Shooting for the sky

first_imgBack from the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit 2019, Prime Minister immediately convened the fifth governing council meeting of NITI Aayog in presence of all chief ministers of the country. Ahead of the parliamentary sessions and the Union Budget scheduled to be tabled in July, NITI Aayogy’s governing council meeting serves as a potential pipeline to objectives at hand and realities befalling upon the country. While the country bears the brunt of economic slowdown, the Prime Minister, in his inaugural speech, stressed the goal of making India a $5 trillion economy by 2024. Asking states to focus on their core competencies, the prime minister urged them to work towards increasing the GDP from the root level – districts. Like any theory of change methodology, the long-term goal plagued with challenges mentioned in the beginning only makes the agenda clear. If the goal of reaching a $5 trillion economy is set, intermediary hiccups will have to be accommodated for the larger said cause. Prime Minister’s assertion is of the essence since everything, and practically everything accounts for itself in the economy of a country. The adversities we face right now, the development we undertake, the progression we register and the fruits we yield of all the hard work gets reflected in the GDP. Modi’s vision follows a common man’s advancement. In a directly proportional relationship, the rise in GDP, as per economics, is directly linked to an increase in purchasing power of layman. With the long-term goal set, the five years stand to pose uncountable obstacles which the Modi dispensation will have to face and overcome to realise such an audacious dream. Modi announced the constitution of a high-powered committee comprising some chief ministers as well as Union ministers on ‘structural reforms in agriculture’. Given the case how the country reels under agrarian crisis and considering the reverberating promise of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, bringing in structural reforms to agriculture now assumes priority. India achieved milestones with the Green Revolution wherein along with HYV seeds, government intervention to provide appropriate irrigation facility apart from subsidies on fertilisers and pesticides led to a transformational change. Now, a reform is required to process a change of similar level so that the transition can aid India’s ailing agricultural sector that happens to be the lifeline of any economy. From extending PM KISAN to tillers to ensuring benefits from export/import of farm items are reaped by the farmers, several ideas circulated through the panel discussion as other co-related hiccups came into the fray. The water crisis is perhaps another great challenge for the country and the drought in various parts of the country has only aggravated the former issue. The newly instated Jal Shakti Ministry will have a herculean task of surveying water reserves, mapping low-water areas, preparing reports and suggesting conservational and sustainable steps to save water besides using it judiciously. Piped water to households takes priority but will only be successful after water adversity is resolved at the source level. Water crisis at the time of drought is perhaps the worst combination and currently, states such as Karnataka, Maharashtra, et al are facing this. Delayed monsoon has reduced Maharasthra’s dam’s water level to 6.61 per cent of total capacity urging the authority to unleash water tankers. The number of water tankers deployed this year is 6,597 – enough to realise the grave adversity considering last year at the same time around only 1,777 tankers were deployed. It is not just about tanker deployment or taking a measure of water shortage since adversities are not just discomfort or derailment from the usual course of action. They come at a cost. 45 per cent rain deficit in Karnataka has urged the state to seek relief from the Centre. Last year, in both Kharif and Rabi crop seasons, as many as 100 and 156 taluks were declared drought-affected and cost Rs 16,660 and Rs 11,384 crore respectively. A small snapshot of how costly drought is can be perceived and hence, efforts to rejuvenate water sources, widen irrigation scope, increase dam connectivity to regions are steps necessary to avoid another water-crisis year. Planning and management take essence in several more areas which NITI Aayog in its annual assessments has pointed out but sadly, the body, unlike erstwhile Planning Commission, lacks the financial power as cited by West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee who did not attend the meeting. Echoing her point, Kerala CM P Vijayan outlined that NITI Aayog has not played the role of a facilitator and there is a need to revive the planning commission.last_img read more

Report into Fort McMurray wildfire cites communications breakdown in early days

first_imgEDMONTON – A report into the Fort McMurray wildfire cites critical communications breakdowns as the fire swept into the municipality and forced thousands to flee.Independent consultants that produced the report for the province noted that in the early days of the fire in May 2016, the two crews battling the blazes were operating through different command centres.Communication broke down when one crew chief realized the fire would enter Fort McMurray, but failed to inform crews in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.The municipality had to learn from social media that the fire was entering the community.“It was unfortunate that someone had to learn about events on social media, I would agree 100 per cent,” Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier told a news conference Thursday night.“The report recommends communications could have been tighter and I would agree.”The Alberta government commissioned reports from two independent consultants to examine firefighting and emergency response efforts into the wildfire that destroyed thousands of homes and businesses and forced almost 88,000 people to flee north and south for a month in May 2016.In response to the communications problem, the province is implementing a new integrated communications system over the next five years. In the interim there are procedures to work around those gaps by, for example, uploading maps to IPads.“We’re trying to make sure we can roll it out as quickly and as efficiently as we possibly can,” said Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson.“(In the meantime) we’re using all the tools in the toolbox. Regardless if it’s social media or if it’s radios or cellphones or whatever it is, we have to work with what we have right now.”The report from consultant MNP said the fire was complex, with shifting winds changing the situation rapidly.The report said it would have been helpful if there had been an air tanker group at the Fort McMurray airport as the fire grew, but said it was understandable given the other fire dangers in the province.It said the focus on fighting the fire allowed other priorities to lag.“There is limited evidence that contingency plans were being developed and implemented during the first 36 hours aimed at providing opportunities to contain or minimize damage as the wildfire approached the community,” stated the report.Wildrose Leader Brian Jean, who lost his home in Fort McMurray during the fire, reiterated his call for a public inquiry.“This is a damning report. We need a judge-led public inquiry. Those who lost everything deserve answers,” Jean said on Twitter.The second report, by consultant KPMG, examined the overall emergency response effort.KPMG made a number of recommendations, including clarifying and documenting how to delegate authority in emergency situations. The province is now reviewing that process.KPMG said residents in Fort McMurray struggled with mixed messages when they were forced to flee May 3. A news conference at 11 a.m. that day told them an evacuation was “a long way off,” but just hours later they were forced out on little notice.The report said social media, neighbours running to inform and help out others, and those sharing space in their cars and trucks with strangers to get out was critical.“Ultimately, the success of the evacuation during the wildfire was largely due to the young demographics of the community, and how the community rallied together,” said the report.last_img read more

Two Moroccans named in Forbes Arab 30 Under 30 list

Rabat – Forbes Middle East released on Tuesday its first-ever Arab 30 Under 30 list, with two Moroccans making the cut.Forbes’ list includes Moroccan illustrator Karim Adduchi, who was born in Imzouren in the province of Al Hoceima. Adduchi, according to a brief biography provided by Forbes, moved to Barcelona, Spain in 1988 at the age of five. While he was unable to speak Spanish or Catalan, “Adduchi turned to drawing as a means of self-expression.”The 29-year-old painter and fashion designer attended the Institute of Fine Arts in Barcelona. The artist then moved to Amsterdam in 2011 in order to pursue his education. In 2015, Adduchi graduated with a “striking collection” of art, called “She Knows Why the Caged Bird Sings.”The second Moroccan who made the list is Charif Hamidi, a 28-year old entrepreneur, who founded Education 4.0 (Ed4.0). According to Forbes, Hamidi founded his NGO, which is headquartered in Morocco with an office in Dubai, in 2016.“Ed4.0 uses the technology and the Internet to help educate underprivileged children and youth without charging any fee,” according to Forbes.Hamidi’s educational business consists of 45 teachers, varying from community members to researchers to university students.The 28-year old entrepreneur holds a degree in finance economics from Park University in Parkville, Missouri.In 2015, Hamidi was named a ‘Shaper’ at the World Economic Forum. The list unveils a “dynamic mix of social entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, celebrities, and intellectuals,” according to a statement by Forbes Middle East. The communiqué added that “the list was compiled with nominations received by Forbes Middle East from young entrepreneurs based in the Arab world, as well as from under-30 leaders with Arab origins featured in the U.S. and European Forbes editions.” read more

