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first_imgWhat can I do to save a species like the tiger? Collect as much money as you can and give it to genuine groups who don’t waste it on advertising and giving t-shirts with slogans but those who keep jeeps, guns, pay for lawyers and work with the police in and around reserves to save not just tigers but also their prey – deer, monkeys etc. Plant as many trees as you can. One tree that saves a species locally goes a long way towards saving key species elsewhere on the planet. Don’t eat meat. Most tigers are killed by goatherds and buffalo owners who want the forest for their animal grazing. Less cattle and goats feeding in the forests so that their owners can sell them for your meat, means more tigers immediately. Fight with your e-mail, voice and whatever you have against any attempt by the government to divert forests for any reason. Do not go to resorts that are anywhere near tiger territory. These are usually illegal and many of them take tourists into the forests illegally. Also Read – Feel what you fear Why are so many whales getting washed on beaches? Can I help the situation? The frequency of whale beaching seems to have increased over the last few decades. Experts believe that man-made factors are the main reasons driving this phenomenon. There are many factors involved, the most common reasons are enlisted below: Pollution: Experts believe that chemical pollution causes whales to be born with deformities. It also affects live whales and can kill them. These dead whales are then brought in ashore by the tides. This pollution is mainly caused by humans releasing dangerous and toxic chemicals into water bodies. Also Read – HomecomingConfusion: Whales ascertain their location and navigate through a method known as echolocation, where they use sounds as a navigation tool. Many scientists believe that man-made sonar can interfere with a whale’s navigation system and leave them disoriented, causing them to go into shallow waters – eventually, these whales wash up on land. Global Warming: The heat from the earth’s surface can cause icebergs to melt which, in turn, causes a shift in the tides of water bodies which could lead schools of fish towards shallow waters. These groups of fishes serve as a food source for whales. Disoriented pack leader: Whales are highly social animals that travel in large pods. In some cases, if the pack leader is sick/confused, it could lead the entire group of whales to wash up ashore. As an individual, we can take small steps which would go long way into preventing whales beaching. The first thing you can do is stop using plastics, cosmetics with microbeads , bottled water, balloons that pollute the oceans. These plastics break down into micro plastics that infiltrate the food chain of all sea life, harming the health and well-being of whales. As humans, our contribution could also be in the form of controlling pollution and global warming. To not only provide a healthy environment for ourselves but also for other creatures who exists alongside. Start by planting hundreds of trees in your area. (Views expressed and information provided are personal. Send your questions to read more

Jaitleys politics with a personal touch earned him friends across political spectrum

first_imgNew Delhi: It was January 5, 2018, the last day of a raucous winter session of Parliament which witnessed a slugfest between the BJP and the Congress-led opposition on the triple talaq bill, when a cake was ushered into Arun Jaitley’s chamber that evening. It was Congress deputy leader in Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma’s birthday. It reflected how Jaitley pursued his politics with a personal touch. He would vociferously oppose the stands of rival parties, but would never forsake individual niceties, which helped him build bridges and make friends across the political spectrum. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh puts it succinctly: “Arun Jaitley was every non-BJP person’s favourite BJP-ite.” Jaitley, 66, died on Saturday at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), where he had been undergoing treatment for a few weeks. Jaitley, who many believed had more friends outside his party than within the BJP, was known to be an affable person. His rapport with opposition leaders was such that during the debate on demonetisation in 2016 in Rajya Sabha, then Samajwadi Party MP Naresh Agarwal in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said he did not take even then Finance Minister Jaitley into confidence. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K”If Arunji had known, he would have whispered about it in my ears. He knows me, Agarwal had said in the House. The son-in-law of a senior Congress leader from Jammu and Kashmir, Jaitley was among the sharpest legal and political brains with a great sense of humour and repartee. “I once referr ed to him as edi +Pras(anna)+Chandra+Venkat for his extraordinary spinning abilities and he enjoyed it hugely. The GST Council may be amongst his most enduring contributions,” Ramesh said. Shashi Tharoor, while condoling the demise of Jaitley, said he was his friend and Delhi University senior. “We first met when he was at DUSU and I was President of St Stephen’s College Union. Despite political differences we enjoyed a healthy mutual respect and debated his budget often in Lok Sabha,” Tharoor said. Another friend of Jaitley, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said Jaitley was an old friend and a dear colleague who will be remembered for his seminal contributions to the polity and as finance minister of India. “As Leader of the Opposition he was without match. He always stood steadfastly for his friends and for his party,” Sibal said of Jaitley. Sibal also posted a photograph with Jaitley from a cricket match the two played in together.last_img read more

Sandbagging efforts in high gear in Quebec New Brunswick flood zones

first_imgThe Canadian Press MONTREAL — More than 600 Canadian soldiers have fanned out across Quebec, filling and stacking sandbags as officials warn that flood waters are likely to keep rising this week due to warming temperatures that contribute to snowmelt and ice movement.Urgence Quebec said yesterday that five major floods were threatening thousands of Quebecers, that 1,280 residences across the province had been flooded and that more than 1,500 people had left their homes.As he toured a flood zone in the Laval area Sunday Premier Francois Legault noted that many home owners were still repairing damage caused by record flooding in 2017. He also suggested that Quebecers whose homes are repeatedly flooded may eventually be forced to move.Meanwhile, about 120 Canadian soldiers have been deployed across western New Brunswick where 15 communities remain on flood alert.Rising water has forced the closure of at least 35 roads in the province and Premier Blaine Higgs has urged residents to do what they can to protect their families and property.Officials said flooding is expected this week in an area between Fredericton and Saint John as the Saint John River breaches its banks.Residents have been warned to stay away from the river because the water is very cold, the current is strong and there is plenty of debris scattered among the ice chunks.last_img read more

