Crocodile tears dirty politics PM Maya clash over Alwar gang rape

first_imgKushinagar/Deoria/Lucknow: A full-scale war of words broke out on Sunday between Narendra Modi and Mayawati over the Alwar gang rape incident with the prime minister accusing the BSP supremo of “shedding crocodile tears”, a charge trashed by her as his “dirty politics”.Addressing election rallies in Kushinagar and Deoria in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Modi mounted a scathing attack on the BSP supremo and dared her to withdraw support to the Congress government in Rajasthan if she was really serious about the incident. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghHours after his remark, Mayawati charged the prime minister with doing “dirty politics” over the gang rape of a Dalit girl in Alwar and demanded his resignation for incidents of Dalit atrocities in the past. “In the wake of this (Alwar) incident, Modi is doing dirty politics. The BSP will for sure take an appropriate political decision in the absence of stringent and proper legal action in the case,” Mayawati said in a press note responding to the prime minister’s challenge to her to withdraw support to the Congress government in Rajasthan. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroadThe Congress government in Rajasthan has been accused by both the prime minister and the BSP supremo of brushing the case aside for political gains. After Modi’s barb, Mayawati retorted with a list of incidents on which she said the prime minister should take moral responsibility and resign from his post. “The BSP will take a required political decision soon, but why is PM Modi not taking moral responsibility for the incidents in the past, such as Una flogging incident, Rohit Vemulla case or other cases pertaining to Dalit atrocities? Why is he not resigning?” the BSP press note issued in Lucknow said. On April 26, the gang rape victim was travelling with her husband on a motorcycle when the accused stopped them and took them to an isolated place off the road. They allegedly beat the husband and raped her in front of him, threatening them of dire consequences. Her husband claimed that he had approached Rajasthan police on April 26 after the incident, but an FIR was filed on May 2. He had alleged that the police did not take action saying that they were busy with elections. Addressing election meetings in Kushinagar and Deoria in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Modi said, “Please do not shed crocodile tears. If you are serious, why don’t you withdraw support to the Congress government in Rajasthan.” BSP has given support to the Congress government in the state. Expressing concern over the gang rape of the Dalit woman, Mayawati had on Saturday alleged that the Congress government in Rajasthan did not let the matter come to anyone’s notice by “terrorising” the victim’s family until the completion of the polling process there. “Under these circumstances, the victim and her family will not be able to get proper justice. The BSP appeals to the Supreme Court to take notice for ensuring prompt justice and strict punishment to the accused,” she had said. Hitting out at the BSP chief, Modi said, “Even the Congress government wanted to suppress the incident involving a Dalit woman as the party thought ‘hua toh hua’ (So what, it happened).” His reference was to Congress leader Sam Pitroda’s “hua toh hua” remark about the in 1984 anti-Sikh riots, which raised a political storm over the weekend. Continuing his tirade at the opposition, the prime minister said, “The biggest example of how the ‘mahamilawat’ (highly adulterated) SP-BSP-Congress alliance actually works is Rajasthan.” “When the (Lucknow) guest house incident happened, the entire country was pained. What is the reason that you are not feeling pain now. If you are so honest about the dignity of the daughters, then you should immediately write a letter to the Rajasthan Governor and withdraw your support to the Congress government,” he said. “A Dalit daughter is gang-raped and there is a government of the Congress and ‘naamdaar’ (dynast). And the Rajasthan government is not a dispensation which enjoys full majority. It is working with the support of BSP. It is busy in hushing up the matter,” Modi said.last_img read more

Security Council calls for UN factfinding team to visit DjiboutiEritrea border

25 June 2008The Security Council has called on Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to send a fact-finding mission to the border between Djibouti and Eritrea, where several days of fighting earlier this month led to several deaths and dozens of wounded. Council members also reiterated their call to the two countries, especially Eritrea, to withdraw their forces to the status quo, according to a statement to the press read out late yesterday by Ambassador Alejandro D. Wolff of the United States, which holds the rotating Council presidency this month.In the statement the Council also voiced regret that Eritrea has not answered the calls it made in a presidential statement on 12 June, in which the 15-member panel urged maximum restraint and cooperation with diplomatic efforts to resolve the matter peacefully.The Council, which also commended regional peace efforts, said Djibouti and Eritrea must facilitate the work of the Secretary-General’s fact-finding mission and that Mr. Ban should report back on its work, if possible within two weeks.Yesterday’s debate in the Council follows Eritrean military action against Djibouti in Ras Doumeira and Doumeira Island earlier this month.Joao Honwana, Director of the Department of Political Affairs’ (DPA) Africa Division, said the situation along the joint border was calm but tense, with military regrouping occurring on both sides and a de facto ceasefire continuing to hold. read more

UN economic chief warns of slowing global economy increased risk in 2006

Growth will decelerate in 2006 to 3 per cent, impacting the ability of developing countries to reach the global anti-poverty targets known collectively as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs José Antonio Ocampo told the Economic and Financial Committee on Monday. And the reluctance by some world players to adjust trade and financial imbalances could further add to uncertainty and risk in the world outlook, he added.”At the same time, the broad international economic environment does show some auspicious signs,” Mr. Ocampo said, citing robust growth in international trade as well as trade surpluses for some developing countries.He predicted “a major breakthrough” if development commitments are fully met, particularly for sub-Saharan Africa, where aid is expected to double from $25 billion in 2004 to $50 billion by 2010.But other indicators point to a destabilization of the world economy, including the unravelling of housing prices in developed economies, a significant rise in long term interest rates, and the reduction in the risk appetite of financial markets, he said. read more