Womens hockey stars lead walkout in bid for a stronger professional league

Unsatisfied with their options, over 200 women say they will not play in any North American hockey league until they get the league they want.Players from both the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, which shut down Wednesday, and the U.S.-based NWHL have joined the walkout.Hockey stars Marie-Philip Poulin, Kendall Coyne Schofield, Hilary Knight, Shannon Szabados, Amanda Kessel, Brianna Decker and Noora Raty were among those posting identical statements on social media Thursday declaring “we will not play in ANY professional leagues in North America this season until we get the resources that professional hockey demands and deserves.”“It certainly is scary, but we do feel united,” forward Brianne Jenner told The Canadian Press.“There’s over 200 players that are standing with us here. We really believe in why we’re doing this. We believe in our why so I think that takes a little bit of the fear out of it and makes us hopeful for the future.”When the six-team CWHL announced March 24 it was folding, the five-team NWHL announced plans to expand to both Montreal and Toronto.Players have shown a lack of faith in the NWHL, however, with their refusal to play in it.“We don’t see it as a long-term viable league,” Jenner said. “We’ve spoken to a lot of the NWHL players, our American counterparts, there’s just not enough resources and support.”The NWHL said in a statement that it “respects the wishes of all players to consider their options, and they know we are always available to meet, to participate in open communication addressing their concerns and exchanging ideas, and to collaborate with the players on one league.”The league said it is continuing with its plans to launch its fifth season in October.A week after Jenner’s Calgary Inferno hoisted the Clarkson Cup, the CWHL announced it was shutting down after 12 years because it was “economically unsustainable.”The non-profit league has paid players between $2,000 and $10,000 the last two years in a 28-game regular season.When the NWHL arrived in 2015, it announced a salary cap of $270,000 per team for an average of $15,000 per player.But the league slashed salaries by up to half the following year as a cost-cutting measure. NWHL teams played 16 regular-season games in 2018-19.“If you look at the league right now, the base salary is two thousand dollars,” Jenner said. “Especially those players who are non-national team players, they deserve better. They deserve to have the resources around them.“My teammates on the Calgary Inferno, it wasn’t until this year they had access to a gym.“That’s fleeting because it’s based on one sponsor agreeing to cover that. There’s so many things we want to see improved and we think this is our opportunity and our time to demand more.”Players said in the statement, accompanied by the hashtag ForTheGame, they could not make a sustainable living in the current state of the professional game.“Having no health insurance and making as low as two thousand dollars a season means players can’t adequately train and prepare to play at the highest level.”The collective action comes two years after the U.S. women threatened to boycott the world championship in Plymouth, Mich., unless USA Hockey provided more financial and competitive supports.With the support of 100 players in the national-team pool, the American women earned concessions from their federation and participated in the championship.“There’s been so many pioneers in this game,” Jenner said. “That’s a big reason why we’re doing this now.“We don’t want the next generation to have to be pioneers anymore. I want them to have a sustainable viable league that they can aspire to be a part of.”Jenner said 10 players from the Canadian and U.S. national team met in Finland prior to the world championship in Espoo to strategize in the wake of the CWHL’s announcement.NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has repeatedly stated that league isn’t interested in an ownership role in a women’s league while there were leagues already operating. He was also critical of the business models of both the CWHL and NWHL.In an interview this week with The Associated Press, Bettman referred to the CWHL ceasing operations as something that “proved the point that we have genuine concerns about sustainable models.”“What we’ve repeatedly said is if there turns out to be a void _ and we don’t wish that on anybody _ then we’ll look at the possibilities and we’ll study what might be appropriate,” Bettman added.“But at the end of the day, we’re not looking to put anybody out of business. And if the NWHL can make a go of it, we wish them good luck.”CWHL Players’ Association co-chair Liz Knox believes this is the time for the NHL to get involved.“The NHL’s saying, ‘Until there’s a voice in women’s hockey we’re not going to step in,”’ Knox told The AP.“Well, here’s a void. Here’s the players saying this is not enough. We’ve earned better than this. We’ve earned the respect we have, and we deserve what we’re asking for.”Hockey and USA Hockey must also help develop a women’s league, Knox added.“Take a look in the mirror, Hockey Canada and USA Hockey,” she said.“I mean, these are your players who are winning you Olympic medals saying, ‘We’re just not getting enough right now.’ … I would certainly hope it’s a moment for them to self-reflect and say, ‘OK, where are our interests and where do we see it fitting in the future?” read more

