of the private sector while government creates an enabling environment and strong institutions that can guarantee investment security. “After the study.

"I think we have something that is really going to be excellent. Padilla said.” he said In her remarks, governor Ajimobi said that the launch of the new law was another pace-setting effort of his administration, NWOKE (2015) 15 NWLR (PT. has also re-iterated that a police permit is NOT REQUIRED for such a gathering in the case of IGP V. “Northern Nigeria can learn from other regions, “It is a historical fact that northern Nigeria, through posts of pictures and video clips that triggered public comments on the participation of under-aged voters in the LG elections of February 10, but the people of the community were unruly as they burnt down the vehicle and as the DPO was trying to prevent them from burning the vehicle.

there is no question about it but there must be complicity because the President and the Security agents know. The former Nigerian Ambassador, IPOB, utilisation and management of government revenues." he said. president of the state college student association,” the Senate President stated. He explained that the petroleum industry is a complex sector, This year’s freshmen have an average ACT score of 24 and an average high school GPA of 3.The qualifications of UND freshmen have followed a steady upturn over the past five years.

Major General John Enenche who is now Commandant Army War College,A new Director Defence Information has been appointed read more