New course to train physicians to reduce patient opioid use

first_imgALBERTA (660 NEWS) — A new online course developed by the University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta for physicians aims to reduce patients’ reliance on opioids.Titled Wise Prescribing and Deprescribing: Opioid Skills for the Frontline Clinician, the course will train family doctors and specialists how to safely prescribe and wean patients taking opioids. As the body adjusts to the initial dosage of opioids, additional medication is required to manage the pain.According to Jason Luan, Alberta’s associate minister of Mental Health and Addiction, creating new tools for health care professionals is crucial to preventing patients from developing substance use issues in the future.“Safe prescribing and tapering patients taking opioid medications is one of the key ways we can work to prevent future substance use issues,” he stated in a press release. “Our government is proud to support the development of new resources and tools to make sure health care professionals have the most up to date information on appropriate prescribing practices.”Short podcasts, interview clips with physicians, as well as patient testimonials are among the materials included in the course. It also requires attendance at two in-person workshops to bring physicians together to learn from each other.last_img read more

Greeks see little cause for joy as 8year bailout era ends

first_imgATHENS, Greece – There’ll be no dancing in the moonlit streets of Athens.For all the official pronouncements that Greece’s eight-year crisis will be over as its third and last bailout program ends Monday, few Greeks see cause for celebration.Undeniably, the economy is once again growing modestly, state finances are improving, exports are up and unemployment is down from a ghastly 28 per cent high.But one in five Greeks are still unemployed, with few receiving state benefits, and underpaid drudgery is the norm in new jobs. The average income has dropped by more than a third, and taxes have rocketed. Clinical depression is rife, suicides are up, and hundreds of thousands of skilled workers have flitted abroad.After the end of the bailout Monday, Greece will get no new loans and will not be asked for new reforms. But the government has agreed to a timetable of savings so strict as to plague a future generation and a half: For every year over the next four decades, governments must make more than they spend while ensuring that the economy — that shrank by a quarter since 2009 — also expands at a smart rate.“Personally, I can see no hope for me in the coming years,” says Paraskevi Kolliabi, 62, who lives on a widow’s pension and helps out in her son’s central Athens silver workshop. “Everything looks black to me.”Pensioners face pre-agreed new income cuts next year, while a further expansion of the tax base is due in 2020. But tax collection remains scrappy in a country where compliance was never strong, and the taxman’s increasingly extravagant demands, coupled with often slapdash policing, only strengthened the sense of injustice.“My pension has been cut about thirty per cent since the start of the crisis,” Kolliabi said. “I have never in my life gone through such (financial) hardship as during the past two years. There were entire days when not a single customer would enter” the shop in the Monastiraki district.Greece’s once cheerfully spendthrift middle class, whose rapid growth before the state finances imploded drove a consumption-fuelled economy, has been squeezed hard by intense taxation, mortgages from the bygone days of easy credit, and job losses.“What I see is that the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer,” Kolliabi said. “We used to cater to the middle class, and the middle class is dead, they can’t make ends meet.”Following one of the latest rounds of cutbacks, her son, Panagiotis, now sees more than 60 per cent of his income gobbled up by taxes, pension and social security contributions. That kills any ambition for growing the business.“The prospects for after Aug. 20 are not good,” he said. “There’s no way I will be able to make an investment … to expand my business.”In the northern city of Thessaloniki, Christos Marmarinos, 55, had to close his clothes manufacturing unit after 25 years in business due to lack of customers. Instead, he plunged what funds he had into something altogether different, a cafeteria and grocery store.“We found this way out, and employ ten people,” he said. But Greece needs more than cafeterias if the economy is to pick up again and modernize, he says. “We need real investments in manufacturing.”Part of the sufferings of Greece’s private sector are due to disastrous government attempts in the panicky first months of the crisis to shield from cutbacks the bloated public sector, which has traditionally been the political fiefdom and key source of votes for any ruling party.But while considerably smaller and poorer than before the crisis, the public sector remains largely ineffective and disgruntled, providing ever shoddier services.The one area of the economy that’s undoubtedly flourishing is tourism, contributing some 20 per cent of GDP, with officials projecting a record-high 32 million arrivals this year. Greeks, however, are finding it increasingly expensive to go on holiday in their own country, while a boom in short-term rentals in residential districts of Athens has driven rents beyond the reach of many locals.Even the governing coalition, which swept to power in 2015 promising to instantly end austerity and cancel Greece’s debt — only to reverse course and sign a new tough bailout program — is low-key about the end of the bailout era.“We’re not planning any parties,” said Costas Zahariadis, an official in the dominant leftwing Syriza party. “We don’t believe we should start celebrating as if a large section of Greek society didn’t have serious financial problems. But of course we won’t be shedding tears over Greece leaving the bailout era.”Financial analyst Manos Chatzidakis, who is head of research at Beta Securities, says much has been done over the past eight years, although the tax and judiciary systems need further work. He said that if future governments stick to agreed reforms and fiscal policy then gradually returning confidence will allow Greece to sell its bonds at affordable rates — even if investors initially demand high returns — and attract investment.The ability to tap bond markets is vital, because after the bailout program, Greece will have to finance itself, albeit initially assisted by a substantial cash buffer.“I think it’s all a question of commitment to the bailout program, to the privatizations, to everything that has been agreed” with Greece’s creditors, he said. “I’m definitely more optimistic than in the past. Things had reached a point (in 2015) where they couldn’t get worse.”Hatzidakis stressed that many of the bailout reforms were “unprecedented” for Greece, which took a long time to understand and implement them.“So we should not be strict and expect everything to happen fast,” he said. “It took time to reach this point and a lot of effort, which I think is starting to bear fruit.”___Srdjan Nedeljkovic in Athens and Costas Kantouris in Thessaloniki contributed to this report.last_img read more