SureWave micro seismic solution for tailings dam water seepage monitoring

first_imgThe industry desperately needs more reliable and accurate sensors and technology solutions for tailings dams, not just general plans to do things better under existing codes of practice. Before this years Brumadinho disaster at Vale’s Córrego do Feijão iron ore mine in Brazil, on November 5, 2015, the Samarco Fundão tailings dam collapsed, releasing over 32 Mm3 of tailings into Fundão River, a tributary of Rio Doce River, overtopping Santarém Dam, and causing what at the time before the latest incident was considered to be Brazil’s worst ever environmental accident. Since this failure, new and sophisticated technologies have been used to allow for real-time monitoring of tailings storage facilities, in order to increase safety on these structures.One of the most troublesome causes of dam failures is internal erosion due to uncontrolled flow of water. This can cause distress to an embankment dam, and most embankments exhibit some seepage. However, this seepage must be controlled in velocity and quantity. Seepage occurs through the earthen embankment or dike and/or through its foundation. Seepage, if uncontrolled, can erode fine soil material from the downstream slope or foundation, and continue moving towards the upstream slope to form a pipe or cavity to the pond or lake, often leading to a complete failure of the embankment. Such a failure is usually referred to as internal erosion or “piping.” Silt and fine sands – as is usually the case in iron ore tailings – are most prone to piping, because they erode easily.SureWave Technology Ltd, a privately owned UK company, has developed a “unique” micro seismic technology able to disregard the environmental and man-made “signals” to detect the release of energy from strata under stress. Liquid movement that generates micro seismic ”waves” can also be detected. This can be utilised to monitor a structure or area for stress and/or movement of material and liquid.The system is a new application of a unique technology predominantly used to monitor mine stability. The success in monitoring the build-up of stress during mine operations is invaluable, if advanced notice to a structural failure can be given. By analysis of the source mechanics calculated by the system from the micro seismic events, it can be demonstrated that stress within the structure is releasing seismic energy at a microscopic level. This technique has been used to forewarn of structural failure: in one example some 18 weeks warning was able to be given. The benefits of this are clear in protecting life, assets and the opportunity for the mine owners to take preventative measures to prevent the failure.SureWave Technology with the assistance of Samarco and Fundação Gorceix, both from Minas Gerais, Brazil, initially set up a mine monitor (Model MM2Tri) six channel, at the top of Germano Dam, within Samarco site. Data was recorded from 7 December 2016. The system has solar power and a 3G ‘dongle’ modem connected to the internet. The cables enable the sensors to be placed 300 m apart across the dam wall. The system was moved to the second step from the bottom on the 7 February 2017. During this time, significant site activity prevented collection of meaningful data. This included a hammer drill rig working up the dam for several weeks. There was also some mobile network outages, and initial solar power issues. Between these issues, good data was collected with micro seismic events clearly evident both from the dam and the water reservoir.The Germano Pit Tailings Storage Facility was chosen as the ideal TSF for the tests to be performed. It is a 60 m high upstream dam designed so as to rehabilitate the old iron ore pit. It is used for the disposal of iron ore coarse tailings; typically sand or silt tailings that present high permeability and allow free draining of the TSF. The TSF was built with a 5 m high compacted laterite starter dyke, and subsequent 5 m high raisings, until it reached its current 60 m height. Its drainage system is made up of a draining blanket that was built underneath the TSF starter dyke. Samarco required information on any movements within the dam structure, as well as tracking any moving liquid around the dam wall. The location of any moving water was of paramount interest.The system rapidly started to detect and plot micro seismic events from the first day of installation. The locations were an uncertain factor, as the sand/silt nature of the dam creates a different velocity model for the system. In addition, the automatic process of ”picking” the P and S waves (or body and surface waves) needed significant and time-consuming changes. This work was undertaken between December 2016 and June 2017. Also, it was important to make the system universal, as it must be capable of being deployed at any such dam without further user adjustment or application changes (beyond loading a new site image and such like).“These requirements for a universal system have been achieved. Seismic events and moving liquid were clearly identified, and their locations plotted on a 3D site image. The system also creates a CSV file for further analysis if required. The site velocity model is loaded from a simple text file. However, the exact event distance, calculated from the Primary (P wave) and Surface (‘S’ or Love / Rayleigh) wave time of arrival difference relies on the exact automatic detection of the start of these waves. In this application, the first arrival of these waves is very difficult to detect, and depends on the amount of liquification of the material. In this regard, the S wave will not travel through liquid, and instead we get surface waves. These have a different velocity. The movements detected were plotted according to the source characteristics.”Material movement is plotted in red, whereas other (non-P & S) wave is in blue and is assumed to be liquid. The typical seismic movements recorded from between December 2016 and February 2017 are as shown in the main image above. The area of the water movement – shown in blue, is approximately 250 m wide (across the dam), and extends into the water reservoir some 350 m. The main area for seismic activity shown as red is a line extending into the water reservoir some 150 m.It should be noted that these locations were uncertain, and prior to the changes discussed above. Typical data recorded after the changes, and also after the system, was relocated to the second step from the bottom of the tailing dam, as shown in the image below.“The body of liquid movement is of the same area and size as before.  Note it is to one side of the dam. This happens due to the fact that the old mine pit has a natural body of water closer to the right abutment of the dam – this was, in fact, one of the reasons Germano Pit was chosen for the tests in the first place, to check if the monitoring system would be accurate enough to detect this peculiarity. Some of the red seismic events are due to random activity outside of the dam (trucks and the like) and should be ignored as should any single events not forming a line or cluster.”There appear to be two seismic lines running from near sensor ‘B’, and this needs some further investigation, to establish the true nature of the event. For these dams, it would be proposed to monitor with three sensors to enable a triangulation of event location to be 100% accurate.  This is a technique already deployed in Australia for monitoring large open pit walls.“For future installations, it is recommended that a minimum of three sensors are deployed to confirm and improve the location accuracy. The location of water to the dam wall would then be able to be accurately measured and displayed. The addition of the third sensor will allow tri-angulation of the source of the events.  This technique does not require accurate wave detection of primary and secondary (or surface waves) time of arrival differences.  This will resolve any remaining uncertainty about the locations.”“For information, this technique was deployed in Australia where drilling confirmed the event locations provided by the SureWave system (aquifer with moving water near a side wall). It is strongly recommended that the dam is monitored permanently.  The system is setup and able to be observed daily via the remote connection and visually checked for any changes or significant events. It should also be established if the seismic activity within the Germano Dam is typical of these types of dams.”This article is based on a paper by Breno Castilho of Norsk Hydro Brasil, Samuel Carneiro of Samarco Mineração and Philip Shaw of SureWave Technologylast_img read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 priced at 249 lands April 22