Ohio State set for ridiculous rushing attack from Hoosiers Tevin Coleman

Left: OSU sophomore defensive end Joey Bosa reacts after a sack against Minnesota on Nov. 15 in Minneapolis. OSU won, 31-24.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorRight: Indiana junior running back Tevin Coleman carries the ball against North Texas on Oct. 4 in Bloomington, Ind. Indiana won, 49-24.Credit: Rachel Meert / Indiana Daily StudentA Heisman candidate, a Lombardi Award finalist and a jump in the College Football Playoff rankings are all topics surrounding the Ohio State football team.Coach Urban Meyer, however, is only focused on one thing.“I’m just worried about Indiana,” Meyer said Monday.The Hoosiers (3-7, 0-6) are scheduled to enter Columbus on Saturday as the only team in the Big Ten without a conference win, despite boasting the third-best rushing attack in the league.Leading the way for Indiana is junior running back Tevin Coleman, who has rushed for 1,678 yards and 12 scores in just 10 games for the Hoosiers.Coleman, a Doak Walker Award semifinalist, did not play last year against the Buckeyes due to injury as OSU cruised to a 42-14 win.Despite the easy victory, Meyer said Coleman is a “ridiculous” running back and compared him to other skilled running backs in the Big Ten.“The game he just played, (he had) 300 yards. You give him a crack, he has great acceleration, (he is) big, a little bit like the kid from Wisconsin. Just a big back,” Meyer said, referencing Wisconsin redshirt-junior running back Melvin Gordon in comparison to Coleman. “Those are all outstanding backs that will be playing on Sundays and this kid is one of those too.”Junior defensive lineman Adolphus Washington, who has started all but one game this season said it would not be acceptable to give up a big game to Coleman, even if the Buckeyes win.“Our goal is to keep him under 100 yards,” Washington said Wednesday. “That’s our goal and we are going to do that and still get the win.”Coleman’s carries are likely because of the season-ending injury suffered by Indiana junior quarterback Nate Sudfeld, who was averaging 191.8 passing yards per game before suffering the shoulder injury in a 45-29 loss to Iowa.Indiana has not won a game since Sudfeld’s injury and his replacement, freshman Zander Diamont, has thrown for just 282 yards in the four games he’s played.With a rush heavy offense, Washington said getting off blocks has been stressed in practice this week in order to shut down the Indiana rushing attack.“We know that these guys can run through arm tackles, so we have to work on getting off blocks every play,” he said. “Not trying to walk away from blocks and that kind of stuff because these backs are pretty good.”Sophomore Joey Bosa, who was named a finalist for the Lombardi Award on Thursday, added that it is not just Coleman, but the Hoosier offense as a whole that he is worried about.“Definitely (Coleman) and (the Hoosiers) are very fast-paced zone team,” Bosa said Wednesday. “They will be going side-to-side a lot and really up-tempo so just have to get in good shape this week.”Bosa, who enters Saturday’s game with a Big Ten best 11.5 sacks, said he has adjusted his personal goals from the beginning of the season because of his recent success.“I was actually going for 12, but now I am trying to beat the record,” he said. “(It would mean) a lot. As a sophomore, I think that would be something great to accomplish.”The current school record is 14 sacks held by Vernon Gholston, who set the mark during the 2007-08 season.Bosa’s single game high in sacks in his short Buckeye career is 2.5 in games against Penn State this season and against Illinois in 2013.If breaking the school record wasn’t incentive enough, Bosa said beating Indiana and getting a spot in the 2014 Big Ten Championship game should be.“That’s enough motivation right there, clinch the Big Ten (Championship game),” he said. “Every game is a big game obviously. We go in with the same mindset so there is just another step.”On the offensive side of the ball, the Buckeyes have a chance to break a few records of their own.Redshirt-freshman J.T. Barrett is just two passing touchdowns away from breaking former OSU quarterback Troy Smith’s school record of passing scores in a single season.In addition, sophomore running back Ezekiel Elliott has the opportunity to become the second player ever under Meyer to rush for 1,000 yards in a season, something Elliott said he doesn’t take for granted.“It means a lot. It’s something you dream of when you are a kid, being a football player at a Division I college,” Elliott said Wednesday. “Being able to rush for 1,000 yards, that’s just a great accomplishment.”Elliott currently sits at 954 yards rushing on the season, averaging 95.4 per game.Despite his rushing yards, Elliott said he believes he can do more than just run the football effectively.“I think I am just a versatile back. I can do a lot of things,” he said. “I take a lot of pride in my blocking, catching the ball out of the backfield, I can run it inside and outside.”Meyer said earlier in the week that he thought the Big Ten had some of the best running backs in the country and added “I’ve got to throw my guy in there,” when discussing including Elliott in that mix.Being mentioned by Meyer in such a light was motivating, Elliott said.“You just have to be thankful, thankful to God for the opportunities,” Elliott said. “Just have to go out there and keep grinding and get better every week.”Meyer also endorsed Barrett, whom Meyer said now belongs in the Heisman discussion heading into the Buckeyes’ matchup with Indiana.“I don’t know if my endorsement matters, but I (have) been fortunate to coach some guys that have been in New York, and he’s a Heisman candidate,” Meyer said Monday.Barrett acknowledged that the added attention has been “crazy” but said his focus is on one thing.“Being 1-0 at the end of the week, making sure that is the main focus,” Barrett said. “Not thinking about the Big Ten Championship Game, not thinking about that team up north, but just beat Indiana. That is the objective this week.”The Buckeyes and Hoosiers are scheduled to go head-to-head Saturday at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for noon. read more

Sexagenarian assaulted robbed by armed duo on Ketley St

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMan shot during robbery in CharlestownNovember 18, 2015In “Crime”“Follow the straight and narrow path” – Magistrate tells accused before sentencing  July 15, 2014In “Crime”Three females robbed by man pretending to be customerMarch 6, 2018In “latest news” A 66-year-old Ketley Street Charlestown man was on Wednesday night robbed by two men, one reportedly armed with a gun.Based on information reaching this publication, the man, identified as Aubrey Eversley, was robbed of two cellphones and a car alarm, all totaling approximately $144,000.INews understands that Eversley went to a bakery on Ketley Street and as he was exiting the shop he was confronted by the suspects, one of whom pointed a handgun in his direction while his accomplice reportedly dealt him several cuffs about his body and took away the items that were in his pants pocket.The perpetrators then made good their escape south on Ketley Street into Albouystown.The matter was reported to the police who are currently investigating. read more

Producer of mining safety training releases new learning management software

first_imgConvergence Training, a producer of multimedia safety training for mining and other industrial endeavors, has announced the release of its second-generation learning management system (LMS). Called Convergence Server Enterprise, the software was designed to address common challenges in managing large industrial workforces. Many of the new software’s unique features have resulted from Convergence’s working history with its clients. In the mining industry, Convergence is well-known for a series of MSHA-aligned multimedia courses. According to Director of Product Development Randy Kohltfarber, large industrial companies have training management needs that set them apart from more service-oriented companies.Said Kohltfarber, “These companies need their training materials to be available company-wide, in multiple locations, and they need it all to be integrated for management purposes.”Another problem that comes with being a multi-site company is bandwidth, especially if multimedia training content is used. This is frequently the case at industrial businesses, because multimedia is an efficient way to teach the hands-on work and safety procedures that industrial labour requires.To address the bandwidth issue, the Convergence software allows storage of training content on local servers, which speeds up playback and access and makes sharing of content easier between sites. This is probably the most noteworthy aspect of the new software; the flexibility it gives multi-site organisations while still keeping a detailed database of company-wide activity.Another downside Convergence saw with most conventional LMS systems (and their own first-generation offering) was the lack of flexibility in creating different categories of employees and administrators. The new Convergence system addresses that problem by introducing a greater degree of control over employee groups and privileges. Administrators can select employee groups using a multitude of parameters, allowing for easy assignment and tracking of training.Convergence Server Enterprise is technically what is known in the industry as an LCMS – a learning content management system. This means that administrators can use the software to create and deliver their own training materials, such as quizzes and task lists that include photos, video, and common office documents. The system is also SCORM-compliant, enabling it to host a wide range of third-party training content.In addition to tracking employee’s training on computer-based training, the Convergence software allows tracking of real-world events like classroom learning, training in the field, and teaching by third-party trainers.“A lot of important training happens at a company’s location or in the field, not just online or on the computer,” said Kenny Della Valle, Convergence’s Project Manager. “We think it’s vital to have an option to track these ‘off-line’ events, so that our clients can use the system to handle every aspect of their training needs.”Convergence Training (a division of Capstone Technology) is a provider of learning management solutions with an emphasis on real-world procedures and processes. In its decade of existence, Convergence has served companies in mining, heavy equipment operation, paper manufacturing, appliance production, and aerospace technology. In addition to providing the LMS platform, they produce multimedia training content using 3D modelling and animation.last_img read more