UNP urges Ravi to stop functioning as Assistant Leader

However he says the Commission of Inquiry has decided that the Attorney General and the Bribery Commission should determine whether action should be taken against Ravi Karunanayake, MP, under the Bribery Act or other appropriate legislation in respect of their findings that he had derived a substantial benefit from the lease payments made by Walt and Row Associates (Pvt) Ltd., which is an associate company of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd., which is owned and controlled by the same persons who owned and controlled Perpetual Treasuries Ltd. The United National Party (UNP) has called on former Minister Ravi Karunanayake to stop functioning as the Assistant Leader of the party.UNP General Secretary Kabir Hasheem said in a statement today that in the report of the Commission of Inquiry on the issuance of Treasury Bonds, there are no findings against any member of the United National Party including Ravi Karunanayake in regard to the issuance of Treasury Bonds. The Commission has also stated that the Attorney General or other appropriate authorities could also consider whether the evidence given by Ravi Karunanayake is shown to have been incorrect and in that case whether there are grounds for prosecution under Section 179 and or under Section 188 of the Penal Code or other relevant provisions of the law, read with Section 9 the Commission of Inquiry Act No. 17 of 1948. In view of this, the Committee appointed by the United National Party has recommended that until a finality is reached by the Attorney General and/or the Bribery Commission that no legal action is to be filed against Ravi Karunanayake or if such action is instituted, until the conclusion of such action, steps should be taken to ensure that Ravi Karunanayake should not exercise any duties as an Assistant Leader of the United National Party, Kabir Hasheem said.Hasheem said the report will be presented to the Working Committee to be held in mid February. (Colombo Gazette) read more

No liquor privatization Manitoba Opposition leader promises

No liquor privatization, Manitoba Opposition leader promises by Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press Posted Dec 10, 2015 1:30 pm MDT Last Updated Dec 10, 2015 at 3:28 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email WINNIPEG – Manitoba Opposition Leader Brian Pallister said he would not privatize liquor sales if he wins the provincial election April 19.The Progressive Conservative leader, whose party is well ahead in recent opinion polls, said he can rule out any further private involvement in liquor distribution because he has far more important priorities.“We just laid out 20 clear, well-annunciated ideas in our alternative throne speech that are the real priorities that Manitobans want us to address — in education and health care, in improved economic growth,” Pallister said Thursday in an interview, referring to a campaign-style platform he released last month.“If you go down that (liquor privatization) road, you haven’t got time to address these other issues.“Have you ever met anybody who had more than 10 priorities that could actually get anything done? It’s the same thing in government.”The Manitoba Liberal Party promised last summer that, if elected, it will find ways to lower booze prices and that could include privatization. The Liberals have been consulting stakeholders and are to announce the results Friday.“People have been very co-operative. They’ve passed on great information that we’ve taken into consideration,” leader Rana Bokhari said earlier this week.Pallister accused the Liberals of going for headlines instead of good public policy.“I get the strategy, politically, of throwing ideas around on things that people care about day-to-day. You know, cheaper beer tonight, happy guy. But that’s not who I’m going to elect to be the premier of the province of Manitoba.”The NDP government has loosened liquor laws in recent years, but retail stores are still predominantly government-owned and staffed. There are some private retailers, such as hotel beer vendors, a small number of boutique wine stores and liquor stores in some small rural communities.The NDP has accused Pallister of harbouring secret plans to privatize a wide range of government services — an attack which Pallister says is completely false.The Saskatchewan government recently announced plans to sell 40 of its 75 government liquor stores to private operators. It is also allowing 12 new private stores to open in various communities. read more

Rovi buying TiVo in 11B cashandstock deal

by The Associated Press Posted Apr 29, 2016 5:20 am MDT Last Updated Apr 29, 2016 at 6:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Rovi buying TiVo in $1.1B cash-and-stock deal NEW YORK, N.Y. – Digital TV listing company Rovi is buying TiVo in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $1.1 billion.Rovi Corp. said Friday that it will pay $10.70 in cash and stock for each TiVo Inc. share. Rovi will pay $2.75 per share in cash, or about $277 million. The rest, $7.95 per share, will be paid in stock.Once the deal closes, the combined business will use the TiVo name. TiVo is a digital video recording company.Rovi CEO Tom Carson will serve as CEO of the new company. The executive said in a written statement on Friday that the buyout will help to extend services across platforms and expand its customer base. The transaction will add more than 10 million TiVo-served households to Rovi’s current customer base of about 18 million households using its guides globally.The companies anticipate at least $100 million in annual cost savings. The transaction is expected to add to Rovi’s adjusted earnings per share within the first year after closing.Both companies’ boards have approved the deal, which is targeted to close in the third quarter. It still needs approval from both companies’ shareholders.Shares of TiVo, based in San Jose, California, added 17 cents to $9.59 in premarket trading. Shares of Rovi, based in Santa Clara, California, surged $1.15, or 6.6 per cent, to $18.50. read more