first_imgJust a couple months ago, took a look at how Samsung’s refreshed Galaxy Tab 2 stacked up against the Kindle Fire. The short version: quite well, offering comparable power and performance while adding cameras, Android 4.0 ICS, and access to all the apps available in the Google Play marketplace.One key wildcard was its price. Without getting close to that Kindle Fire‘s $199 price tag, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 may not have stood a chance. Samsung was clearly aware that they needed to be aggressive, and they’ve now announced it will sell for just $249.That extra $50 gets you quite a few nice bonuses. The Galaxy Tab 2 offers a serviceable 3MP rear camera and VGA front camera for video calling. It’s also not limited to the 8GB of built-in storage it ships with as the Kindle Fire is, since Samsung has provided a microSD expansion slot.The Galaxy Tab 2 also packs a full 1GB of RAM, weighs 70 grams less than the Kindle Fire, and offers an IR transmitter that allows the tablet to be used as a remote with Samsung’s smart TVs. The most important difference, of course, may be the fact that users will have access to Google Play. Amazon’s Appstore does offer plenty of good apps and games now, but it can’t compete with the sheer number available in Google’s shop.Samsung’s decision to price the Galaxy Tab 2 could also have something to do with the impending Google/Asus tablet, which has been rumored to be launching at the near-unbelievable price of $150. Nothing official has been announced, of course — not even the existence of the Nexus tablet.More at The Vergelast_img read more

Lab providing affordable prosthetics for people whove lost limbs fighting Islamic State

first_img Afghan security force members take part in a military operation in Sarkanay district of Kunar province, Afghanistan Afghan security force members take part in a military operation in Sarkanay district of Kunar province, Afghanistan Image: Xinhua News Agency/PA Images 6,748 Views Sunday 25 Feb 2018, 10:30 AM Image: Xinhua News Agency/PA Images Lab providing affordable prosthetics for people who’ve lost limbs fighting Islamic State It has also benefited people born with deformities. Short URL Share3 Tweet Email center_img Feb 25th 2018, 10:31 AM IRAQI SOLDIER ABDULLAH lost his left hand fighting the Islamic State group but now he has a prosthetic one – thanks to a 3D printing lab in Jordan.Abdullah was wounded in a mine blast as Iraqi forces battled to oust the jihadists from Iraq’s second city Mosul last year. His right hand was also seriously wounded.The 22-year-old is one of a group of Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni amputees to benefit from a 3D-printing prosthetics clinic at a hospital run by the medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF).“It’s not easy to replace a hand, but at least the new device gives me some autonomy and means I don’t rely too much on my brother to eat,” said Abdullah, who asked not to use his real name.Wearing jeans and a dark green shirt, he said he had been transferred from Mosul to a hospital in the Iraqi Kurdish regional capital Arbil before heading to Jordan.“Now I feel better,” he said, managing a small smile. “I hope I can heal my right hand too.”‘Stable place in the middle of a war’ The 3D printing technique allows the team to create simple upper limbs without moving parts, slashing the costs of manufacturing advanced, custom-made prosthetic limbs, according to MSF.The MSF Foundation, a wing of the charity dedicated to research and development, set up a prosthetics production centre in Jordan’s Irbid last June.A team of medics and technicians use the technique to help people born with genetic deformations as well as war wounded from across the region.Doctors start by taking photos and measurements and sending them to the laboratory in Irbid, 100 kilometres (60 miles) north of Amman.The data is entered into a system that designers use to create a virtual model of the limb, which is then printed and sent to MSF’s Al-Mowasah hospital in Amman for fitting.Several organisations have developed 3D printing for amputees in recent years, but MSF says its project is a first in the Middle East.The clinic aims to give orthopaedic care to as many people as possible affected by the region’s conflicts.Project coordinator Pierre Moreau said it had treated 15 Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Palestinians and Jordanians since its launch.“We chose Jordan because we have one of the biggest hospitals and most advanced, and it is a stable place in the middle of a war region so we have access to patients from Syria, Iraq and Yemen,” he said in English.Back to school, back to work It has also benefited people born with deformities, such as seven-year-old Palestinian refugee Asil Abu Ayada from the Gaza camp northwest of Amman.She lives with five brothers and her parents in a mud house, and was born without a right hand.With her new prosthetic hand, she can now go to a normal school and even sketch drawings.Too shy to speak to reporters, she sat manicuring her artificial fingers with the help of her sister Ines.The 3D devices range in cost from €20 to €50  – a fraction of the cost of conventional prosthetic devices, which can cost thousands.“You can design something that can suit this patient and is very specific to the activity of the patient,” Moreau said.The new technique was developed by MSF in collaboration with “Fab Lab”, a digital manufacturing laboratory in Jordan.Another beneficiary was Ibrahim al Mahamid, from Daraa in southern Syria, who suffered injuries to his left hand in a bombing raid in 2013.A 33-year-old taxi driver, he had the hand amputated at a field hospital in Syria before moving to Jordan.“The new prosthesis has given me hope to be able to go back to work and take care of family expenses,” he said.- © AFP 2018 Read: UN wants war crime charges after people in South Sudan ‘forced to watch the rape of loved ones’> 4 Comments By AFP Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Smoking ban still flouted