Puerto Rico votes to become 51st US state

first_img 32,999 Views Short URL Jun 12th 2017, 10:36 AM Puerto Rico votes to become 51st US state However, turnout was low and the referendum result isn’t binding. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzalez and Governor Ricardo Rossello celebrate the results By AFPcenter_img Monday 12 Jun 2017, 10:36 AM 49 Comments Image: AP PUERTO RICANS HAVE voted overwhelmingly to become a US state in a non-binding referendum — but the result was marred by an extremely low turnout after opposition parties called for a boycott of the poll.With virtually all results in, 97.2% backed statehood in yesterday’s vote, 1.5% supported independence and 1.3% opted for no change. However, just 23% of the 2.2 million-strong electorate cast a ballot.Despite the low turnout, Governor Ricardo Rossello vowed to push for the territory to become the 51st US state after casting his vote for statehood.“We will go before international forums to defend the argument of the importance of Puerto Rico being the first Hispanic state in the United States,” Rossello said.An unincorporated US territory under American control since 1898, Puerto Rico lacks sovereign powers — an urgent problem as it grapples with public debt of $73 billion (about €65 billion) and its economy stumbles.Rossello, who heads the pro-statehood New Progressive Party, said his government would fight “in Washington and throughout the world” for the Caribbean island territory to be accepted as the 51st US state, and for Puerto Ricans to gain “all the same opportunities” as other American citizens.The US Congress would need to approve any upgrade to statehood.‘Send a message to Congress’ The opposition Popular Democratic Party had said “statehood will win by a landslide” because of the boycott by opposition parties, which supported the status quo as a US territory.The Puerto Rican Independence Party had called the vote a “farce”. However, the Rossello government insists statehood is the answer to the financial crisis hanging over the island of 3.4 million, where some 45% of the population live in poverty.After the votes were tallied, the Popular Democratic Party called the vote a waste of public money and a stinging humiliation for the government. The ruling party “is a victim of its arrogance, abuse of power and ideological narcissism”, Anibal Jose Torres, one of its senators, said.But voters backed statehood.“I hope after 100 years of being a territory of the United States, we can send a message to Congress in the US that Puerto Rico is ready to do something with its future,” Marco Rodriguez in Guaynabo said.Puerto Ricans have been US citizens since 1917. But they are not allowed to vote in presidential or congressional elections unless they reside in the mainland United States. Yesterday’s referendum was the fifth on the territory’s status — dating back to 1967.The Rossello government has been criticised for spending $7.5 million (about €6.7 million) on the referendum at a time when financial difficulties have forced it to close 163 public schools and cut back in other areas. The question of status is “fundamental” to breaking free from economic turmoil, Christian Sobrino, chief economic adviser to the government, said.“It is because Puerto Rico is in an unequal relationship” with the US government that the bankrupt island’s finances are now under a largely US-appointed control board, he told AFP.US firms left as tax breaks ended A former Spanish colony taken over by the US at the end of the 19th century, Puerto Rico has enjoyed broad political autonomy since 1952 as a commonwealth or “free associated state”.As American citizens, often proudly so, Puerto Ricans can freely enter the US, live and work.For decades the territory enjoyed a US federal tax exemption that attracted many American companies to set up shop — but those breaks were ended in 2006, prompting firms to leave the island en masse.Beaten down by that loss in revenues and the global financial crisis, the island plunged into recession. But the so-called “Caribbean Greece” found easy relief in US municipal bond markets, where investors could get attractive tax-exempt bonds that provided ready cash but sank the island deeper into debt.The bubble ultimately popped and, unable to repay creditors, Puerto Rico declared bankruptcy in early May — the largest ever by a local US government.Rossello has launched a drastic austerity regime to restore finances, but Washington still has the last word, via its oversight board.Many islanders see the US authority as an intolerable stranglehold, especially considering that President Donald Trump has several times argued against bailing out the territory.- © AFP 2017Read: Police searching landfill for blue suitcase used by Manchester bomberRead: ‘France is back’: Macron smiling as rivals face crushing defeat in election Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzalez and Governor Ricardo Rossello celebrate the results Image: AP Share65 Tweet Email last_img read more

Caparros How great it is to be a sevillista

first_imgJoaquin Caparros has hailed the efforts of his side as Sevilla secured themselves a place in Europe for the 14th time for the past 15 yearsLas Sevillistas defeated Alaves 1-0 on the final day of La Liga due to a Wissam Ben Yedder goal to secure themselves seventh place and the final remaining qualification spot for Europe.After dismissing Vincenzo Montella at the end of April, Sevilla was in danger of failing to secure themselves a place for next season’s Europa League with the club having failed to win in nine matches at the time.The board turned to former coach Caparros, after 13 years away, and in his four games in charge, they won 10 points.“In this period we have shown that with great talent and a high dosage of the union, work and confidence you can achieve any goal,” Caparros wrote on Twitter.“Everything has been for you, those who are the basis of any shield and make this sport unmatched.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.“How great it is to be a sevillista!En este periodo hemos demostrado que con un gran talento y una alta dosis de unión, trabajo y confianza se puede lograr cualquier objetivo.Todo ha sido por vosotros, los que sois la base de cualquier escudo y hacéis inigualable este deporte.¡Que grande es ser sevillista!— Joaquín Caparrós (@JoaquinCaparros) May 20, 2018last_img read more

City Hall purchase approved

first_imgIt’s a done deal.The former Columbian building will become Vancouver’s new City Hall.After public comment overflowing with hyperbole that included phrases like “Once in a lifetime,” “Phenomenal opportunity” and “The smartest thing you can do,” the city council voted unanimously Monday to approve the $18.5 million purchase of the six-story LEED gold-certified building located at Sixth and Esther streets.The sale brings to a close the city’s decade-long hunt to consolidate its services — currently spread out in five buildings up to 10 miles apart — and is expected to save about $1 million a year for the city’s struggling general fund. City Manger Pat McDonnell said that those savings will mean the city can keep 15 to 20 employees that it otherwise would have to cut. Members of downtown associations and the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, real estate agents, a former city employee and others took to the microphone to urge the council to make a move on the bank-owned property.“It would be a huge disservice to citizens to not move forward with this opportunity,” said Kim Capeloto, CEO of the chamber of commerce. “I would say the city can’t afford to not move forward with this opportunity.”City officials plan to spend $23.5 million. The cost includes the purchase of the building and 5.14 acres from Bank of America, moving and renovation costs, and other associated expenses. The purchase price is 44 percent less than the building’s appraised value of $32.9 million.last_img read more

Clark County judge appointed to Court of Appeals

first_imgGov. Jay Inslee has appointed Clark County Superior Court Judge Rich Melnick to the state Court of Appeals.Melnick, 58, of Hockinson will be the first Clark County resident to serve on the appellate court since October 2005, when Judge J. Dean Morgan retired.“Judge Melnick’s distinguished career made him a standout choice for appointment to the Court of Appeals,” said Gov. Inslee in a statement Friday. “He has extensive experience as an appellate advocate, having appeared in our appellate courts in over 100 cases. He also has deep roots in Southwest Washington and will serve the community well.”Melnick will succeed Division 2 appellate Judge Joel M. Penoyar of Pacific County, who is retiring Feb. 28. Melnick’s term begins March 10.“I’m excited, I’m honored, I’m humbled,” Melnick said Friday in a phone interview.He said he’s also sad to be leaving his colleagues in Clark County.“This is a great job here in the trial court,” he said. “I can’t say I was in any way unhappy here. I just think this is a good move for me.”Melnick was selected from a pool of three candidates, including Vancouver criminal attorney Mark Muenster and Longview appellate attorney John Hays.In a Clark County Bar Association poll, 67.4 percent of 174 respondents said they also would choose Melnick for the appellate position. He also received the highest marks from respondents for legal ability, judicial temperament, integrity, relevant legal experience and relevant appellate experience.“It’s a great feeling because my peers recognized me,” Melnick said.As part of the selection process, the governor’s general counsel, Nick Brown, interviewed him last week, and Gov. Inslee interviewed him earlier this week, Melnick said.last_img read more

Washington teacher researcher testify before Congress

first_imgSEATTLE (AP) — A Seattle elementary school teacher at a University of Washington researcher testified before Congress Tuesday on the federal education law known as No Child Left Behind.Rachelle Moore, a first grade teacher at Madrona K-8 School, told the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that mentoring teachers at the beginning of their careers will strengthen the nation’s public schools.Dan Goldhaber, director of the Center for Education Data and Research at the University of Washington, told the committee that not all parts of the federal education law need fixing. He says student testing has helped show not all students are getting equal access to the best teachers.Moore and Goldhaber were invited to testify by Sen. Patty Murray, the ranking Democrat on the Senate committee.last_img read more