Opinion Urban Meyer unseated Nick Saban as best college coach with 3rd

Above: Urban Meyer lifts the College Football Playoff Trophy after defeating Oregon in the national championship game Jan. 12 in Arlington, Texas. OSU won, 42-20. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editor Below: Alabama coach Nick Saban addresses the media after the 2015 Allstate Sugar Bowl against Ohio State in Louisiana. OSU won, 42-35. Credit: Chelsea Spears / Multimedia editorIn the wake of winning his third national championship, Urban Meyer has sent a statement to the world of college football: Not only is Ohio State the best team in the nation, but he is the best coach.For years, Nick Saban has owned this de facto title from his stronghold in Alabama. However, with Meyer’s triumphant return to college football glory — with a team on its third-string quarterback, no less — the flow of power is beginning to shift.Now what makes Meyer a better coach than Saban, excluding his head-to-head victory on New Year’s Day? I believe the best college football coach in the nation would have to excel in three distinct categories: success at multiple schools, winning at a consistent and high level, and recruiting and working around injuries.The first category is what separates these two historic coaches from the rest of the pack. Meyer and Saban are the only coaches in college football history to win the national championship at two different schools: Florida and OSU for Meyer, and LSU and Alabama for Saban. However, their overall career records differ significantly.Throughout Meyer’s career, he has been successful from the Mid-American Conference to the Mountain West Conference, Southeastern Conference to the Big Ten. His record was 17-6 at Bowling Green, 22-2 at Utah, 65-15 at Florida and now a stunning 38-3 at OSU: an overall winning percentage of about 85 percent.Saban, meanwhile, went 9-2 at Toledo, 34-24-1 at Michigan State, 48-16 at LSU, and is currently 91-17 at Alabama, for an overall winning percentage of 75.4 percent. That’s a difference of about 10 percentage points, giving Meyer the definite edge in this category.Now, the common counter to this is Saban’s four national championships compared with Meyer’s three, along with his immense amount of success since he began coaching in the SEC with LSU. However, Saban led a Michigan State team, which finished in the top five in back-to-back seasons, to multiple seasons of not exactly stellar finishes. Meanwhile, Meyer proved his mobility by going 24-0 in Big Ten play since arriving in Columbus, after dominating in the SEC with Florida as well.Meyer has three undisputable championships, along with an undefeated season at Utah in 2004, and an undefeated season at OSU in 2012. Meyer has also been a head coach for six fewer years than Saban, and has plenty of time to earn even more success.Both Saban and Meyer have proven time and again to be top-notch recruiters, but what Meyer did this season with an OSU team beset by key injuries is what cements him as the best coach in college football. Most teams struggle to find even one quarterback, while Meyer used his third-string signal caller to overcome three teams ranked in the top 13.So time to step off your mantle, Nick Saban: It’s Urban Meyer’s time to shine. read more

iOS 5 texting shortcut finally makes it easy to type swear words

first_imgA lengthy discussion started a couple of days ago on Reddit shows a screenshot from Apple’s not-yet-released iOS 5. The screenshot shows a special text shortcut that will finally make it easy to type naughty words that are usually autocorrected. iPhone users know that typing certain words that are not in Apple’s dictionary are automatically changed. A good example is typing the word “hell” which turns into “he’ll.” There’s also a word that keeps getting turned into “shot,” but we’ll let you figure that one out.A new feature, discovered by Reddit commenter Tayworm who got an early developer preview of iOS 5, lets you add shortcuts to words or phrases. You can also just add a phrase that your phone will recognize when typed and won’t autocorrect it, like “omw” for “on my way”. The word or phrase will be added to your personal dictionary so your texts don’t have to stay PG.AdChoices广告The feature really should have been in the first iOS release, and most other phones already have something like it, but iPhone users have been making do since then with apps like TextExpander, $1.99 in the iTunes App Store, which allows you to do the same thing.Many online forums suggest that it’s already possible to add words.  To do this, type the word, andwhen the phone suggests an alternative, click the little “x” button five or 10 times in a row. The phone will supposedly remember your word forever. However, many people in the forum said they tried that 20 to 30 times and the iPhone never remembered the word. It seems the SH-word was able to change for some people, but “hell” was never able to change.There are some pretty hilarious scenarios that could ensue if you were to grab your friend’s iPhone and set a shortcut without them knowing. Just imagine the possibilities that could come out of changing a simple word like “love” to something else.More at Redditlast_img read more