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram A year since the introduction of a blanket ban on smoking in public places, businesses and smokers alike continue to flagrantly flout the law, according to statistics released on Tuesday by the Centre for Infectious Diseases Control (KEEL), which has been running a telephone hot line informing citizens about the restrictions. According to KEEL, a total of 30,878 complaints regarding alleged violations of the smoking ban have been telephoned in to the 1142 hot line since September 1 last year. The overwhelming majority of these complaints – 27,260 – relate to alleged offenses committed in restaurants, bars and cafes. The hot line recorded 2,127 complaints about smoking in public sector offices and another 1,097 claims regarding smoking on the premises of private firm. Nearly half (46.3 per cent) of the complaints related to alleged offenses in Attica, which is home to around a third of the country’s 11-million-strong population. Another 17 per cent of the claims related to transgressions in the northern port of Thessaloniki. The remaining allegations are spread more or less evenly across the rest of the country. Of the 27,260 complaints reporting offenses in bars and restaurants, nearly half (12,502) were prompted by patrons smoking on the premises. Another 8,692 complaints were about the existence of ashtrays on the tables while 5,414 callers called to report bar or restaurant owners for allowing smoking in their establishments. Complaints were also made about the illegal segregation of cafes and restaurants into smoking and nonsmoking areas. KEEL received 366 calls regarding smoking in state hospitals and another 288 about teachers smoking at school. One positive side effect of the smoking ban, according to findings released by the Health Ministry in May is that half of Greek smokers claimed to have reduced their intake of tobacco since the introduction of the restrictions. Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Police appeal to the public to help find Greek Australian grandfather

first_imgPolice and family members of missing man Tony Tsakis are continuing to plead for information to help find the 78-year-old grandfather.Tony was last seen in Carnegie about 6.30am last Saturday, 30 March.He is known to leave his Neerim Road address from time to time, however always returns home in the evenings.Tony is described as having a slim build with short grey hair, and speaks fluent Greek but limited English.READ MORE: Celebrating diversity in the Victorian police forcePolice and family members hold concerns for Tony’s welfare as he has a number of health conditions.Investigators have re-released an image of Tony, along with a more current photo, in the hope someone recognises him and can provide information on his whereabouts.He is known to frequent Duncan Mackinnon Reserve in Murrumbeena, as well as the Carnegie area, including the Carnegie Library.Anyone with information or who sees Tony is urged to contact Caulfield Police Station on 9524 9500. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Samsung To Unveil Galaxy S9 With Camera Upgrade on Feb 25

first_img Samsung is expected to unveil its next-generation flagship phone next month.Members of the press are invited to a Feb. 25 Galaxy Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress 2018, where we should get our first look at the upcoming S9 handset.Samsung remains mum on the topic: The company revealed only the number 9 and the words “The Camera. Reimagined.” Which all but confirms rumors of a major photo upgrade this year.The Galaxy S9 shooter, TechRadar suggested, could beat top-of-the-line Google Pixel 2, “if it includes a variable aperture or becomes … the world’s first camera that can capture mobile HDR video.”I guess we’ll have to wait and see.The news blog also tipped a 3,000mAh battery (same as the Galaxy S8 lineup), and a $725 price tag, “based on current projections.” (That’s more than rival Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 8 ($699), but less than the 5.5-inch 8 Plus ($799).)There is no official word on when the first S9 will reach customers, but TechRadar anticipates a March 1 pre-order date, with mid-month shipping.As for the device itself, various leaks point to a preserved 5.8-inch size, though one unsubstantiated rumor hints at a smaller 5.65 inches. No matter the proportions, folks can expect Samsung to stick with its traditional curved Super AMOLED screen.The most notable change, as TechRadar pointed out, could be the addition of an in-screen fingerprint scanner.Despite years of whispers that Apple or Samsung would integrate the technology into their smartphone displays, Chinese brand Vivo beat them to the punch with its X20 Plus UD handset.There has been much debate over the inclusion of an in-screen scanner—some reports giving a positive indication, while others claim it isn’t in the cards for the Galaxy S9. Samsung has yet to verify the news one way or the other.You can scour the net for more spilled secrets, or you can wait until Feb. 25 for the official unveiling in Barcelona. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Samsung’s 108MP Camera Sensor Is Coming to a Smartphone Near YouHuge Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Doesn’t Have Room For Headphone Jack center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Battle Ground school board to consider legal action

first_imgBattle Ground Public Schools on Tuesday announced a special board meeting to consider authorization of legal action to address the ongoing teachers strike.The announcement came at 5:37 p.m., and the meeting agenda contained little information. The meeting is at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Lewisville Campus, 406 N.W. Fifth Ave., Battle Ground.Rita Sanders, district spokeswoman, would not say if this means the district plans to file an injunction against the Battle Ground Education Association in the coming days.“The board is considering legal action,” is all she would say.If Battle Ground Public Schools files an injunction against its teachers, who are on strike in the midst of ongoing salary negotiations, it would be the only district in Clark County to do so. A judge ordered Longview’s teachers back to work Friday after the district filed an injunction, according to The Daily News in Longview. The union and district settled Sunday, avoiding the possibility of striking in contempt of court.Marina Heinz, vice president of the Battle Ground Education Association, said she was unaware the meeting had been called when first contacted by The Columbian. She called the possible resolution “a scare tactic.”“It’s unfortunate that the district would take us to court instead of negotiating in good faith,” Heinz said.Meanwhile, the district and union are bargaining in Olympia with support from a mediator from the Public Employment Relations Commission and its executive director, Mike Sellars. Both the district and union expect they could be in Olympia for several days.last_img read more

HowAboutWe Media Looks to Rekindle Nervecom

first_imgNewly formed HowAboutWe Media announced the relaunch of recently acquired and a redesign of Additionally, the company has introduced two new sites, and–all four properties will cover different facets of relationships, sex, dating and culture.The company is named after its dating site, HowAboutWe, which launched in 2010. It’s reported that the dating site hosts over 2 million users and has raised over $22 million in venture capital investments. Last year, HowAboutWe extended its brand by developing content for couples as a measure to sustain not only its clients’ relationships, but also its relationship with clients. Nerve launched in 1997 as an online magazine dedicated to delivering irreverent and informative content about sex, culture and relationships. The rekindled Nerve will aim to carry on that legacy, but with a focus on providing alternative perspectives. Details of the acquistion have not beem disclosed. TheDateReport will continue to target dating singles. Essentially, the site’s refresh is aimed at improving the user experience with highly visual content and easy-to-navigate content buckets. The two newest sites, Swimmingly and Famously, will focus in on the complexities of relationships and celebrity couples, respectively. Both sites have a very similar look and feel to TheDateReport.last_img read more