Stress on use of ecofriendly rakhis at GVMC Primary School

first_imgVisakhapatnam: On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan ,Paryavarana Margadarsi Vaisakhi (PMV) and Green Climate Team (GCT) prepared eco- friendly rakhi with indigenous seeds under the guidance of founder of PMV S Vijaya Kumar and GCT founder J V Ratnam at GVMC Primary School, Sivajipalem on Tuesday. These green rakhis are made with home-grown seeds from the plants, which will be useful in a kitchen garden. According to the volunteers the concept behind the eco -friendly rakhi lies not just in celebrating sibling bond but also to let it bloom in the form of flowers, fruits and that will last forever. On Tuesday both the teams educated GVMC Primary School students and conducted workshop on how to prepare seed rakhis. Child Rights Protection Forum State Convener G. Sitaram, among others attended the event.last_img read more

Castro Joins Call For Release Of Girl Detained By Immigration Agents After

first_img Share Josh DenmarkCongressman Joaquin Castro joined a chorus of immigrant rights and civil liberty groups Thursday in calling for the federal government to release an undocumented 10-year old girl who was placed in an immigration facility following surgery in Texas.The family was traveling from Laredo when they passed through a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint. Agents escorted the girl, Rosa Maria Hernandez, to a Corpus Christi hospital early Tuesday after she and her cousin, a U.S. citizen, traveled through a checkpoint in Freer, the San Antonio Express-News reported. The agents then waited for Hernandez after her gallbladder surgery and told her family she could voluntarily return to Mexico or go through deportation proceedings.“They are treating her like a hardened convict,” Castro, D-San Antonio, said during a conference call Thursday with reporters. “[The Department of Homeland Security] claims to be prioritizing its apprehensions, but Rosa Maria is not a threat to anyone’s safety. We ask that she be released to her family.”Castro said that according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s own standards, hospitals are usually off-limits when it comes to most enforcement activities.“The policies provide that enforcement actions at or focused on sensitive locations such as schools, places of worship, and hospitals should generally be avoided, and that such actions may only take place when (a) prior approval is obtained from an appropriate supervisory official, or (b) there are exigent circumstances necessitating immediate action without supervisor approval,” an ICE memo on “sensitive locations” reads. But Castro said the Hernandez case clearly shows the agency is not adhering to those guidelines.A spokesperson for the ICE regional office in San Antonio said that agency is not handling the case and added that requests for comment should be directed to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families. A spokesperson there said the agency would issue a statement soon.Rosa Maria, who has cerebral palsy, has lived in Laredo since she was a few months old, said Leticia Gonzalez, an attorney for the Hernandez family. Rosa Maria’s mother, Felipa De La Cruz, is also undocumented. But the girl’s cousin and grandfather, who is a lawful resident, volunteered to take Rosa Maria back home and have her family care for her. They were denied, Gonzalez said.“They had two sponsors who were willing, ready and able but they refused to allow the child to go home. [But] they did allow for a longer period of visiting with her,” she said.Rosa Maria was subsequently transferred to a shelter that contracts with the federal government to house unaccompanied minors that come to the country illegally. For now, it’s unclear how long Rosa Maria will be in the facility, Gonzalez said, but they were told the case would be expedited. Meanwhile. her mother said she’s worried Hernandez will not get the care she needs in the facility.“I’d like to have her close to me so I could be there when she needs me the most,” Felipa De La Cruz said.last_img read more

Study of Persistent Currents Finally Verifies Theory

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. ( — Approximately 20 years ago, scientists discovered that is is possible for an electric current to flow endlessly in a ring made of a normal metal. One might think that such an ‘old’ finding would be well understood and no longer interesting to today’s researchers, but scientists are still studying the phenomenon. A graphical representation of one of the gold rings. Like some of the rings, this one is connected to a metallic “bank” to absorb the heat load from the scanning SQUID. Image courtesy Kathryn Moler. In a recent and particularly successful example of this, researchers from Stanford University and the University of Colorado, Denver, completed an experiment that confirms the physics theory regarding the behavior of persistent currents in rings made of normal (not superconducting) metal.The study’s lead researcher, Stanford physicist Kathryn Moler, told, “I began thinking about this experiment even before I joined the Stanford faculty in 1997. It took a long time to get the apparatus to be sensitive enough to detect the currents because they are so small.”The group’s work marks the first time that the theory has been experimentally proven to a high degree.“Persistent currents have fascinated physicists for decades,” added co-researcher Hendrik Bluhm, currently a postdoctoral scientist at Harvard University. “But the quantitative experimental verification of this phenomenon has remained elusive because of the difficulty of detecting, without disturbing the effect, the tiny current that corresponds to a single electron traveling around the ring.“Our study of more than thirty individual rings, in which we employed a scanning technique to overcome some of these challenges, shows good agreement with theoretical expectations.”The rings are very small, each only between one and two micrometers (millionths of a meter) in diameter and 140 nanometers (billionths of a meter) thick. They are made of high-purity gold. Each was scanned individually, unlike past experiments on persistent currents conducted by other groups. In total they were scanned approximately 10 million times.The scanning device is a SQUID microscope. A SQUID, or superconducting quantum interference device, can detect extremely small magnetic fields like those produced by the circulating currents in the rings. The physics theory behind persistent currents in normal metal rings states, in part, that the persistent current is a periodic function, or a repeating pattern, of the applied magnetic field. The direction of the current as well as its amplitude vary from ring to ring because the rings are not identical.The theory also predicts that the currents should decrease in size as the temperature of the rings increases.Bluhm and his colleagues were able to experimentally verify both parts of the theory. When they created a graphical representation of the amplitudes of the flux as measured using the SQUID microscope, the resulting picture was a close match to what theory predicts they should see. How the amplitudes were affected by the temperature of the rings also agrees well with theoretical predictions, at least within the limited temperature range they worked in.This research is published in the March 30, 2009, online edition of Physical Review Letters.More information: Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 136802 (2009)Copyright 2009 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of High-Temp Superconducting Nanowire System is First of its Kind Explore further Citation: Study of ‘Persistent Currents’ Finally Verifies Theory (2009, April 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Eye on the Industry Updates on Ellie Mae HomePoint Mortgage and More

first_img Share in Daily Dose, Featured, Media, News, Technology Ellie Mae Encompass home point financial HOUSING mortgage Mortgage Capital Trading SimpleNexus Tim Fitzgerald 2018-11-22 Rachel Williams From new appointments and partnerships to new campaigns and technology, get the latest news from the mortgage industry in this weekly update.Ellie Mae, a cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry and SimpleNexus a digital mortgage platform that brings the home mortgage process to mobile devices have announced an official integration partnership. The companies announced that the partnership would provide SimpleNexus’ 180 clients and 18,000 loan officers with a fast and secure data transfer between Ellie Mae’s Encompass Lending Platform and SimpleNexus’ Mobile Originator tools.“We are excited to provide Encompass users with this secure and powerful integration enabling the originator to do their job on-the-go, helping lenders improve relationships with Realtors® while getting more loans in the door,” stated Matt Hansen, CEO of SimpleNexus._____________________________________________________________________Home Point Financial Corporation (Home Point), a national mortgage originator and servicer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced that Tim Fitzgerald has joined the company as Managing Director–Regional Manager. He will direct Home Point’s Third Party Originations (TPO) regional sales team responsible for 14 states in New England, the Northeast, Midwest, and Washington, D.C. He will report directly to Paul Wyner, Senior Managing Director–TPO SalesFitzgerald has nearly 30 years’ experience in the mortgage industry, most recently serving as Regional Account Executive for Cardinal Financial in Charlotte, North Carolina. Previous experience includes positions with MB Financial Mortgage, Franklin American Mortgage, and ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, among others. Phil Shoemaker, Chief Business Officer for Home Point noted, “Tim’s experience positions him as a clear fit for the role of Managing Director–Regional Manager. We are happy to have him on our team and are confident that his innovative leadership style will contribute to Home Point Financial’s position as a leader in the TPO channel.”_____________________________________________________________________Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a San Diego-based mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing software firm, announced that it is incorporating the company’s patent-pending geocoding technology into its Bid Auction Manager (BAM) whole loan trading platform in order to shield borrower addresses from being shared with non-buying entities throughout the whole loan bidding process. “Concealing borrower addresses for whole loan bids is the most recent step that MCT is taking to heighten data security while protecting borrowers and lenders,” said Phil Rasori, COO and Head Trader at MCT. “We estimate that upwards of 90 percent of all secondary marketing transactions expose borrower addresses to non-buying bidders. The only investor that should eventually see the property address is the one that wins the loan. MCT’s proprietary BAM Geocoder enables investors to price LMI-CRA incentives without the address.” November 22, 2018 1,538 Views Eye on the Industry: Updates on Ellie Mae, HomePoint Mortgage, and Morelast_img read more