Medical aid for Greeks impacted by crisis

first_imgThe Greek financial crisis has had a detrimental impact on employment, household income, pensions and access to welfare and medical support and has given rise to unprecedented adversity within the social fabric of Greece. The Greek Ambassadors (Every Greek Is An Ambassadors for Greece Inc.) is a non-profit organisation which formed a few months ago and is based in Melbourne, Australia.Along with 2000 members globally, the organisation has transformed into a dynamic voluntary movement dedicated to the active participation in initiatives that unite Greeks and Philhellenes globally, for the purpose of driving positive outcomes for Greece.The organisation decided to organise a fundraiser to support charities in Greece. All of the charities they had dealings with were worthy, and the decision was difficult to make. However, the organisation has decided to focus this philanthropic effort on supporting medical access to medical services, health care and medicines. According to official statistics – which do not include foreign households – over 40 per cent of Greeks do not have the financial capacity to meet their necessary or urgent expenses, such as those relating to health. The National Health System is in one of the most alarming and critical stages in its existence. To combat this, the Greek Ambassadors have launched a medical and pharmaceutical aid campaign to help Greece’s most vulnerable citizens and have chosen to work with two charities as follows: “Doctors of the World”, and “Metropolitan Greek Social Practice”.These charities serve the uninsured, the destitute and unemployed citizens of Greece on a daily basis, and both operate almost exclusively through volunteer doctors, nurses and therapists. The services offered to patients focus on the provision of primary health care and medication but include other services such as preventive health education, social and psychological support. In the coming months, the Greek Ambassadors will organise multiple activities and events, not only for fundraising purposes but to also initiate a dialogue with Greeks and non-Greeks.This year, the Greek Ambassadors collaborated with DHL to send three parcels of aid containing donated items (including food, clothes, toys) to the value of $3000. Charity is not the only way the group will support Greece. Recently it responded to the negative and false portrayals of Greece and of Greeks in the media, by making formal complaints against media reporting in Australia. In the future, the organisation will announce more details about other charitable initiatives. For more information or to become a member, contact founder Evy Yannas at All Greeks are now invited to support the fundraiser and make their contribution, big or small to the Bank of Cyprus account as follows: Account Name: Every Greek Is An Ambassador For Greece Incorporated BSB: 941 300 Account Number: 2040 58 001 Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Japan Opens Cocktail Bar in a Waste Dump to Promote Sustainability

first_imgStay on target San Diego to Build Charging Stations for 3,000 Electric Buses, TrucksHydrogen-Powered Plane Can Fly 20 Passengers Up to 500 Miles This is one way to get “wasted.” A town in Tokyo, Japan recently opened a cocktail bar in a waste disposal facility to raise awareness about waste management and to encourage people to recycle.The “Gomi Pit” (or Waste Pit) is a pop-up bar inside the Musashino Clean Centre waste disposal facility in Musashino in Tokyo. It features a glass window that lets customers view giant cranes digging through mountains of trash, piled for incineration, while enjoying their cocktail drinks and snacks.Local officials are hoping the experience will encourage people to minimize waste.Local officials are hoping the bar will attract visitors to the facility and prod local residents to think about the waste they produce. (Photo Credit: Toshifumi Kitamura / AFP / Getty Images)“Many visitors have expressed surprise. They say they had no idea how the waste they produce is being processed,” Ayana Seki, an official with the local environmental department, told the South China Morning Post. “Many people also say that they were shocked to see so much waste being piled up although each household puts out only a bag or two of trash.”As a pop-up, the Gomi Pit is at the location temporarily, but the Musashino Clean Centre facility is open to visitors year-round.  The Centre, which was built for $91 million and opened in 2017, was designed to attract visitors and features wooden slats along the facade to mask the concrete shell, and windows at eye level so visitors can watch the cranes.Visitors can also see the control room through the floor-to-ceiling windows and watch the technicians remotely handle trash and monitor the facility, according to the South China Morning Post.Visitors at the ‘Gomi Pit’ bar can enjoy their drinks while watching cranes dig through garbage. (Photo Credit: Toshifumi Kitamura / AFP / Getty Images)One of the windows even functions as touch screen, which visitors can use to browse information about the incinerator’s temperature and the amount of trash burned that day.So far, the bar — and facility — has received positive response from patrons.“This place is really neat and doesn’t smell at all,” a 49-year-old visitor told the Post. “We are imposing the burden on some other town,” she said upon learning that the items that can’t be burned are landfilled elsewhere in Japan. “We should try to reduce the amount of waste we produce.”More on to Ditch Oil-Based Plastic for Sustainable PackagingBoise Is Turning Sewage Into Tasty Beer and CiderResearchers Turn Lobsters Into Biodegradable Plasticlast_img read more

Thiago Alcantara out for several weeks

first_imgBayern Munich will be without Thiago Alcantara for the next several weeks due to an ankle injuryThe Spanish midfielder sustained the damage to his ankle in Bayern’s 2-1 DFB-Pokal win over SV Roedinghausen on Tuesday.Thiago was replaced by Serge Gnabry in the 75th minute and received treatment on the sidelines afterwards for his injured ankle.Manager Niko Kovac admitted afterwards that he was facing an anxious wait for further updates on Thiago.“Thiago faces several weeks on the sidelines,” read a statement on the club website.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“The Spain international tore the lateral collateral ligament and the articular capsule in his right ankle in the DFB Cup tie against the Regional League side SV Rödinghausen (2-1).“That was the diagnosis by the club doctor Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt on Wednesday after returning from Osnabrück.”Corentin Tolisso and Kingsley Coman are the other players currently sidelined for Bayern.The Bavarians will next face SC Freiburg in a Bundesliga match this Saturday.last_img read more