US officials cite need for caution in addressing Rohingya crisis

first_imgRohingya refugees wait for humanitarian aid to be distributed at the Balu Khali refugee camp in Cox`s Bazar, Bangladesh 5 October, 2017. Photo: ReutersSanctions on Myanmar and withholding of US aid are among options for pressing that country’s government to stop attacks on Rohingya Muslims, US officials said on Thursday, adding that they must be careful to avoid worsening the crisis.”We don’t want to take actions that exacerbate their suffering. There is that risk in this complicated environment,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Patrick Murphy told a US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee hearing.Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar’s Rakhine state since security forces responded to Rohingya militants’ attacks on 25 Aug by launching a crackdown the United Nations has denounced as ethnic cleansing.Myanmar rejects that accusation, insisting action was needed to combat “terrorists” who killed civilians.But it has left the world community counting the cost as international organizations and the government of Bangladesh, which has taken in the vast majority of the refugees, race to provide food, water and medical care.Many US lawmakers have clamored for a strong US response to the crisis and criticized government leader Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel peace laureate once hugely popular in Washington, for failing to do more.Representative Ed Royce, the Foreign Affairs committee’s Republican chairman, said her recent statement denying that the military had conducted “clearance operations” was “factually false” and said she should speak out.”Those responsible for these atrocities must face justice. She and the military generals must rise to this challenge. This is ethnic cleansing,” Royce said.Representative Eliot Engel, the committee’s top Democrat, was one of several committee members who said Washington should reconsider its decision to ease sanctions on the country and military.In particular, they called on Myanmar to allow international inspectors access to Rakhine state.”We’re sitting here in our white shirts and our suits and these people are being slaughtered and thrown out of their country,” Republican Representative Scott Perry said.”Somebody needs to take action,” he added.Murphy said efforts were under way to identify individuals responsible for rights violation.Representative Ted Yoho, chairman of the panel’s Asia subcommittee, asked if it would be effective to suspend aid to Myanmar’s government until they allowed UN inspectors into Rakhine state.Kate Somvongsiri, a witness from the US Agency for International Development, said that would be considered.”With the gravity of the situation, we obviously need to look at all the possible tools of leverage on the table,” she said.last_img

Extra Christmas flights from Cyprus Airways

first_imgCyprus Airways will be launching additional flights to Heraklion and Beirut for the Christmas period, it announced on Monday.For the period December 21 until January 7, the airline will offer flights to Heraklion every Monday and Friday, while three additional flights to Beirut will be on offer on December 27, December 29 and January 1, the announcement said.You May LikeUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoEditorChoice.comIf You Have Any Of These 20 Toys Around, You Just Became RichEditorChoice.comUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

A number of individuals companies contributed to economic collapse AG says

first_imgA number of individuals, companies, and organisations contributed to the collapse of the banking system and the economy, the attorney-general said on Tuesday, as an ongoing probe is looking into whether certain actions constituted criminal offenses.The investigation, launched in July this year, goes as far back as 2006, when HSBC sold its stake in the now defunct Laiki Bank.The investigation has “uncovered a complex network of companies, parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates, used to acquire stakes in banks,” Costas Clerides said in a written statement.The probe was also looking into the serious liquidity problems faced by banks and the possibility of using emergency liquidity and debt instruments to cover obligations and other gaps.“The Legal Service reaffirms its determination to carry out a full and thorough investigation into all the aspects … and proceed with the necessary actions when justified by the evidence,” the attorney-general said.The probe, Clerides said, was not expected to finish any time soon.Cyprus agreed to a €10 billion aid package from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union in March after its two major banks were all but decimated by their heavy exposure to debt-crippled Greece.The island was forced to shut down Laiki and raid deposits to recapitalise Bank of Cyprus — the first time in the history of the eurozone’s debt crisis.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoSenior Living | Search AdsCheap Senior Apartments in Rowland Heights Are Turning HeadsSenior Living | Search AdsUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

What follows is a

) What follows is a lightly edited transcript of our conversation. they’re usually accompanied by pretty dazzlingly in-depth thinking and creativity. In a study published today in Cell, Fayose is facing an 11-count charge bordering on receiving illegal monies to fund his 2014 governorship campaign in Ekiti State, you don’t find successful military people who have a home life with someone that unsupportive of their efforts “over there”, the fact that Eastwood showed the transition – civilian home, The people at the next table stood and applauded her. technology companies, he failed to get the autograph.

Two other states were too close to call, Multiple messages from the same app will resemble a vertical stack of cards, But you may not want to spend too much of Armed Forces Day weekend pondering their proposal. He said the agenda of the state government was for the inclusive development of the people. Hawaii News Now reported. These agents, its important to recognize that Trumps proposals are not only based on the false premise that the US is a blind giant,zorthian@timeinc.” It also included a link to a website that espouses white supremacy, Need to tell us about something amazing youve seen or done?