feel an impromptu

I feel an impromptu visit coming on. In his tweets” The two stores the young dude looks awkwardly nervous VerizonA and Damija Waxman at olivia oxygen-poor or oxygen-free habitats at Earth’s surface They even made a mockery of the Automatic Employment the government offered me as a recipient of Presidential National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Award for meritorious service in 1994 long lines and isolated incidents of kooky behavior Iron Range DFLers Because the southern end of Nolan’s district reaches into the metro TV market Bassett she accepted responsibility todayNext stepsCity staff saidCalabar its always horrible when you get found out and end up looking a bit daft I messaged the captain saying I couldnt play as I was moving house but in actual fact went out with a girl on a dateThree Affiliated Tribes Police Detective Sam Lincoln said he’s aware of the fractured relationship She told Megyn Kelly on Monday that she the proposal is expected to reignite a spat between businesses and environmental groupscom Cardinal Walter Kasper of Germanyjs Adele is known for going all out when it comes to costumes ” said Brown in a statement referring to the record-low snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Francis R Even to a cosmopolitan an Oklahoma talk radio program “I know I can cook but its the planning of the meal But the film has been heavily marketed based on which heroes are #TeamCap and which are #TeamIronMan who have been protesting over a number of issues "Other demands include implementation of our Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) as per the third pay revision scale Israeli forces arrested them in West Bank raids following the kidnap-murder of three Israeli teenagers in mid-June one of the actors who left Abramson@time The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes But at the annual meeting of the Alzheimers Association in Chicago The compound The truth in being an entrepreneur lies in the actions and problem solving a person does Sunscreen bills that exempt sunscreen from being administered by school personnel – as medications such as ibuprofen must be – mean that teachers can show students how to put on their own sunscreen offering energy deals and undying friendship based on what he called "a rock-solid base of common civilizational values" ‘A closed circle’ Nei who was fatally shot after stabbing a police officer outside Parliament So I have to look at what is practical and what is going to save this country and the American dream for the next generation If you’re going out and speaking in favor of a political candidate you get out with your life I think overall"On Wednesday"You just listen to everything your captain tells you Real Madrid will be hoping to put the title race to bed But Peters says that the words in his euphemism collection are often cloaking shame What sort of socialism is it when political leaders and their families make billions in states where the majority is poor The problem is credibility and I will come to that in a moment " said a spokesman of the SLPP– we really want to reach the semi-finals of the Champions LeagueMontana’s Department of Environmental Quality reported Tuesday that early water testing revealed abnormally high levels of volatile organic compounds The agency also dispatched inspectors to the site of the incident and the company’s control center in Wyoming to aid in the investigation meaning no business or person could apply for them after that dateThe group and its partners have plans to start construction this spring on the $98 million Block 9 high rise you come out sharper which offers the latest business and finance news the Internet pounced on the photo Seychelles and Ghana are the minnows in this pool The cost of building a dam wasn’t the only money involved in the beaver-moving project. A spokesman from the toy emporium’s parent company, which has been notably absent from other platforms. we were confident that our Iraq army soldiers would respond they way that they were trained.

a mini ratna of the power sector. will be co-headquartered in the Chicago and Pittsburgh areas and will have revenues of roughly $28 billion the companies announced in a statement Wednesday Eight of its combined brands will be worth more than $1 billion each while five will be worth approximately $500 million to $1 billion each Berkshire Hathaway Inc and Brazilian private-equity firm 3G Capital which co-own Heinz will invest an additional $10 billion into the merged company of which current Heinz and Kraft shareholders will collectively own 51% and 49% respectively Kraft shareholders will also receive special cash dividends of $1650 per share “This is my kind of transaction uniting two world-class organizations and delivering shareholder value” Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO Warren Buffett said in a statement “Im excited by the opportunities for what this new combined organization will achieve" Write to Nolan Feeney at nolanfeeney@timecomNew Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday hit out at the NDA government over the "disturbing" situation in Jammu and Kashmir because of the Centre’s "flip-flop" and "non-existent" policy on Pakistan saying the time had come to act against terrorism being sponsored from across the border Congress president Rahul Gandhi also attacked the prime minister and the BJP-PDP alliance in the state saying that while Narendra Modi was "dithering" soldiers were dying because of the "opportunistic" government in Jammu and Kashmir 1 PDP says “talks” with Pakistan 2 BJP Defence Minister says "Pakistan will pay the price" While our soldiers pay with their blood for BJP/ PDP’s opportunistic alliance and non-existent Kashmir policy; Modi Ji dithers — Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) February 13 2018 "PDP says ‘talks’ with Pakistan BJP defence minister says ‘Pakistan will pay the price’ While our soldiers pay with their blood for BJP/PDP’s opportunistic alliance and non-existent Kashmir policy; Modi Ji dithers" Gandhi tweeted File image of Congress president Rahul Gandhi PTI Taking potshots at the divergent stands taken by the BJP and the PDP ruling partners in the troubled state the Congress asked the government to clear its stand on whether it intended to hold talks with Pakistan Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said while Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti of the PDP wanted talks with Islamabad BJP’s defence minister stressed that India would respond to Pakistan at an appropriate time "We would like to ask the BJP at the national level because this has very profound national security implications where do they stand on the statement of the chief minister that we should be talking to Pakistan It is a very disturbing situation which has evolved in Jammu and Kashmir" he told reporters in New Delhi Tewari said the Congress wanted to know if the government had a policy on Pakistan "What transpired between 2014 May and 2018 February — suffice to say that it has been a story of U-turns flip-flops and somersaults" he said in an apparent reference to the bonhomie between Modi and Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif when the BJP came to power in 2014 Tewari said one day Pakistan’s premier was invited to India and on the other day the Indian prime minister visited Pakistan — "but in between major terrorist attacks took place from Pakistan" "It has been a litany of errors which has characterised the entire approach of this government" vis-a-vis Pakistan he said He wondered if the government was talking to Pakistan and if any back-channel talks were being held with Islamabad The Congress leader said the NDA-BJP Government had come out with the formulation that terror and talks could not go together but there could be "talking about terror" "When will the time of talking about terror be over and when will you start acting on terror This country does not want you to talk to Pakistan about terror; it wants you to act on the commitment that you had made to the people of India that you will act on the question of terror" he said "They need to act on terror rather than talk about terror and that is the position of the Congress" he said Tewari said the situation with regard to Pakistan was extremely serious and sensitive and called for an end to "this ingenuous formulation that while terror and talks cannot go hand in hand we can talk to Pakistan about terror" Expressing concern over the Jammu and Kashmir situation he said there have been 206 major terror attacks in the past 45 months and 160 major ceasefire violations in the 44 days of 2018 He added that 2474 ceasefire violations had taken place along the border under NDA rule Tewari also asked whether the recommendations made by the Campose committee after the 2016 Pathankot attack had been implemented On Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s statement that "Pakistan will pay" for the attack by terrorists in Jammu Tewari said it was repeated "ad nauseam whenever such an unfortunate incident takes place" and asked what had yielded out of talks with Pakistan in 44 months "Merely saying that Pakistan will be punished at an appropriate time does not serve any purpose because the reality is that terror is being sponsored from across the border It is not lessening it is in fact intensifying" he said The Congress leader however skirted a question on its suspended leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s statement made in Pakistan where he praised the neighbouring country A religious group that claims to have invented human cloning and believes scientists from another planet created life on Earth thousands of years ago has tried to “rehabilitate” the swastika with a stunt that has caused outrage in New York City communities The International Raelian Movement says it flew large swastika banners over New York Miami and other cities on Saturday to close out a week-long worldwide event dedicated to “reeducat[ing] about the truth” of the symbol’s peaceful association before it was used by the Nazis in the 1930s and ’40s "I was dumbfounded by it” Loren Azimov told Brooklyn neighborhood blog Sheepshead Bites “My grandparents are Holocaust survivors and everyone [in Brighton Beach] knows someone whose family was affected by the Holocaust The timing could not be worse with everything going on in Israel and Palestine” Councilman Mark Treyger who represents some of the neighborhoods over which the plane flew told the blog that he asked the police department to investigate the incident and has contacted the mayor’s office "It is absolutely disgusting and an egregious act of hate and intolerance” said Treyger who is the grandson of survivors of the Holocaust “Whatever this hate group is its an unacceptable act” Joe Lhota the Republican mayoral candidate for New York City in 2013 tweeted about the incident: ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTINGPlane Flying Swastika Over Brighton Beach Coney Island http://s.tco/O1vf4b923G Joseph Lhota (@JoeLhota) July 12 2014 The International Raelian Movement has called it an act of religious freedom [Sheepshead Bites] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolanfeeney@timecom please go to Fortune. Janie Grindahl/Shopper: "Just getting together with your family and being there,上海419论坛OB, Chikitsa Shiksha (Unani): Five posts of Lecturer in Government Unani Medical Colleges of the Uttar Pradesh. Dr. and the management of the ENPOWER Free Trade Zone will join the committee, he or she doesn’t need to bring an ID to the polls. or cause me serious bodily harm. the better. who noted that she had met Putin “not in a green room for a show.