Timbers SJ Earthquakes battle to draw

first_imgNext GamePreseason: Chivas USA at Portland, 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Jeld-Wen Field.Also Thursday: San Jose vs. AIK, 5 p.m.Tickets: — Nothing that happens this week at Jeld-Wen Field will get the Portland Timbers any measurable progress towards the Major League Soccer playoffs.But there were a few positive signs as the Timbers continued preparing for their second MLS season in front of 16,118 fans on Monday by playing the San Jose Earthquakes to a 1-1 draw.Perhaps the most significant development was Kalif Alhassan’s perfectly-placed shot in the 15th minute. His shot from the left of the goal curled just out of the reach of San Jose goalkeeper Jon Busch and under the crossbar near the right post, quickly giving the fans something to shout about.For a player who did not register a goal in his rookie MLS season, the goal was the kind that might help boost the confidence of a player who showed flashes of crafty play last season.“A tremendous piece of skill,” Timbers coach John Spencer said. “I’ve seen him try that 1.25 million times and it’s never ended up in the back of the net. I yell at him when he doesn’t do things right, but tonight the kid did have one of his best performances in a Timbers uniform.”Portland’s young back line played a strong first half before a giveaway by rookie Andrew Jean-Baptiste led to an own goal off of Hanyer Mosquera for San Jose’s goal in the 59th minute.last_img read more

Escalating tariffs lingering questions hamper University of Alaska timber sale in Haines

first_imgThe 13,426 acres are scattered throughout the Haines Borough. (Map Courtesy of the University of Alaska) But the last big issue is one that the University really can’t control. The market. The tariffs that Howard says the university is monitoring are part of what’s been called a trade war between the U.S. and China. Tariffs are important here because Howard has said the timber from the Haines sale would go to China. The Land Management office previously announced it would hire a local caretaker for the land, but Howard says that is on hold until a contract is signed. Braden says the market for softwoods has been relatively stable for the last four or five years. But softwood exports to China? And though the harvest would eventually require a log transfer facility in the Haines area, he says they could get started without one. “If you look at first quarter 2018 versus first quarter 2019 we had a 54% decline,” Braden said. “There is no contract signed yet,” said Morgan Howard, the Liaison for the University of Alaska Land Management Office. “The potential buyer is still estimating the overall volume and looking at the infrastructure that’s needed such as log transfer facilities also monitoring potential tariffs.” This isn’t the first delay. In November of last year, Land Management cited a slowdown in negotiations. Fifty four percent is significant. And that’s a decline after the imposition of ten-percent tariffs. This month China increased the tariff to 25%. He says participation in the program is still a few years out. It wouldn’t just be for the Haines area—its on the table for all university land. In the meantime, they’re still moving forward with the timber sale. But he says ten years is a long time, so some of the land in the Chilkat Valley could potentially be sold in the carbon credit program. The University of Alaska announced a timber sale in the Haines area last year. That contract remains unsigned. This time, Howard says that timing and infrastructure are the issue. He says the university wants to time the harvest with adjacent landowners: the state and the Mental Health Trust. That way they could share resources. Rose Braden says the top U.S. markets are Canada, Mexico, China and Japan. She’s the executive Director of the Softwood export council in Portland, Oregon. She keeps tabs on the $950 million U.S. export market for softwoods—including the spruce, hemlock, and lodge pole pine that grow around Haines. “The vision was this could be a continuous long term employer in the Chilkat Valley. A small industry that could be viable if everybody worked together. So far it’s just us that’s moving forward,” Howard said. There are various factors slowing the 10-year timber sale the University of Alaska announced last March. Back at the Office of Land Management, Howard says he can’t predict what may happen with trade between now and the sale. And again, that cooling market is one of many factors. He didn’t acknowledge any causality, but now the University is looking at what kind of money it could make by keeping trees in the ground. Last year they dismissed a suggestion from the community to consider selling carbon credits instead of harvesting timber. That’s a program where big polluters in California can offset their impact by buying credits, which represent real carbon sequestering things like trees. Sealaska made a multi-million dollar deal to do that last year . “We’re working with everybody knowledgeable in Southeast in regards to carbon credit. There are a couple firms we’re talking to we’re talking to a couple of landowners that have already has sales,” Howard said. Last year, the Trump Administration placed a tariff on many Chinese imports. The Chinese government answered back with a 10% tariff on certain U.S. products, including timber.last_img read more

Paradigm shift US online shopping rivals store trips says NRF survey

first_imgAn equal number of U.S. shoppers sought to buy items online as they did in physical stores over the Thanksgiving weekend, according to a closely watched survey by the leading retail industry lobby, highlighting the growing importance of e-commerce during the crucial holiday shopping season.In releasing its survey on Sunday, the National Retail Federation also said it was sticking by its forecast for retail sales growth of 3.7 percent in November and December, a slight deceleration from 4.1 percent growth over the holidays last year.The NRF said that its survey of 4,281 consumers showed that shoppers on average spent or planned to spend about $300 over the weekend, which runs from Thursday, Nov. 26 through Sunday, Nov. 29. That is down from about $381 over the same weekend last year, although the NRF said those numbers are not comparable because it changed the survey’s methodology.The change in methodology came after the survey fell under scrutiny in recent years, including last year when it showed average spending had dropped 6.4 percent and total spending over the weekend slid 11 percent to $50.9 billion. The NRF dropped the total spending projection from this year’s survey.NRF President and Chief Executive Officer Matthew Shay said the outlook for the holiday season remained solid, given the low unemployment rate, lower gasoline prices and other factors.”Consumers are in a good place to get us to a very good holiday season,” Shay said on a call with media.The survey projected that more than 151 million people shopped either in stores and/or online over the weekend, up from the 136 million projection in an earlier mid-November survey.The survey estimated that more than 103 million shopped online over the weekend, compared with nearly 102 million in stores.last_img read more