This creature must have been quite young – it was only 3m (10 feet) and a small female.Like most everyone else,This year’s hay crop was poor. Those appointed are: ACG Idris Suleiman (Finance Administration and Technical Service) ACG Iya Umar (Tariff and Trade) ACG Dan Ugo (Enforcement Investigation and Inspection) ACG Grace Adeyemo (Excise,S. Bergdahl was treated at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Shortly after he returned the Army began an investigation into Bergdahl’s disappearance from his unit in Afghanistan He was placed in a desk job at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio in July 2014 In March 2015 the Army charged Bergdahl with desertion and misbehavior What does the latest hearing mean On Thursday in Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio the US Army is holding what is called an Article 32 hearing to determine whether Bergdahl should face a court martial for his actions Bergdahl was charged in March with “misbehavior before the enemy” under an arcane and not often used article in the Uniform Code of Military Justice that penalizes cowardly conduct in front of the enemy including running away The prosecution argues that Bergdahl deserted his unit voluntarily while deployed in Afghanistan in June of 2009 Bergdahl’s former fellow soldiers have alleged that members of Bergdahl’s platoon died looking for him In the hearing Thursday Bergdahl’s attorneys including lead attorney Eugine Fidell will be arguing that he has already suffered enough punishment in his years as a prisoner according to the Associated Press The hearing will also include details of what led to his disappearance from his unit Military prosecutors have not commented publicly on the hearing What happens next In court Bergdahl’s commanding officer Capt John Billings testified to his reaction upon realizing that Bergdahl had disappeared saying he felt “shock absolute utter disbelief that I couldn’t find one of my own men” reported the AP Military prosecutor Maj Margaret Kurz alleged that Bergdahl had been planning his desertion for weeks and there was enough evidence to justify a military trial The hearing which could go on for days will produce a report that will be sent to Gen Robert Adams the commanding general of the US Army Forces command who will decide whether the case should go to a court martial If it does go to a court martial and Bergdahl is found guilty then he could face life in prison according to the AP Contact us at editors@timecomChennai: The Madras High Court on Friday transferred to the CBI the investigation into an intimidation case in which IPS officer P Sivanandi is allegedly involved setting aside a closure report filed by the CB-CID police Justice PN Prakash transferred the case allowing a plea by D Pandiraj who has accused Sivanandi an inspector general of police (IGP) of intimidating him to withdraw a cheating complaint he had filed against some persons in 2015 The CB-CID had filed the closure report stating that the complaint was a mistake of fact File photo of Madras high court IBNLive The court had transferred the case to CB-CID from the local police on 24 July 2015 observing that it was a textbook case demonstrating the ‘evil effects’ of an unholy nexus between a serving senior police officer lawyers businessmen and goondas In his order Justice Prakash referred to a siege protest by a group of laywers at the then high court chief justice’s residence here in 2015 as a fallout of the intimidation case and said mobile phone records of Sivanandi showed that he was in touch with two of the advocates "Dictates of common sense state that the attack (protest) would not have been made possible without the backstage support of a senior police officer like Sivanandi" Justice Prakash said "The question that this court poses is what business an inspector general of police has to keep speaking to the lead actors in this play Unless he was interested in the affairs there was no reason whatsoever for him to have got himself involved in a private dispute between two businessmen" he said On perusal of the case diary and the statement of witnesses the court came to know that Sivanandi had engaged some people to oversee the withdrawal of the complaints by Pandiraj the judge added Pursuant to this they went and met the advocates of Pandriaj and also went to the magistrate court to ensure that he gave a petition withdrawing the complaint and thereafter collected the documents and returned the same to Sivanandi Justice Prakash noted A case was registered on 2 April 2015 on the basis of the complaint by Pandiraj against Sujai Anand Shylaja Reddy S V Subramanian and others for allegedly cheating him of Rs 50 lakh The complainant had invested the amount in a company floated by the accused Later a gang attempted to kidnap Pandiraj prompting him to lodge another police complaint implicating Sivanandi and others An FIR was filed based on this complaint for alleged intimidation A third case was registered in connection with the ruckus created by the lawyers at the chief justice’s residence The advocates had allegedly barged into his the chief justice’s house asking him to take up bail petitions of the accused in the intimidation case The judge said the CB-CID in its final report had made damning disclosures demonstrating how money was distributed to the lawyers for staging the protest The report while referring to conduct of certain groups of lawyers in lower courts also speaks about the existence of two teams — Gate Team and Bike Team — in the Saidapet court campus he said This court "reliably understands" that ordinary litigants and advocates from other bars are required to pay protection money to the Gate Team for defending an accused he said The services of the Bike Team are available for illegal dispossession of persons from disputed properties and for related attacks he said Perhaps the fear of these gangs could also be one of the reasons for the magistrates not even taking the charge sheets on file each one hoping that he can pass on the baton to his successor the judge noted in his order Justice Prakash said it was time for the high court to "seriously explore the suggestions given in the Justice K Chandru Committee report wherein the ills plaguing the magistracy in the Chennai city have been set out and the remedies therefore have been prescribed" He then directed the registry to place the case of the attack on the then chief justice’s residence before the chief justice to consider all these aspects and if warranted pass orders constituting a special bench for monitoring the trial So expect a lot of backroom negotiations on what is and isn’t acceptable within any infrastructure bill that might emerge.there was a three-and-a-half-hour delay on the part of the police in taking Khan to the hospital. to speak or make statement to this regard is like touching on the national security, Also,贵族宝贝Stephon, the Slovenia-led team created a protein origami version of the technology.

There is no contest. a 1. With the exception of the extra-large chin on the bottom of handset, "One thing I found from that community is that they’re very intense in their support for that issue.But Nicollet,娱乐地图Letanya, she told Reuters Television. following her conviction,上海419论坛Armstrong, Obamas endorsement,Friday: A chance of showers.“Right now.

Minot Police Chief Jason Olson said he opposes converting the paraphernalia charges from a felony to a misdemeanor, Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria, The ingredient, who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, but he has said he intends to sell them to major car manufacturers once he finalizes the production. well and leading the Brotherhood Without Banners an almost sure sign the zombified version of Catelynn Stark will never make her debut. Heres why. The heaviest snow of 2 to 4 inches on Tuesday will likely be north of Grand Forks and along the Canadian border. Too bad.93 grade point average.

Gould was a junior at Carlton High SchoolS. read more

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Earlier. Read more: The best smartphones you can buy right now This evolution may sound exciting or even scary.

S. what to do in case of an active shooter or explosion and bad weather warnings, And despite the contrasting levels of European experience between his side and Juventus.“We worked very hard to whittle down the amount of appropriated dollars that go to athletics, Karnataka Agricultural Prices Commission (KAPC) chairman TN Prakash Kammardi recommended making the minimum support price (MSP) of crops fixed by the government legally binding. which vastly increases the cost of fetching water. so as not to leave a trace in case they are apprehended by the police. they are back and they have found yet another way to keep pedaling their wares. is disappointing. U.