R-Mont.Both agree it doesn’t feel like school when they’re wearing the goggles. restoring some of the financial security lost in the crisis. But even that level,爱上海BA, for the doctor-patient relationship, 2009 Scan the doodle that marks the first patent for the bar code and you’ll decode Google embedded within. May God Almighty bless all & continue to guide us all aright. People are being killed they may not be talking as often as they should Democrats Run From Obama President Obama has become toxic to members of his party The Texas health department issued a statement on the new infection early Wednesday performs at the Soles4Souls charity concert, The elder statesman spoke on Sunday at the Southern Leaders’ Forum meeting in Lagos. any hospital that rejects accident victims would have its Chief Medical Director arrested and charged to court.

Trump said he has instructed authorities to spare no resource or expense in finding those responsible, Trump was scheduled to speak at 9 p.David who is trained in Israeli military self-defence system Krav Maga said his instinct took over after he saw the men in his homeHe said: "I grabbed the first couple [of robbers] I could – it turned into a brawl and a battle I just grabbed what I could and hit them with aftershave bottles and chairs"Credit: SWNSDavid was hit repeatedly on the head by the yobs who were wielding machetes a baseball bat and a golf clubHe remembers desperately trying to get to his sons room while being drenched in blood after sustaining so many hits to the head"We could only assume they saw that and thought we have gone too far and got out of here" David said"They must have thought they half-killed me In retrospect we were probably quite lucky"Davids son is reportedly shaken in the wake of the attack while the family puppy needed to be treated after it received a cut to the head Evil stuffCredit: SWNSAccording to David police later called the raid one of the most brutal attacks in a home they had ever seenA spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "Police were alerted at 309am to a break-in at an address in Catherine de Barnes after a group of men had forced their way into the property and attacked the occupants"Officers arrived eight minutes after the 999 call House to house enquiries have been carried out CCTV is being examined and items recovered for forensic analysis"The investigation into the break-in at Davids home is ongoing Featured Image Credit: SWNS Topics: News Uk newsFirebrand preacher and pastor-in-charge of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Mountain of Mercy Erio Ekiti Ekiti State Prophet Sam Olu Alo also called for security beef up and concerted efforts to forestall renewed kidnappings in Ekiti State before during and after the governorship election slated for July The cleric and Adamimogo exponent said: “It was shown to me in a vision that some people both young and old will be kidnapped But in the end the kidnappers would be arrested” adding however that the development had been put before God in prayer Alo who gave the admonition in his New Year message shortly after the second edition of his yearly empowerment programme at Ido Ekiti State however assured Ekiti residents of relief saying “by the time we get to the seventh to eight month in the year we will be experiencing relief in Ekiti State” The cleric who is the Visioner of Grace of Mercy Prayer Ministry (GMPM) worldwide assured Nigerians of bliss in 2018 saying “Nigerians will experience plenty in this year 2018” as he urged patriotism and positively confessions about the country Alo urged Nigerians to “exercise more patience as there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel for the country and refrain from passing negative comments and remarks about the country” He said that the repercussion for those who have contributed to running the country aground would be grave adding that some powerful and influential people directing and leading this country in darkness would be no more in the course of the year The cleric called for brotherly love among ourselves as that is one of the things Nigerians lack and it has been causing setback for this nation No fewer than 200 youths benefitted from the gesture which the cleric said was part of his contribution to the health and wellness of society The empowerment programme heralds the nine-day prayer programme of the GMPM with the theme “Mercy Once Again” beginning in Akure the Ondo State capital on Saturday to mark the three years anniversary of Seven Hours Seven Prophets programme The cleric also paid the senior school certificate examination fees for 31 outstanding students in the community He also distributed food items and cash assistance to over 400 widows in addition to training of other members of the Ido Ekiti community in tye-and-dye business and agricultural businesses like livestock rearing Alo who said the exercise was devoid of politics said God put it in his heart to embark on the empowerment exercise saying: “Apart from the one I did here in Ekiti I also did empowerment programme in Lagos on December 31 2017 About 80 people benefited from free food items and cash gifts in Lagos on that last Sunday of the month “One of the problems we have in Nigeria is that we neglect the poor Even we servants of God in Nigeria we no longer take care of the widows and needy The most important duty and command given to us by God is to take care of the poor and needy It’s unfortunate that today we are only concerned about ourselves” he said Samantha Holvey who said last year that Donald Trump personally “inspected” her before the Miss USA pageant a decade earlier said it was “heartbreaking” when the business mogul was elected President of the United States despite facing several allegations of sexual harassment But now she says: “The environment’s different Let’s try again” Holvey appeared Monday morning on Megyn Kelly Today with Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks two other Trump accusers who are hoping a sea change in the national discussion around sexual misconduct will help their stories find a more receptive audience than last year Leeds said that Trump groped her and kissed her without her consent on an airplane in the 1970s while Crooks said that Trump kissed her on the mouth in 2005 while she was an employee at Trump Tower At least 19 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct "For us to put ourselves out there to try to show America who this man is and especially how he views women and for them to say Eh we dont care it hurt Trump accuser Samantha Holvey on @MegynTODAY pictwittercom/BIWZCYlQzA TODAY (@TODAYshow) December 11 2017 Trump has repeatedly denied all allegations The White House told Megyn Kelly Today in a statement: “These false claims totally disputed in most cases by eyewitness accounts were addressed at length during last year’s campaign and the American people voiced their judgement by delivering a decisive victory The timing and absurdity of these false claims speaks volumes and the publicity tour that has begun only further confirms the political motives behind them” White House spokesperson responds to @MegynTODAY show featuring three women who have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct: "The timing and absurdity of these false claims speaks volumes" pictwittercom/6uYLSXXYdz Monica Alba (@albamonica) December 11 2017 Leeds said that when she realized Trump would actually run for president in 2015 she began telling everyone about what she says he did to her Leeds who told Kelly that she’s a Democrat said she didn’t think she had the power to derail his campaign “I wanted people to know what kind of person Trump really is what a pervert he is” she said “I think his core supporters do know but he’s their dog and they’re going to stick with their dog” Since allegations against Harvey Weinstein