Meghan Markle and Prince Harrys Shocking decision Royal couple may leave Royal

first_imgMeghan MarkleGetty ImagesAre Meghan Markle and Prince Harry planning to leave the Royal life behind? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child any day now. But is impending parenthood making the Royal couple question their priorities?Supposedly baby Sussex will be seventh in line to the throne and as such is not expected to inherit the throne, the child could indeed receive a princely title and join the ranks of other members of the family carrying out official duties. But royal commentator Robert Jobson suggested Meghan and Harry may reject offers of a title for their child and instead retire from royal life to give the royal baby the chance to choose their own path.Meghan Markle married Prince Harry last year and as such is quite new to the Royal Family and the Royal life, it is unlikely that Meghan will abandon the Royal Family or ask Prince Harry to do so. Another thing to consider is the Queen. The monarch isn’t just going to let Prince Harry and Meghan Markle abandon their Royal responsibilities on a whim.  Meghan MarkleGetty ImagesSpeaking to Yahoo’s The Royal Box, Mr. Jobson said: “The child is not going to be the king or queen, very doubtful. They may not even have a royal role going forward. I know they are looking at the titles now – they may decide not to have a princely title.”Even if Meghan wanted to carve her own path, she wouldn’t risk the future of her child. Abandoning the Royal Family is no laughing matter and can’t be done at the drop of a hat. “Meghan and Harry in ten years time, when the focus will be on the Cambridge children and the Cambridges, may decide they want to settle in the West Coast and not be part of all this,” he added.Meghan Markle is on maternity leave and the Royal couple has moved to Frogmore Cottage to prepare for the arrival of the Royal baby. So, for now it looks like Meghan and Harry are staying put. You can check out the video here:last_img read more

John Michael Hayden Announces Fall Signees

first_imgPrep: Played club soccer for the Sockers FC USSDA where he was team captain …. Team is currently ranked No. 1 in the developmental academy with a 12-0-4 overall record … Helped guide his team to the 2017-18 USSDA U19 Quarterfinals … Club made the 2016-17 USSDA U17 playoffs.   Print Friendly Version “We are very excited to announce the additions of Neil Boyal, Emil Everoth, Carlos Sanchis, Bradley Sample, and Isaiah Wynder,” said head coach John Michael Hayden.   “Each one of these young men possess specific qualities that we value and because of this will greatly enhance our program for years to come. We are fortunate to return a lot of the same players from 2018 who experienced great success. Adding this incoming class along with spring additions of William Hirschman and Jack Fasteen make up a very talented group that we are extremely excited about.  The pursuit of winning championships is our ultimate goal and these additions to our team will make us stronger for the 2019 campaign.” At Drexel: Played in 11 matches and started in eight his sophomore season … Finished the year with one goal and two assists … Named to CAA All-Rookie Team … Appeared in 16 matches, starting in 15 his freshman year … made first career start against St. John’s in the season opener (8/25) … Recorded four shots; one against St. John’s, William & Mary, Penn, and Lehigh.High School:  A Seattle Sounders Academy product … Played every minute of the teams USSDA 3rd place finish, the furthest any Seattle Sounders Academy Team had reached at the time … Also trained with Seattle Sounders 2 of the USL … First Team All-State performer at Olympia High School in Washington, where he was named the All-Area Boys Soccer Performer of the Year in 2015.Emil Elveroth6-0 | Junior | ForwardHalmstad, Sweden | UNCW Carlos Sanchis5-7 | Junior | MidfielderMadrid, Spain | Florida Atlantic Bradley Sample6-1 | Freshman | MidfielderChannahon, Illinois | Providence Catholic High School LOUISVILLE, Ky. — University of Louisville head coach John Michael Hayden announced the 2019 men’s soccer recruiting class on Monday afternoon.  The 2019 class consists of two high school standouts and three talented transfers. At UNCW: Earned first team All-Atlantic Region honors … Also earned first team all-state honors and first team All-CAA honors his sophomore season … Preseason All-CAA Team selection as a sophomore … Started all all 20 matches his sophomore year … Finished the year ranked second on the team with 11 goals and five assists for 27 points … Also led the team with five game-winners …  Second-Team NCCSIA All-State selection as a freshman, starting in 19 of 20 games … Member of All-Colonial Athletic Association Third Team while earning CAA All-Rookie Team accolades … Scored five goals with two assists … Led the CAA with four game-winning goals … Named to the CAA All-Tournament Team after scoring a goal and dishing out an assist in semifinal victory over College of Charleston … Tied for second on the team with 33 shots, including 17 shots on goal … Recipient of CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award for both the fall and spring semesters his freshman year.High School: Spent time with the Halmstad BK U-17, U-19 and U-21 teams … recipient of the Halmstad BK Youth Honour Prize in 2016 … scored 14 goals in 30 games with the U-19 team before tallying five markers in 16 contests for the U-21 squad … honored as team MVP … also played in two games with the Halmstad BK First Team. Prep: Named the 2018 Kentucky High School Coaches Association Defensive Player of the Year … Earned first team All-State honors … Finished his senior year with 23 goals and 20 assists … Played club soccer for Javanon FC … Helped guide his club team to the 2018 Kentucky State Cup Championship. At FAU: Led the Owls in scoring in 2017 with five goals for 10 points … Led the team with 26 shots on the year with 14 on goal … Finished his first season with one game-winning goal … Saw action in all 16 matches, starting in 15 for Owls.  Isaiah Wynder6-2 | Freshman | DefenderLouisville, Ky. | Louisville Collegiate Story Links This year’s class boasts four offensive players and one defensive player.  The Cardinals will add one forward, three midfielders and one defender to the roster next season. The men’s soccer class of 2019:Neil Boyal5-7| Junior| MidfielderOlympia, Wash. | Drexel Universitylast_img read more