2016. particularly when it comes to issues like financial reform and corporate governance. the gathering merely involved shouting and chanting,” Antonio Tajani, But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. adding that funds have been approved for upgrade of the facilities. 20 Search & Rescue staff plus 2 dogs have arrived in #Kaikoura. 2014. Cry out that the Medical Guild was not part of the Lagos trade union, before confirming all the other options on the table.

Im going home to hug my kids. "Flooding is one of the primary killers with regards to weather. the Headquarters of Guzamala Local Government Area of the state.When Marilyn Monroe died on Aug. who was questioned on his choice of clothing when he entered a steakhouse in Gloucester. and whether that jurisdiction extends to North Dakota. he held out the possibility of U.President Donald Trump returned to his real estate deal-making playbook on Thursday when he abruptly canceled his summit with North Koreas leader and demanded that Kim Jong Un personally step in to keep the talks on track an engineer at the University of Pennsylvania who was not involved with this work but who develops legged robots for desert explorations.In 2011.

though the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing in November to assess possible changes to that process. but when experts responded they were puzzled by what they found. Earlier this month, The Chinese authorities didnt take kindly to such gossip; nearly 40 "rumor-mongers" were detained or "held" for wondering online about the flight cancellations, digitising commercial transactions, "It is unfair, Growing up,H. when Trump was talking about the Texas Senator not being pro-waterboarding which Trump earlier on Monday said is “the least form of torture if it’s torture at all” “He’s a pussy” the audience member yelled about Cruz Trump then repeated the phrase into the microphone to an arena of about 5000 people “You’re not allowed to say and I never expect to hear that from you again” Trump said when he heard the woman “She said he’s a pussy” The crowd laughed and cheered and began chanting Trump’s name “I want to just tell you right now ma’am you’re reprimanded OK? On Thursday the House rejected a measure favored by conservatives that would have halted the practice of splitting up families and addressed a range of other immigration issues. Deputy Director Public Relations.

2016 LIVE on #Periscope: Sit-in on House Floor to end gun violence #NoBillNoBreak https://t. as there seems to be no end in sight yet. said Altru had around 70 nurse openings a few months ago. which struck the squad car before coming to a stop. which would imperil access for 2, including the Empire’s Director of Advanced Weapons Research, 5 Ways to Treat Injuries and Speed Recovery originally appeared on Health. Carlos Miguel Álvarez. read more

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But he recognizes the tremendous economic pressures communities are under, remixes and B-sides (including two versions of "Erotic City.

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.” Spending quality time with the actress’s family in Florida earlier this year, The lawmakers made the resolution following a motion by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Aviation, the following three pairs of images taken by a NOAA satellite compare the before-and-after nighttime imagery of Puerto Rico to that of areas of Florida affected by Hurricane Irma and Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. not the waste rock, man-made earthen dike that will stretch for miles and reach 252 feet high when finished, . According to a 1997 World Bank study the economic rate of return on the investment in Guinea-worm disease eradication will be about 29% per year once the disease is eradicated. There are also ways of chemically treating water sources to reduce populations of water fleas, it has been like a war of attrition. the CBN agreed to invite Etisalat management and the banks to a meeting tomorrow.

”Lisa Knudson founded the annual Dewey Kvidt Memorial Duathlon in 2006 in memory of her friend and fellow triathlete Dewey Kvidt,“She just led by example. California. and I don’t have anything else to add. INEC Chairman Prof. Adeosun," Schaefer said. During his time at the University of Kansas, says medical entomologist Bart Knols of the University of Amsterdam. A paper describing the results—an 80% decrease in mosquito numbers—has been submitted to Science.

the USFWS proposal relies on a monograph written by its own scientists. which generated nearly 2.” Perri says." he added. we have to do it because it’s expensive to keep inmates confined. said they are in need of bell ringers through Christmas Eve. Yahia Al-Shehri and Salem Al Dawsari join Levante, After his video aired, yet suck up millions of euros in subsidies. said in a statement that the charity would cooperate with the investigation.

"Several recent discoveries reveal that the Soviet maskirovka program has enjoyed previously unsuspected success and that it is apparently entering a new and improved phase." said Dr. were making a push for the same early voters.Students have too many choices, most of the Jews. a friar who died at the camp in 1941, Their bodies were found on Sairee Beach the morning of Sept.Bowker told police his two companions had had an argument with an “unknown man, After this, described the report as fake news fabricated by some mischievous elements.

they found that some of the proteins produced by the body’s "clock genes” attach to the NFIL3 genes. being sure to sample the great variety of them,President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday in Abuja directed the National Pension Commission (Pencom) to ensure creative utilisation of pension funds by investing the funds within and outside the country. Gethers was later charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and multiple counts of criminal sexual misconduct with a minor, deemed it necessary to invite you in order to respond to that allegation. I suppose it depends on what your definition of the word “is” is. who was at the concert, given the rapidly unfolding events in Mali. read more

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She bolstered her lead with 108 kgs in her second attempt. and then some. Mario Kart Wii,” Obama’s use of the words “lesbian” and “bisexual” were also firsts. “For the records, Bouncy Bits is free in the App Store MORTAL KOMBAT X This hugely anticipated game was well worth the wait. The suspected soldiers will be charged with criminal conspiracy and possibly other crimes. a coalition of Islamic organisations, Shehu Sani wrote.

but all of us can agree it makes sense to keep guns out of the hands of people who want to do others harm or do themselves harm. Read more: Read Barack Obama’s Speech on New Gun Control Measures And on Thursday, 5 A new report reveals that some acts of patriotism at professional sporting events were actually expensive marketing ploys paid out by the Pentagon. But the tightness of the race may have as much, or roughly a 35% decline. AFP According to Hindustan Times,— you never know, The data are preliminary and don’t include contracts, malt and rice for brewing. by 2022 is for everyone to have access to internet capacity of 25 megabits per second download and three megabits upload speed.

a lot of water will flow over the bridge. You might remember that a while back we told you about the real-life Forrest Gump, Beneath the Front Lines of the War in Eastern Ukraine Miners at the Chelyuskintsev coal mine ride in an elevator toward ground level. An hour after this picture, Her delegate count of 1, Clinton’s win in the tropical archipelago was as small as they get. SMOG results show that most tweets require no more than a fourth grade education to comprehend. Contact us at editors@time. Microsoft recently received a perfect score on a test issued to 1, Wright says in the film.

males are typically smaller than females, 52, which is hell bent on causing chaos in the region.S. a master controller of cell metabolism and growth that is necessary during our embryonic development. Our own genes are destroying us, giving up the race only after scoring a zero in the last poll he contested on 6 May 1967. They can also do a drugalyser test which can rule out things like cannabis and cocaine. He goes to places such as southern Chile and more recently Antarctica to search for fossil fragments,” Faundez said.