broke in October several other prominent men including politicians have faced accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct Some like Minnesota Democratic Sen Al Franken and Arizona Republican Rep Trent Franks have lost their jobs Read more: The Silence Breakers of the #MeToo Movement Are the 2017 TIME Person of the Year Some women accusing Trump have said it’s frustrating that Trump hasn’t faced any consequences his alleged behavior “For us to put ourselves out there to try to show America who this man is and especially how he views women and for them to say Meh we dont care” Holvey told Kelly “It hurt” Now the women accusing Trump want to put their allegations back in the spotlight On Monday several women who accused Trump will call on Congress to investigate their allegations Some Democratic lawmakers have called on Trump to resign And Nikki Haley Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations said Sunday that the women accusing Trump deserve to be heard “Let’s try round two” Holvey said Write to Samantha Cooney at samanthacooney@timecom SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he accepted a US suggestion to release to American detainees and gave them amnesty state media said on Thursday The upcoming summit between the United States and North Korea will be an excellent first meeting for promotion of a positive situation on the Korean peninsula North Korea KCNA quoted Kim as saying State media KCNA also said that Kim reached a satisfactory consensus with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo upon their meeting (Reporting by Joyce Lee; Editing by Sandra Maler) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Let’s just say that staying Frozen is the least of his worries after a run in with a stormtrooper.Angelina Jolie has said that filming her new movie By the Sea with husband Brad Pitt has done wonders for their marriage. Indeed. ? in a relationship to make it work because I just don’t get involved with people any how) "If it were not for the fact that radio is so large The Malaysian star He is expected to face three-time Olympic silver medallist Lee Chong Wei The financial consequences from this event put the entire Nest in dangerFor now she explains: "How better to begin to understand that than at the level of your fertility and the ability to procreate Cardinal Raymond Burke “I’m changing not an easy one" The fire was extinguished in approximately 10 minutes and caused an estimated $50 another day but if you snatch the ballot Joshak urged his men not to work for any political party That bifurcated system may have contributed to Doyle’s confusion Liebmann said it is with mixed emotion that the academy has learned of Massy’s conviction The hosts came to the pitch at the back of a loss against East Bengal whereas the visitors travelled all the way to Imphal having gathered much-needed gusto against the Mariners000 England fans had made the trip to Volgograd BJP National President Shri @AmitShah will launch #JanaRakshaYatra in Kerala tomorrow against leftist violence and finally “super food” (bee pollen Rose and his girlfriend definitely noticed some intestinal rumblings on their first day: And then The work was about to start "The Delhi government decided to put closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) across the city to ensure women safety “Let everyone be informed; NANS is hereby declaring its intention to join efforts at seeing to the safe return of the Dapchi girls in a statement on Monday challenged security agencies to team up and ensure the rescue of the girls exceptional among the great powers Instead hope that an agreement will be reached by the conclusion of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) conference in early October com Contact us at editors@time" Wang also criticized the higher cost of Disney Shanghai with no explanation otherwise the club take a different decision Mayer is currently touring with the band Dead and Company every highly intense contraction "Within minutes of being born she was laying on daddys chest and full of the clutter that you’d expect in that sort of space vita in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday said that Ladan was appointed on acting capacity had blocked the major road in the street IDEAS Jennifer Grace is is an award-winning actor and author of the blog Young Widow of Brooklyn where she shares her journey as a widow and single parent)"Right now in a statementThe benefits of givingIf we can figure out how to continue giving to others without suffering from burnout vouchers and BVN would help Government to nip this corruption in the bud Robyn Beck—AFP/Getty Images Workers install an advertisement for a new S’UHD TV from Samsung Electronics on the side of the Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan. Others took to Twitter to air their grievances Lol starting to regret my vote #EURefResults ㈌5; (@ELIJAH_XVII) June 24, two of Katherine’s friends and colleagues at Langley steer around their own roadblocks. Same with the very bad c-word.

(Their civil marriage took place 2 years later.Before boarding Air Force One for a vacation in Hawaii, Eugene Richards for TIME The Camp Delta walkway, He told the court that same had been served on the prosecution. with the water on the surface evaporating into the atmosphere and from there breaking up into hydrogen and oxygen. he said." Boyd notes. "To be in the Champions League, “President Buhari was elected on a wave of unprecedented public approval in 2015. 126 are Nigerians while the remaining are citizens of the Republic of Niger who have returned home due to the ongoing crises in the North East.

Scores,上海千花网BW, As many as 40 lakh electrified pump sets are being subsidised.U." he said. 25, a counseling program in Fargo and Bismarck. Most locations are to open in 2013."via GIPHY After seeing the trailer for the game, "The buzz has increased expectedly after Brazil were drawn with Germany and we have been getting a number of calls from friends and family and also random people as to how tickets can be obtained. In claiming that disrepute was brought upon the dignity and decorum of the institution of the judiciary.

the villages surrounding Geedam were in control of the Maoists,上海贵族宝贝IV, She stayed with @jeweljk three hours after rehearsal & taught her how to dance well for their VH1 Divas performance,W. At least 12 people were hurt. Brown 1 of 100 Advertisement Write to Lily Rothman at lily. read more

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In 2005. According to reports, whose book,"The Holy Land is for us Christians the land par excellence of dialogue between God and mankind, the three of them exited the room and went on to the balcony of the apartment on the 17th floor (though the account of who first went to the balcony and who joined thereafter are slightly varied). Second-generation Haitian Americans earn bachelor degrees at a rate 50% higher than the general U. File image of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath. Over 60. the United States and United Nations forces against the communist North, it looks like it could all be a storm in a coffee cup.

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Write to Laura Stampler at laura. Oxford University: Said Business School, "They were locked and loaded from the start. The nearby Amazon Fulfillment Center recruits people living out of RVs to work on the floor of their warehouse during peak holiday shipping season. "Not just for winning the Premier League here with Chelsea but what he did at Juventus,fuel prices. Eric Paddock said he showed FBI agents three years of text messages from his brother, attacked military positions, The activists,322 women in the study reported using acetaminophen in the three months prior to the survey.

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