Peoples power in Chhattisgarh

first_imgRESIDENTS OF coal-rich Gare village in Chhattisgarh’s Raigarh district have found a unique way to assert their rights over the natural resources found on their land—they have floated a company to mine coal and generate power. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of self-sufficiency and non-violence, the residents started Gare Urja Private Limited in June 2013. Registered in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, the company today has more than 250 farmers from 10 villages as shareholders. The farmers own 450 hectares that fall in the coal block, Gare IV/6, which holds high-quality coal. The idea of floating a cooperative mining company was born in 2006, when the Centre allocated the block to Jindal Steel Works (JSW) despite opposition from the residents. And this was not a one-off instance in the coal-rich Tamnar taluka. “In the past few years, the Centre has allocated land in Gare and its adjoining villages to coal mining, power and steel companies, such as Jindal, Jaiswal Neco and Monnet-Ispat, against people’s consent,” alleges Harihar Patel, former sarpanch of Gare.  Also Read – Gateway of criminal justiceInterestingly, Gare IV/6 is one of the 218 coal blocks whose mining leases were cancelled by the Supreme Court in August this year because of their arbitrary allocation (see ‘Coal quandary’, Down To Earth, September 16-30, 2014). Residents say the Centre’s decision to allocate the coal block to a private firm without their consent is also illegal as per the Supreme Court judgement on July 23, 2013, which states that the owner of land has absolute rights over the minerals under or over it. The 2013 Supreme Court order was passed on a petition filed by a group of Kerala farm owners who challanged a Kerala High Court verdict which said the state had rights over natural resources in private land. “After forming the company, we are now ready to bid for coal blocks underneath our own land once the Centre opens an allocation bid,” says Patel, one of the 10 directors of Gare Urja. Also Read – Turning a blind eyeCoal satyagrahaThough the Gare residents are yet to earn from the natural resource underneath their land, they have begun asserting their rights over it. Since 2013, they have been celebrating birth anniversary of Gandhi by staging coal satyagraha. This year, over 700 residents, including 500 women, met at the village temple in the morning and marched to the bank of the Keloriver, a tributary of the Mahanadi. After a community feast, the group collected coal from an exposed seam and marched on to submit the pieces at the agricultural market cooperative office in Gare in the presence of government officials. “It was a protest against companies that forcefully wanted to acquire people’s land to mine coal,” says Patel, also a member of Jan Chetna Manch, a non-profit working for the rights of people affected by mining. Rajesh Tripathi, land rights activist with Jan Chetna Manch, says the satyagraha is a departure from the previous protest in 2008 that had turned violent. On January 5, 2008, JSW had called for a public hearing, a requirement to get environmental clearance. But residents staged protests at the hearing. In response, the police lathi-charged the crowd, leaving 122 people wounded and 22 critically injured, says Tripathi.The residents then moved the National Green Tribunal (NGT) contesting the public hearing. In 2011, NGT termed the public hearing illegal and asked JSW to organise another public hearing. By that time, the residents of Gare had got organised and the idea of floating their own company had gained ground.Good economic senseA hectare of agricultural land in and around Gare holds coal reserves worth Rs 55 crore, says Mishra. But JSW was offering only Rs 10 lakh per hectare to the land owners. “This is when our calculation shows that after paying royalty and other taxes, a farmer can earn up to Rs 11,000 per 2.5 tonnes of coal mined from his land. This translates into an income of about Rs 3 lakh per month. So why do we need a company to come and mine here?” he asks. Between 2012 and 2013, Delhi-based non-profit Mines, Mineral and People organised a series of workshops in Gare, sensitising the residents about their land rights, cost of coal and power.The cooperative mining business model, Mishra and Patel agree, is far more sustainable and can take care of local energy needs. Mishra points out that a community mining company similar to that of Gare is already successfully operating in Jharkhand’s Dumka town. A three kilo-Watt power plant is operating with coal mined by villagers. It generates enough electricity to light up houses and run fans in the surrounding villages, says Mishra.Gare Urja will soon carry out its first audit. Directors have shelled out Rs 10,000 each to form a corpus, while their accountant recently informed that a Permanent Account Number for the company has been allotted by the Income Tax department. “We have collected about Rs 10,000 each from 10 directors as a corpus to start the company, while land would be used as collateral to raise money to start mining,” says Patel.    DOWN TO EARTHlast_img read more

TAT hosts Amazing Thailand Roadshow

first_imgTourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) hosted the Amazing Thailand Roadshow 2010 at the Westin Hotel in Sydney last Wednesday. The roadshow offered participants a great opportunity to meet with leading hotels in Thailand, ground operators and airlines including THAI Airways, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Deirdre Smyth of Qantas Travel won her first ever industry prize on the night. Along with V Australia tickets to Phuket, Deirdre won five nights accommodation at Anantara Phuket including daily breakfast and a massage treatment for two.Anantara Phuket attended the Roadshow on Wednesday, represented by Leanne Ward of Exclusive Resorts, who has recently been appointed as the Australian representative for the luxury pool villa. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.Flast_img read more