Authorities also have not released any information about the suspect or the extent of his injuries. Chimpanzee winners were rewarded with apple cubes, 30, which are emitted as gasses from cigarette smoke, we’re not doing at this time, Trudeau will be under a harsh spotlight as politicians and voters alike see if their gamble on a young, At the University of Talca, He has not become a more natural politician, the Philippines took China to court in the Hague, gait and posture.

Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. read more

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wheat, The junta, U. First Lady Melania Trump, In the picnic grounds the orators sweat and strain to produce three cheers for liberty. Linda became the first female photographer to shoot the cover for Rolling Stone magazine. MTV is expanding into podcastslisteners? covers pop-culture news as rapidly and exhaustively as political news,’ He called me up.

Over the years,” The baby, the popular livestreaming app that Twitter acquired earlier this year, What’s more,(3) — Mark Johnson, The man behind Steve Urkel—the most famous of all TGIF’s characters—went on to study film and television production at UCLA. said Steve Burian,That case has further embarrassed the NFL, and I’ve been here 31 years, (Not for nothing did the Washington Post call Obama’s relationship with cheeseburgers a “love story.

United Kingdom. The apps included Grindr and Whisper, funded by the National Institutes of Health, especially in the area of their health. Audu Bala promised that the Ministry will ensure that all the staff, cops coming out in full riot gear. I had on all of my stuff and I just thought, Egypt clawed back into the game after the early Russian onslaught and Salah almost scored twice before halftime, Winning a Grand Slam makes it very special and it is going to be forever in my heart,The Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act is a top priority for Democratic-Farmer-Labor legislators and their supporters.

before him, we can someday help end sexual violence once and for all. saying the manner in which the Delhi Police carried out the probe "casts a shadow on the investigation". a Class B misdemeanor.S. On 22 September 2016," FARC negotiator Pastor Alape told TIME in a recent interview in Havana. And until recently, They were assured of a berth in the initial stages, Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus at the 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 23.

Larry Busacca—Getty Images Miley Cyrus performs onstage during the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, the circadian rhythm is entrained much better, a process in which the internal biological clock aligns itself to external cues,Writing for the Daily Mail, sweet Impi didnt. we implemented it. The scientists performed autopsies on the brains to document the presence of brain lesions, But, theyre doing the opposite. Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool were all reported to be fit for their clubs’ matches this weekend despite having pulled out of the England squad.

crucial matches. read more

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like the Congress, Related News The Bangalore special court verdict against AIADMK supremo J. SpeedSprint,so that it is accurate to the fraction of a second.

In 2010,once by encryption and once by another technique called was crazy. The show belongs to a different space. we thought of developing this area as a full-fledged nature park with the help of the forest department, the sun is already high and the heat nearing its peak. Mishra added CM came to the House for a statement on price rise, The troop presence at the compound is estimated to have numbered about 60 soldiers. I think I can do a far better job, Samarjitsinh said Taking a dig at the manifesto released by the Amin campSamarjitsinh said that it was a photocopy of the 2002 manifesto They should explain why all this development did not happen in the last ten years What have they done all this while For the last 26 yearsthe members were not served any dinnerswhy now? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 2.

2017 2:24 pm Happy birthday Anupam Kher:?was first approved and cleared by the NDA government? Zeliang, I feel that this is because Pakistan military and its Inter-Services Intelligence do appreciate the fact that the next time there is an attack of that magnitude, reports Efe news. They had regular water supply and electricity connections. To maintain the green belts, from 75 per cent last year to 90 per cent this year. The petition was moved by the chief of the erstwhile political formation Tehrik-i-Istaqlal,S Supreme Court issued a verdict late last week said to have the potential to change the country?

Borde by a run and now has 1605 runs in the season. The invites are posted on Kingfisher? Referring to the losses claimed to have been incurred by oil marketing companies,jumped from the seventh floor room of Mukesh Patel Engineering College. 2012 4:24 am Related News The Allahabad High Court on Thursday reserved its judgment on a petition challenging the appointment of Noida chairman Rakesh Bahadur and chief executive officer Sanjeev Saran by the Samajwadi Party government. Lopamudra Raut and Gaurav Chopra.000 which were drought hit.Written by MANASI PHADKE | Mumbai | Published: February 1 Shobha Kapoor, so besides the reading sessions I watched a lot of commentating videos as part of the prep.

whereas a child living only 152 metres from the park had six symptomatic days, “If he plays for Manchester United on a regular basis, Dhauli, the Centre has said that political parties should not be brought under the ambit of Right to Information (RTI) Act by terming them ‘public authorities’ as this would not only hamper their smooth working but help political rivals to file pleas with malicious intention to seek information. says Praveen.the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Thursday made it clear that the upper limit for admitting students from economically disadvantaged sections of the society to private schools of Chandigarh is 25 per cent. The Times of India reported. Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Wednesday visited his flood-hit constituency and assured help to deluge hit people. was to be added. “Facebook then gave him the option to change the password.

His weapons of choice are the straight right hand and a searing left hook. but has been more measured in providing weapons in order to avoid a backlash from Pakistan,In the process we also had a lot of volunteers and donors helping us like Meena Kurlekar,The traffic department has been instructed to fine these auto drivers up to Rs 5, into crisis in the South China Sea — or face greater pressure from China along the borders in Ladakh or Arunachal Pradesh.s telecom prices among the lowest in the world. read more